Humanity Aroused

Humanity Aroused

“Jaam- E- Insan Guru Ka ”29th April

Whenever the devil forces became strong in this world, evil took a vast shape and planned for weakening of humanity.

History has witnessed that at such times, in one or the other form, Saints-Great personalities have given humanity their support and filled it with new strength and hope, because humanity is the Blessed Property of The God.

He has a clean image and humanity is filled with his glimpse. And when the evil, means devil, forces get down to destroy this pure image then God like Saint and Great Personalities become determined to save it. This struggle of evil and good has continued from primitive times. This is a part of a natural process that where there is goodness, evil too stands there with its legs stretched out and the struggle continues between them both.

When humanity becomes helpless in front of devil, then the Saints and Incarnations spread hope with their strength so that the evil can be won over. The most dangerous form of evil which is told is Ego. When a person starts thinking of himself as superior to others, he becomes an obstacle in others’ path, allows no body to live in peace, takes away their freedom, keeps hatred for the devotees, creates obstacle in Ram, Ram-tradition and the family freedom then that person becomes demon and such nature is called Evilness.

When the empire of such evilness becomes a danger for humanity then a reason of its end also takes place. It is expressed in Vishnu Puran that when the demons made it difficult to live for the deity’s then nectar was extracted for that. As Devil forces had increased and deities, hermits and devotees were surrounded by troublesome circumstances.

They were being tortured. Demons even took away their rights of singing Bhajans. Demons were not afraid of anybody because they thought of themselves as self capable. So like this when in all the four directions humanity was crying, then to inculcate new strength in them sea-churning was done, out of which nectar came out. By drinking nectar deities again became strong and got victory on demons. So this way evilness was won over and humanity took a sigh of relief.

Today in this Kalyug the wheel of time is again passing from the same phase. Struggle between good and bad continues in the same way. Everywhere evil is evident. Evil is in its most dangerous and strongest form. Evilness is heavily dominating humanity. People are getting stuck in evil things and forgetting goodness. Shunning the real name of God, people are getting surrounded by hypocrites and superstitions.

Empire of intoxication, cheating, fraud and corruption is blossoming. People are forgetting the earnings of handwork. Disease of immorality, cheating, inferiority, and ambiguity are spreading. Families and relations are being given over for selfishness. The present situation is such as if one hand is eating the other hand.

Evil has spread so much that nobody feels safe anywhere. Moreover the daughter in the mother’s womb is also in danger, so much so that anytime she can be killed by the same hands which have given her life. Sinfulness is such an evil circle that you don’t know who is waiting where to take revenge. No one knows that at which place Haryana Kashia would start torturing the devotees.

These devil natures whenever started becoming heavy and burden-some on humanity then humanity cried for its savior. In this way, humanity surrounded by marsh of evils got support from Dera

Sacha Sauda Sirsa. “Revered Huzur Pita Ji – Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan” heard their cry. He by bestowing His strength aroused the conscience of the dying humanity. 29th April 2007 is the date which witnessed the proud memorable history when Revered Guruji benevolently held the arms of humanity, which was going in abyss and gave it a new lease of life. Revered Guruji pumped such a life in humanity that humanity today is pushing evil forces aside. Factors which were weakening humanity are now going on back foot.

Revered Guruji has provided such a panacea to humanity that now no evil can weaken it. Literally from dead to now a strengthened, humanity is thankful to Revered Guruji, who with his enlightenment gave a new strength to the aspiring common people. Such a work of bravery done by Revered Guru Ji is a rare event in the world’s history.

For this, the day of 29th April, 2007 will always be remembered as a day when this important major change bringing event took place by the Holy Grace of Revered Guru Ji which showed a new and healthy positive direction to the society and uplifted goodness against evil, humans against demons, faithful against unfaithful;

that people from all the directions ran to see this miracle and today not in lakhs but in crores, people are followers of this new tradition. The courageous step which was taken by Revered Guru Ji to fill conscience in humanity and to throw away the evil from the society, today crores of “Insan” are steadily walking on this path. Today everybody by becoming “Insan” is progressing steadily on this new tradition for changing the infected society.

This tradition of “Insan” which was started on 29th April 2007 by Revered Guru Ji is unprecedented in its own self. Because when a stream makes its way it also creates its own identity. “Insan” is also a thought process of today’s world which is being developed as the guard of humanity. That’s why its “Name Giving Ceremony” was also essential and it was honored by the name of “Insan”. Revered Guruji himself ornate “Insan” with His Holy Name expressed in this stream. The creation of this stream took place from that Sangam that which is called as “Spiritual Jaam” or “Jaam E Insan Guru ka”.

