Great Grace of Rev. Saint Dr. MSG Misplaced Ornaments were found in Good Condition

Lady Meenu Insan wife of devotee Govind Prakash, Street number-8, Preet Nagar, Sirsa describes the miracle of Revered Spiritual Master Dr MSG Ji (Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan), in writing this way. The incident is of 1992.

My husband Govind Prakash was working with Indian Air Force. In those days, he was transferred to Adampur Doaba Jalandhar Airforce headquarter.

Our residence was there itself. That day, all of us(the whole family) had come back from attending the marriage of one of our relatives, then I took off and kept the necklace and ring etc. of gold wrapped in a piece of cloth and kept the packet in my almirah or somewhere else, I do not remember, where was it kept. The place where I used to keep the ornaments, perhaps I could not keep it at that place, and were kept somewhere else and forgotten.

After 9-10 days my son’s birthday was to be celebrated and on that day I thought to wear the ornaments on the occasion of my son’s birthday.
I had kept them somewhere and had forgotten and was searching where I used to keep them usually. I lost my senses when I did not find them at their usual place and that I had kept them at that place only. Where did they go and afterwards, we searched the ornaments in every nook and corner of the house but the ornaments could not be found, anywhere.

I could not remember as where had I kept them! It came to our mind that they might have been swept away in the garbage of the house. Then we searched at the garbage dump where we all (all the people of the Air force Colony)used to throw our garbage.
But the employees who used to collect the garbage in a tractor trolley had picked the garbage a day prior to our searching at that place. Even then we(I and my husband, both) searched the dump with a wooden stick and went there in the morning, once again.
Then, we set ablaze the garbage in the hope that the ornaments would be found after burning of the garbage, but in the ashes, too, we could not find our ornaments.

Subsequently, my husband also got angry with me that the whole day has passed since morning and he has not had anything, now I shall not go to search the garbage. Cook some food as he was feeling very hungry. While cooking, I was remembering the Revered Guru Ji and was cursing myself too, that if my in-laws came to know of this loss then they will be very angry and will curse me, too. All of them were not initiated into God’s words. How will I face them? I was feeling very restless while thinking about it. Then I decided in my mind that after preparing the food, I shall go at the dump of garbage and search for it, once again. I prayed to the Revered Guru Ji in my mind that O dear Pita Ji, please save me from humiliation.

I should get my ornaments for sure. I checked at the bottom of the garbage bin(after removing the drum cover of the garbage bin).
The garbage had been picked two days ago but even then to satisfy myself that the baglike packet may have got stuck somewhere at the bottom I searched it again.
But I was very disappointed. In the end, I left it to be taken care of by the Revered Guru Ji that o dear Pita Ji, I leave it as per Your wish. If this is Your wish then we are helpless and also prayed to Him that if You are our Pita Ji in reality, then please search our ornaments as only You are capable of finding the ornaments wherever they are.

After praying for this, I came out of the garbage dump with a sad heart. Although I had come out of the garbage dump, but my mind was still searching for it and that it could be lying either here or there. As I was just thinking this that now we will see whatever may happen. I will have to listen to the admonishing and sarcasm of my in-laws and simultaneously, I was remembering my dear Guru Ji that only you can save me from humiliation, All of a sudden, I got a glimpse of the Spiritual Master in reality and I felt that some packet had touched my feet. When I looked down at my feet, I found that the small packet of piece lying at my feet. I immediately picked that up and my interest increased even more that o God, the packet is the same and now the material inside it is also required to be the same.

I opened the knot of the packet swiftly and my happiness knew no bounds. Finding exactly the same necklace and the same ring in its place, my mind and body were filled with satisfaction and the tears came out of my eyes out of love for the Spiritual Master that O Spiritual Master, You are, in reality, my God. So many curses, so many bad things did I speak for you, in lieu of this material of a few rupees.
O Pita Ji, please forgive me. Many-many thanks to You, my lovely Spiritual Master, wow! There is nobody in Your comparison.
O Benefactor, You are great. We should get your support always, O Spiritual Master. We cannot repay for Your grace.


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