Home based remedies with small leaves

Home Based Remedies with Small Leaves The tree leaves are full of several qualities. These natural gifts not only give greenery but also they have several sources of health and protection. The magical powers of the leaves can be known this way.

Leaves of Guava

Grind the guava leaves and make paste of it and then make it hot and apply to get rid of arthritis. Grind guava leaves and then take juice of it and mix with sugar and take it regularly to get rid of the physical weakness. The juice of fresh guava leaves (10-20 milliliter) if taken twice regularly then it helps unpredictably in leucorrhea.

Champa Leaves

taking grinded champa leaves with equal amount of water helps in getting rid of Pitt , blood related problems and the stomach related problems. Chewing and taking its juice helps get rid of the cavities and also helps in curing Pieria.

Fig Leaves

Fig leaves and its juice helps in getting rid of blood related problems and gastritis the body becomes healthy. It also helps in removing the white skin spots, if its paste is applied over changing repeatedly.

Pineapple Leaves

the leaf of pineapple if mixed with sugar and consumed then helps killing insects in stomach. This also works like virechan. Remember that if its juice is over consumed then it can lead to vomiting.

Chirayata Leaves

taking chirayata leaves helps in fever. Boiling it and taking it as kadha helps with fever and if its leaves are soaked and then filtered, and the same water is consumed then all the blood related infections get over

Chaulayi Leaves

boiling and taking water of these leaves mixed with alt, helps in curing stomachache and motion. Peppermint leaves: Drinking the juice of these leaves helps cure cough, cold and headache.

Adusa Leaves

grind and take out juice of 3-4 leaves of adusa. Mix the honey in equal quantity and lick it thrice in a day gives relief from cough. The garlic leaves smashed and placed over that helps. The lemon leaves if smashed and placed over the pimples, certainly helps. Pomegranate leaves: mixing pepper with the fresh leaves of pomegranate and then mixing the same with 100 grams of water and consuming it in the morning and evening helps cure leucorrhea.

Mango Leaves

Applying its ash mixed with coconut oil, over the brunt area help. It also helps giving relief from pradar if these leaves are boiled with water and made kadha of it. Sugar as per taste can be added.

Bilv Leave

bail leaves when smashed and applied over the forehead help with providing relief from heat and also helps with getting lot of sleep. 15 bail leaves, almonds 2 and mishri 250 grams when mixed and made hot, turns into juice. When it acquires such a shape then take it down to cool it off. It this juice is consumed for a month then it cures impotency. Put these leaves on sim and then grind them and fill it p in the bottle. Consuming it in quantity of 1 gram mixed with honey helps with hoofing cough.

Papaya leaves: grind and make past e o these eaves and apply in condition of philpaav. This helps reducing the selling.

Sharifa Leaves

These leaves if grinded and mixed with water and provided to hysteria or epilepsy patient via nose, in volume of two drops, then the person gains conscious. If it is applied over the injury or pus area or infected area, missed with sendha salt, it helps in unbelievable way.

Beetroot Leaves

take beetroot leaves and smash it thin sprinkling turmeric water over it. Then applying the same over the bald head helps curing the baldness. If the ear pain is not getting sorted then the juice of these eaves make lukewarm can be placed in both the ears ( two-two drops). Putting in 3-3- hours removes karnshool.

Onion Leaves

the same can be used mixed with mint leaves in equal quantity when it is the case of rat and cat bite. The same juice should be placed first in the copper container. This immediately removes the effect of the poison. Onion juice if consumed daily mixed with sugar helps removing the stone via urinal.

-Poonam Dinkar

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