New Beginning against social evils A fierce war has begun against drugs and social evils and the battleground is the big screen.

Real life hero, Revered Guruji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan is coming to take out the youth from the cesspool of intoxication and give a message of becoming an ideal hero in their lives through his film, ‘MSG-The Messenger’.

Besides the self and social welfare issues, the film MSG will give a message of patriotism and an inspiration to live and die for the country.

While Revered Guruji has expressed this patriotism through an impressive song, he has also appealed to the youth of the country to fight against the anti-national forces. All the nefarious activities of the anti-social forces against the country have been defeated in the film. This is not just limited to this particular film, but to the real life of Revered Guruji.

Despite getting grave threats and warnings, Guruji has begun an incredible campaign against drugs and intoxication, female feticide, human trafficking, prostitution, goondaism and evils dogging the society. The film MSG is intended to evoke patriotism and sacrifice among the youth for the country.

Totmsg-the-messengerally opposed to vulgarism, meaningless rituals and unjustified violence in films promoting negative thoughts and feelings and mentality, this film will provide a direction for the creation of a human being who is not just bothered about his own life, but will also work for the unity and integrity of the country and the welfare of the entire humanity. This film is going to strongly hit the anti-social activities of the people within and outside the country.

Without any formal training, Revered Guruji began shooting in a village in Sirsa,1500 km away from the film city Mumbai on August 7, 2014. The fields of Sirsa Shah Satnam Ji Dham, and dhanis became centre of the film studio. Revered Guruji did not just act in the film, but also kept giving tips to the director from time to time.

An allrounder in the film industry

Revered Guruji is not just a super hero in the film and in real life, but has also written lyrics of the all seven songs, produced the music score and has sung the songs in the film.

Social Service during shooting

Revered Guruji continued to serve the society even during the shooting of the film. Meeting the patients daily and praying for them, answering queries of the visitors to satisfy their thirst for spirituality, discussions about the activities of the human welfare measures of the blocks and decisions on them went on as usual during the shoot of the film in Sirsa.

Same brand on every object

It will be for the first time in the history of the Indian cinema that the vehicles used by a hero of the film, will be designed by the hero himself. The eye-catching designer cars, motorcycles, dresses and sets will become centre of attraction on the release of the film.

Multicolor display

The film is packed with a beautiful story with a mix of thrill, stunts and action-packed drama, soothing music and vibrant dances. The film is also enriched with meaningful comedy along with a message of spiritualism. Revered Guruji has presented a colorful bouquet with elements of every religion in the film.

Not just 1 but 20 messages

Different from the usual run-of-the-mill traditional films with just one or two messages, ‘MSG’ will carry as many as 20 messages. Spiritualism, social service, patriotism, social reforms and several other relevant messages have been incorporated in the film, which is will to prove to be a milestone for not only the Bollywood and but Hollywood films as well.

Mind-boggling stunts

Revered Guruji performed almost all the stunts in the film himself. In some scenes he is seen punching the villain, in others he shown riding a bike through fire while in some he is piercing the earth with his might. The stunts on bike, which were used for the promos of the film are especially being liked by the youth and the children.

The Director of the film had duplicate actors for performing the stunt scenes, but Guruji performed all his stunt scenes himself. The Director of the film requested Revered Guruji not to take the risk of performing the stunt scenes, but he insisted in performing them himself, instead of letting the duplicate stars to take on the risk.

Sets prepared within hours

Generally it takes months for the studios and sets to be constructed, but the sets for the film `MSG-the Messenger’ were prepared in a record time of a few hours. Sets for the markets and hills were also constructed within record hours during the shooting of the film. This stunned the visiting team from the film city, which had not witnessed anything like this before.

More than 13 lakh actors

There is another amazing fact about the film ‘MSG-The Messenger’, which is going to take the world by storm soon after its. More than 13 lakh actors have been a part of this wonderful creation. This is a world record in the history of the international films. While Jeetu Arora, Director of the television serial,

` Kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ has co-directed the film, his team of 60 members also assisted the making of the film. Two actresses who have worked in a number of Malyalam films and TV serials have also been a part of the film. A female actor from Ukraine has played the role of the daughter of the Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan in the film.

