Machine And Technology- Paper Bridge and Glass of Water

Machine And Technology- Paper Bridge and Glass of Water


This is a magic that amazes young spectators. In this magic, a bridge of notebook is built to connect two glasses and a glass of water is kept on the bridge.

The spectators, both young and old, are astonished to watch paper bearing so much of weight.


Two empty glasses and a glass filled with water, a page of notebook.


No preparations are required. Demonstration:

Show a page of notebook to the spectators.

Keep two glasses on the table and ask them if they can make a bridge using that page to connect the two glasses and the bridge strong enough to bear weight of a glass filled with water.

There is no doubt that the spectators would reply in the negative. Even if one tries, he would not be able to make such a bridge.

When it is your turn, fold the paper to form moulds like the ones on a sheet made of asbestos or tin. Place the folded paper on the glasses in such a manner that V shapes of the mould will touch the glasses.

Still the spectators would not be able to imagine the bridge bearing the weight of a glass filled with water.

Now waive your magic band on the paper, pick up a glass filled with water and keep it on the bridge carefully.

The glass will not fall down because the weight of the glass and water will be distributed evenly due to the folds. The spectators will be left wondering how you did the magic.

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