Hey It is Just a Deal, No Big Deal

Hey, it’s the year 2020. The year in which people have predicted to have flying cars, the year where technological developments are reaching new heights and there are new developments every day.

10 years ago nobody could have predicted that a smart phone would hold the importance in everyday life of people like it is holding now. The same goes for ten years from now. Nobody can predict what developments we would see. Leave years, just months ago, nobody could have predicted that the whole world would be in a state of complete lockdown and people in the world would be in self quarantine. But all these years, one thing that has remained constant is the fact that people are still depressed in normal day lives without anybody knowing and in extreme cases, still committing suicide.

Expectation, failure, harassment are the few contributing factors which leads to such actions. But it is time that support and help, in any kind, is given to those who need it. And although there were attempts for helping, nothing has brought a significant change rather overtime these cases have only shown an increasing trend.

We, as a society, need to covey that it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be behind those of the same age group. And most importantly to convey that it is not bad to be different but rather different is special, different is fresh and that different is unique. People need not be ashamed of being different. People need to understand that the best thing they could do both, to themselves and the people they love, is to love themselves no matter what, accept what they are and move from that position.

From centuries now, it is perceived and said that you must be extraordinary. That you must be great and the best. Now, there is nothing wrong there, but it should be normalize that it is okay to be normal. There is nothing wrong with living a normal life, if one wishes to. Emotions based on different gender must be erased completely. Men can cry if they want, if they feel. There is nothing wrong with that. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Girls can speak their mind off, they can be strong and can lead and build an empire, if they want to.

But all this needs to start at the bottom of ladder, from the childhood. In India, every hour a student commits a suicide. The NCRB data shows that 10,159 students died by suicide in 2018, an increase from 9,905 in 2017, and 9,478 in 2016. The age which was about having fun two decades ago, now has been converted to the most competing and demanding age of a person’s life. This generation can be said to be the most failed one. The one because of which there is uncontrollable levels of pollution, never ever seen levels of global warming, many resources and animal species on the verge of extinction, while many have already become extinct and the worst quality of all, the greediest.

Students should be taught to accept failure and take lessons from that failure rather than making them afraid of it. This way rather than running from failure, they would try to improve themselves. Similarly parents need to accept that every child is different and that not every child is good in traditional subjects which are used for ascertaining a child’s worth and skills. Also, they need to accept the fact that their child can have a different dream and that they can go to different directions as to what they had imagined them to go.

What’s more important is that when they do fail to get the required percentage in whichever examination or to fail to clear to any entrance exams or fail to get into their dream college, parents should stand by their side saying that it is okay. That it is fine to fail.Young adults too, are not free of depression and suicidal thoughts. They have the pressure of their whole family, fear of not succeeding, fear of being left jobless and what not.

The thing that is important is their work because in the end, it is what matters. Every great person has failed. The only ones that have failed repeated times is a greater person. Thomas Edison would have not been able to create the bulb if he would have been afraid of failure. Life comes with abundant opportunities for those who work hard, who do not give up even after a number of failures but learn from them. After all, life is about the ups and downs. No life is free from those downs. No great movie is complete without the hero having a great fail but after that a greater success and that constitutes an epic movie.

Sanakriti Mehta

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