Each action would be electrifying

Revered Guruji with his long tresses & beard and a very expressive face will leave an unforgettable impression on the film industry. The spiritually alighted facial expressions of the Revered Guruji create a special effect in the film unlike the usual clean-shaven heroes or those with stubble. It doesn’t seem at all as if this is a debut film for Revered Guruji. He comes out as an accomplished, talented and very seasoned artist of the film industry.

Many records created

MSG-The Messenger’ is going to be the first film of the world which will create history by making a number of records. The biggest record will be that the shooting for the film was completed in 67 days and the dubbing for the film took just 10 hours and 10 minutes. For the three-hour film, around 200 hours of shooting was done for which many scenes were filmed in South Indian states and metros.

Revered Guruji had launched the movie on July 18, 2014 from Shah Satnam Ji Dham by flying pigeons- the symbol of peace during a programme. The film’s shooting was completed onOctober 18, 2014. As many as 1.25 lakh people had participated in the three-day concert organized at Shah Satnam Ji Stadium, Sirsa (Haryana) from August 16 to 18, 2014.

g Profits from the film will be spent on the research work for eradication of AIDS and Thalassemia
‘MSG-The Messenger’ is going to create a sensation in both Bollywood and Hollywood simultaneously. The entire proceeds of the film will be invested for scientific research towards cure for thalassemia and HIV

Kaisa laga yeh dassa?

Revered Guruji also wrote all the dialogues of the film himself. He did not learn the dialogues of the film by-heart, instead he created many dialogues on the spot during the shooting of the film to give a new flavour. When the director asked the Revered Guruji to say the dialogue on the spot, he said, `kyon beta cricket ke chakke, gul stick ke dasse toh dekhe honge, toh kaisa laga yeh dassa?’’

T-shirt creates a furor

There is so much of curiosity among the people for this film that they can be seen wearing the MSG T shirts in markets, offices, lanes and bylanes, fields, bus stands, railway stations and at all other places. The teaser, trailer, promos, songs of the film MSG on social sites- You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Wink, Jive, WhatsApp. MSG-Messenger proved to be sensational with more and more people watching and liking it. People have been discussing every aspect of the film everywhere.

More than 2 crore people have already watched the promos or heard about MSG- The Messenger through various social sites and media. If such is the craze for a small trailer of MSG, the response the film is expected to receive on its release, is unimaginable.

One take artist

Revered Guruji is what is called “a one take artist” in the film parlance. All the shots given by the Guruji during the shooting of the film were so brilliant that they were cleared in just one take and no second take was ever required. If at all any second take was needed, it was because of some error the fellow artists or the cameraman. I can vouch for the fact that Revered Guruji is a one take actor. Guruji is very natural in his expressions and this is evident in his acting too.
Jeetu Arora Insan, Director

He paid attention to minute details

Revered Guruji has paid attention to minute details in the film, be it shooting, dresses wornor his role. Revered Guruji has kept a watch on the role of every artist and all the shots taken by the cameraman. Not a single factor in the making of the film has eluded his eyes.
Vineet, Director of Photography

Deals with real life

MSG-The Messenger’ cannot be compared with any other film of Bollywood. What the film has accomplished cannot even be achieved even by the Hollywood. The film is so natural and so close to truth and reality that no artist needed glycerin to produce false tears. During the shooting of the film, the artists felt they were not acting, but facing real life. During the scene of bidding goodbye (bidai), the artists cried incessantly and it seemed all so natural.
Raju, Make-up artist

A soul stirring voice that pleases all

Generally the musical notes have a gap of 12-14 in the songs, but Revered Guruji used three times more of these -as many as 36 musical notes in the songs. The Bollywood bows to the sweet and melodious voice of the Revered Guruji. Such a soul stirring and melodious voice lasts like a heartbeat in every person as long as he is alive. Sajid, Music Director

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