Deal this way with the Diseases During Pregnancy

Deal this way with the Diseases During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the expectant mothers must concentrate fully on their health along with their eating habits.

Periodic check up with the doctor is equally necessary.

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We are going to share with you about some of the diseases that can occur during pregnancy:

Nausea and vomiting

It is a common problem in first and second trimester which remains for 14 to 16 weeks. However it is more in the morning but it can continue for the whole day. Here are some of the important tips to deal with it. Take light biscuits on the bed itself. Eat light throughout the day. Use ginger when vomiting, like take one piece of ginger with a cup of hot water. Then take little snack like biscuits and murmure.

If you have any problem with a specific fragrance then ask your mother or mother- in-law to help you in the kitchen, till you feel good. Inhale lemon. One cut lemon may be helpful when you feel uncomfortable with vomiting sensation. Take light cool water. If you are unable to eat anything then you will suffer from dehydration. Hence take proper advice from doctor

Stretch in back and foot

70% of the pregnant ladies complain of back ache. It increases during pregnancy. Having back pain before pregnancy and obesity were the reasons of risk. Ladies can get rid of backache, minding these general things. Whenever sitting, give support of pillow. Avoid heels. Some females suffer from backache and hip pain because of osteoporosis. Stretch in foot is because of lack of calcium. Sufficient milk and milk products, if consumed, can help a lot solving aback and foot stretch problem


During pregnancy due to nerve pressure the rectum nerves swell up. Piles are very painful. It can even lead to bleeding. One can suffer from itching and pinchy sensation as well. Specially during and after urination. It happens because of the pressure over the veins. Mostly during pregnancy a lady suffers from piles. By preventing constipation one can get prevented from piles. One can get rid of constipation by taking high fiber content food like oat and whole wheat roti, dry fruits and apricot and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fiber stores the water and doesn’t allow constipation to take place. By doing some natural therapy like taking fig and isabgol, one can get rid of constipation

Burning sensation on the chest

It is a common symptom and it occurs due to increase in the level of digestive juices over the food pipe during pregnancy. The activities in the stomach create such problems. Many pregnant ladies feel acidity and indigestion. If you suffer from this then avoid fatty dishes and spicy food, chocolate, sour fruits and coffee. Take periodic and light food. Take food slowly and eat it after proper chewing. To reduce acidity sit straight when eating and sleep after 2.5 hours of food.


Different desires of a pregnant woman for eatables are shown by Pica. Sometimes they may feel like eating non- eatables like ice, starch or mud. In such a time ladies should be given iron rich food.

Sleep and tiredness

In the beginning of pregnancy many females feel sleepy and tired. There is a big change in the hormonal structure during this time. Because of tiredness and less amount of rest there is a risk of other diseases to occur. They are unable to sleep properly during second and third trimester and mostly they suffer from insomnia during this time. In third trimester there comes a change in the sleep cycle of the pregnant woman. During this time, it is good to sleep in day time.

If your are feeling tired during day time

Get checked your iron level. If you are vegetarian then you must be anemic and suffering from lack of blood. Take food on time and take such food that can deal with tiredness. If you need breakfast then take carbohydrate rich items that can sustain with you for log and can provide energy – mixed vegetable, idli, upma, sprouted salad, fruits, bhelpoori and sandwich.
Biscuits and chocolates can provide energy only for a short time; and you will feel hungry again.

Come let us know about some such foods that are necessary to be included in food during pregnancy:

  • 1 roti,
  • 3, 4 small or 2 big cracker biscuits,
  • 1 cup cooked grains,
  • rice,
  • pulao or khichdi,
  • milk,
  • cheese,
  • curd

Include the following everyday in your diet, in four parts; –
250 grams milk, 250 grams curd, 50 grams cheese

Milk: – take boiled milk twice a day.

Butter Milk –

you can take butter milk made at home, after the lunch. This increases the appetite. Also it strengthens the digestive system and helps getting rid of gas and constipation.

Ghee –

ghee is a good internal olenting agent. This gives nourishment from inside and makes the body soft from inside. Ghee makes both the mother and child strong. And also it helps in strengthening the memory. A pregnant lady ideally should take 7, 8 spoons of ghee per day. In place of white sugar, she should take sweets made up of honey, saunf or jaggery. Pay more attention to consuming fat and oil. Butter and coconut oil are rich in fat and hence don’t use them for cooking. Hard cooking fat and hydrogen fat both contain Trans fat and it is equally harmful like saturated fat. In place of this vegetation oil like makka oil, soya oil, jaitun oil, canola oil, refined mustard oil and ghee should be used.

Iron products : –

black grapes, lemon, amla, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, dates, dry and fresh fig, pomegranate, jiggery are all natural sources or iron and you can take them without thinking of ill or side effects.
Protein: – protein 2-3 serving (part) every day one part is meant here. One cup boiled dal, one cup cooked Sem dal, sprouted moong, milk, masor, cheese stuffed chapatti, paratha, rice, wheat and jwar flour should also be included.

Butter: –

1, 2 spoon butter alone or sugar along with can be taken, whichever provides a good source of energy. It increases the appetite. It also brings glow on the face of the kid and the mother. It also prevents from constipation and piles.

Give preference to fruits and green vegetables:-

Take water atleast boiled for 15 minutes, or use RO water. Coconut water is a good drink. Fresh and pure juice like of orange, pomegranate, amla juice and lemon water is good to maintain the liquid level in kid and the mother. It also stops acidity. It I also good nutrition agent. One should stay away from packed food and juices.


Black grapes, banana, ripe mango, apple, pomegranate, guava, dates, khubani are very helpful. 2-4 serving 9 (part) everyday one part is meant. One normal size apple, banana, another fruits, one cup clean and ripe fruit. Make habit of taking one fruit every day. It should in any case include the season al fruit. Take care of one thing that only sweet fruits must be consumed. Avoid sour fruits. This can produce cough. Mango should be taken less. Don’t take unripe fruits like papaya. Pineapple and kiwi should also e avoided.

Dry fruits and apricot.

Soak two almonds in the night and take them in the early morning. Dates increase hemoglobin and make the bones strong. 15-20 seeds of black raisins should be taken. It keeps the digestive system on track. It is a good source of iron and calcium and prevents from constipation.

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