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Inventions of the Century

Introduction: The people of the 21st century have always created, and in an extremely small amount of time went from building fires and creating stone-shaped arrows to making smartphone applications and independent robots. Presently, technical advancement will without any doubt continue to alter the manner we work and live in the upcoming centuries.

From the start of the latest millennium, the globe has experienced the development of the social network, smart mobile phones, automated vehicles, and independent flying vehicles. There exist big leaps in the storage of energy, and medical sciences. Women and men have designed the human genome and are dealing with the complications of gene editing as well as biotechnology.

Although human development has led to various issues faced by us today but innovation can also assist humanity to cope up with these problems. This article will focus on some innovations of this century.

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3D Printing:

The first one is 3D printing. Many inventions are the result of past ideas and theories, and 3D printing is other than this. The very first application of the layering technique followed by the 3D printers of today’s time held in the making of topographical maps in the 19th century, and 3D printing began in the year 1980. The rise of budget-friendly manufacturing techniques and open software led to a revolution in 3D printing in past few years. At present time, technology is used in the creation of almost all things from economical car parts to less-hurting ballet footwear and it is also used for artificial body parts.


Another major invention of this century is Cryptocurrency. The thought of a decentralized virtual currency came into existence when the world was hit by an economical recession in the year 2008. People lost trust in banks and the thought of an unhackable online system looked like the alternative to banks. Bitcoin was innovated in the year 2009 and it is being preferred by so many industries as the payment option in the last many years. Presently there exist various cryptocurrencies, some very famous in comparison to others.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are also a big invention of the 21st century and need to be discussed. Linking a cell phone to a personal computer was a goal for years. Efforts were made in the  past to achieve the feat, but only the iPhone was able to do it effortlessly. The very first iPhone was launched in the year 2007. The creation was copied quickly and the organizations such as Samsung, Blackberry, and Huawei followed it soon. Mobile phones have altered so much for people in terms of how they talk, make monetary transactions, and many other things like ordering food, etc. Presently there exist  55.5 million users of smartphones in India and over 91% of Indian people have a smartphone.

Augmented Reality:

Another one is augmented reality. In this, digital graphics are laid over  live footage to depict details in actual time. Currently, considering the arrival of stronger computing hardware and the production of an open video tracking software library called ARToolKit which the technical advancement has actually taken off. Mobile apps such as Pokémon Go game as well as Snapchat filters are two extremely small very famous examples of recent augmented reality apps. The technology is being considered as a medium in production, medical sciences as well as education.


A major invention of the century is E-readers. E-readers are a super innovation loved by the bookworms across the globe. While the initial was Sony’s invention but Kindle came out to be the most famous e-reader in the whole world. The readers make use of a technology named as digital-ink or e- ink which makes use of very less energy that bookworms can use a Kindle for many days with just a single charge. After the innovation of mobiles and tablets, the usage of e-readers has declined. Still, great readers make use of these devices because they have their own benefits over smartphones. For example, they have almost no glare in the sunshine, also are waterproof, and have strong battery backups.

Birth Control Patch:

Let us discuss another innovation of this century which is the birth control patch. The beginning decades of the millennia have led to an invention in family planning, albeit one that only lays stress on women and cannot cause protection STDs or against sexually transmitted infections.

Firstly, the birth control patch was launched in the United States of America in the year 2002 and has avoided unwanted pregnancies among the women. The plastic patch consists of the same estrogen as well as progesterone hormones that are present in birth control pills and similarly transfers them as nicotine patches do in assisting people in giving up tobacco products.

Conclusion:  Technology is altering our daily lives completely. Major inventions such as the ones discussed in the article can make the lives of people easier, safer as well as comfortable and can offer solutions for natural problems also.


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