By drinking “Spiritual Jaam” which is enriched with zeal, enthusiasm and sweetness; body, soul and mind becomes strong. Its weakness, cowardice and fear vanish away. An “Insan”’s heart is not afraid of any fear. No problem can stop his way. Moral of Insan becomes so high that he can fight even with death. Human of such nature are called “Insan”. “Insan” is made in such a manner that being steady he can erase the evils from the society.

This is the motive of this tradition and ritual and this also is the secret of it. The tradition of becoming “Insan” is not limited to the country itself, but by earning its fame it is also luring foreigners. Along with Indians, foreign citizens are also becoming a part of this tradition and by adding “Insan” to their name; they believe that they are enlightening humanity and they feel their enlightenment and thereby the enlightenment of the society.

It is a cheerful moment for the society that due to Dera Sacha Sauda it is getting true guardians of humanity in the form of “Insans”, and their count is increasing every day.

The Oath of Humanity – To become “Insan”, person receiving Ruhani Jaam takes Oath that he will never step back from guarding the humanity. Revered Guru Ji by filling handful 5 fingers raise an oath on him, make him determined that he will never let humanity die. For this, 47 rules are to be honoured which he will steadily follow.

In the holy guidance of Revered Guru Ji, today lakhs of people are getting engaged in maintaining the safety of humanity. At the occasion of Ruhani Jaam “Jaam E Insan Guru ka” the oath given by Revered Guru Ji by filling His handful 5 fingers with holy sharbat is unique in today’s world. It was necessary to do such endeavour in today’s times. The criticalness of the present times was demanding this, which has been compassionately bestowed by Revered Guru Ji by filling handful 5 fingers.

Making Oath might be sounding very new to some people but this is from the times of ancient civilization. There are many references in ancient history when the evil negative forces became stronger than the positive forces then at that time the greater personalities did such things to save the mankind.

One such reference comes from the time when the demons dominated this earth then at that time Lord Vishnu Ji took incarnation of Brahman. It is a mythological story that the terror of demon king Bali was in all the four directions. The reign and country of deities was also terrorized by Bali.

Then Vishnu Ji incarnated as a Brahman and demanded something from him considering that Bali was very liberal too. In his ascetic form Vishnu Ji, by filling water in his handful fingers took an oath from Bali that he will grant whatever is being asked for from him. Bali by filling water in his handful fingers promised him all that.

According to which ascetic form Vishnu Ji asked him land equal to his three feet step. Surprisingly, the entire region of Bali was covered in just two feet step and like this by keeping his third step on Bali’s body, ascetic form Vishnu Ji ended him (the evil).

In the same way whenever evil forces become very strong on this earth then Saints and great personalities give solution for their end. Even currently in the circle of evil, humanity is getting weak. In the name of modernization, humanity has been exploited. Revered Guruji initiated Ruhani Jaam for guarding the humanity, due to which humanity has again become lively and woken up from misery. Today everywhere “Insan” ornate by Revered Guruji is present who is whole heartedly engaged in the safety of humanity. This is the oath for the humanity. This is the Oath of Insan which distinguishes him from others.

Importance of the Day

This day which showed such scene of humanity is important due to two reasons. Because in the same way that is on 29th April 1948, the founder of Dera Sacha Sauda Shenshah Mastana Ji Maharaj laid the foundation of Dera Sacha Sauda. Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj by establishing Dera Sacha Sauda 2 kms away from Sirsa in the jungle made it a heaven. In this way 29th April is the first day of the existence of Dera Sacha Sauda and secondly on 29th April 2007 Revered Guruji – Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan initiated the Ruhani Jaam, making this holy name known to the entire world.

This is precisely the reason why 29th April is celebrated as “Ruhani Establishment Day” and “Jaam E Insan Guru ka” Day with bliss and happiness akin to festivals. The view of this holy day is worth watching. The festivals of all the religions are celebrated together on the same day and just the sight of it overwhelms all. The live view of all religions together at all four sides’ lures everybody’s heart. Lakhs of followers from the country and abroad, gather to receive blessings of Revered Satguru Ji, to gain happiness.

The happiness, colorfulness, enjoyment, waves and presents, charm everyone’s mind, body and soul alike. Due to this heavenly bliss that cheers up the soul with immeasurable joy, the glances of the divine play-games of Revered Guruji are intoxicatingly cheerful. The showers of Divine Joy by Revered Guruji fill the heart with cool breeze.

Come – let’s get blessed with this joyful time of intoxicating cheerfulness, wherein every pore speaks out by itself.
Wah ! Mere Maula !Wah ! Mere Maula!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
– Bureau,Sachi Shiksha.

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