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Honesty is not the Best Policy in Today`s World

Introduction: In the modern world, being too honest and truthful can sometimes cost people a lot and that’s why it is not the best policy. It is because sometimes honesty can lead to more harm and damage than dishonesty. This is extremely true when the case is of the feelings of another person.

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This article will focus on the reasons that why honesty is not always the best policy to follow:

People Not Willing to Listen to the Truth:

The actual truth is that people are not ready to digest the truth rather they are willing to listen to lies that they like or suit the situation. This does not mean that one should always keep on lying and run away from the truth. But one must make sure that the other person is willing to listen to the truth and readily accept it without getting hurt or offended. For instance, a woman is a great cook and her family loves her food but one fine day her food tastes average or does not taste good.

Even after that, her family members praise dishes made by her so that her sentiments might not get hurt and her self-confidence does not shatter. In such scenarios in life, telling a small lie with some suggestions for small improvements are far better than uttering the bitter truth bluntly. It is important to learn to give constructive criticism smartly without being rude and to live life more easily.Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to learn to recognize, what other person expects to hear and speak in an optimal manner.

At Workplace

A lot of people hate their job but they do it anyhow because they need money to fulfill their daily needs. But if one tells their boss that they find the job boring and frustrating and do it just for the sake of money and have literally no concern with growth and progress of the company, he can immediately be fired from the job. In the same manner, during our job interviews, we have to lie to the manager that the respective company is our dream company but the actual fact is that one just requires money to survive.

Personal Details

Privacy is the key to a happy life and if one does not want to share or disclose personal details such as bank balance, love life, salary, etc to even close friends or acquaintances, one has the right to lie or manipulate the topic in order to keep the secret to himself. Also, during a job interview, one does not let the recruiter know that he has applied to other firms for jobs also. Also, many a time one has to mention false excuses in front of the boss for taking leave from work because one has no other option. In such scenarios, it is not feasible and possible for a person to speak the truth. Hence, one should lie if it is a violation of his privacy.

Feelings of People

Many a  time, situations arise in life where we cannot tell truth to the other person because it will break their heart or hurt their sentiments. For instance, a person has worked very hard to dress up but you did not like the overall look. You cannot simply disrespect the efforts another person has put into and speak your negative comments. In such situations, one has to give positive feedback even when they are not real.


One should never open up with honesty to any stranger in life because we do not know what intention the stranger has and what he is capable of doing with our personal information. In these kinds of situations, one is bound to hide the truth and lie. Honesty is never the best policy while conversing for the first time with a stranger.

To Avoid Fights

In today’s time, most of the kids are not so frank with their parents and they have to speak lies because if they tell the truth, it will lead to a lot of fights and trouble for them. Most children hide the fact from their parents regarding their habits to drink and smoke. Teenagers ask permission to a night out for group study but ultimately land up in night clubs because they know that they will never get permission if they tell truth to their parents.

Conclusion:  One should not always blindly walk on the path of honesty, but rather smartly analyze the demand of the situation and manipulate words according to the situation so that it does not hurt the sentiments of the other person or does not lead to any kind of trouble for the speaker.


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