Who is Smart: Work or Cell-phone
sachi shiksha

Our elders did everything of their life without a handset. Today, you have a smart phone in your hand and feel you have become super smart.

Come out of this wrong notion. Honor and respect our elders for their real and actual capabilities.

If you drive you must be knowing how difficult is to keep away the animals moving in the group. You blow horn and you whistle, yet they may be sitting still or walking while covering the whole road. You often underrate the village people and our elders.

Operating the smart phone and considering oneself smart and others backward, one must think what is more difficult. Phone, computer and tablet is designed in such a way that a kid of four years can also operate it.

Then how wisdom and modernization come in between that one start underrating others? The person, he or she may be father, mother and grandmother, he/she feels a little bit hesitant to operate this. How you can deny all their successes considering them backward just because they do not know the operation of such a little machine.

This is not about the training of animals. Our previous generations have lead the life like this and did something that today’s fast, modern with facilitative life style generation cannot do even with hundreds of modern equipment.

Is it Easy to Pull-On?

Today leave aside the world even couples do not tolerate each other. Think of past decades when there used to be big families, people used to cooperate with a large family and used to care for them. The person used to bear the responsibilities, and due to that the person used to know the likes and dislikes of the small kid as well as the 80 years old grandmother-in-law or father-in-law.

He or she used to know about their food, clothes, prevention to be taken, their hobbies, their temperament and every other thing. Now talk about your smart phone. Have any software been developed who can reveal all this information and let you know the details. Now tell who is smarter: smart work or Mobile Phone?

Tell frankly, can you claim to have the details of two three members. Leave aside the nephew, can you care for your kid. No, today you rely one mobile. What to give, what to wear and how to study, all you want to have from the websites and mobile apps. These apps do not have the softness of emotions that our grandparents used to have.

Can Intimacy be Available?

Today we are marching towards knowing the world. Our journey is from family to unknown. Through Facebook, mobile app, whatsapp, you know the world without emotions. Can you tell from the inner of your heat that who is yours? How many true friends you have with whom you have real friendship. Have you ever felt the need to know that how big the friendship circles of your father, mother and uncles?  Why to go out, the family used to be so big and the members used to live with friendly relations. All the big functions and arrangements were managed with mutual smartness and consultation.

Today, for searching for the catering, event management you search on the net.  Previously one or the other member of the family and relations used to have the information. It was easy to gather information from them and you could get best deals which today’s app are not able to provide. More to that in mutual discussion the responsibility was shared and a close strong knot was tied.

In spite of having different modern networking techniques can you tell how big circles you have of your trustworthy ones? Can wisdom be taken from degrees and English only? Which variety of rice and wheat is good and which tree or plant has special qualities? To which direction atmosphere and climate is getting you and how the things work, how small difficulties can be solved? For these petty things people do not used to depend on others. They used to solve with mutual cooperation. You are dependent for everything on internet, or paid advisors/ assistants. And you tell that you are independent?

How Funny It Is?

Your parents used to manage the family peacefully in one tenth of the income you have today and gave good upbringing. Previous generations used to respect even a single penny. The things were used to the best extent. Even after getting damaged, our elders used to think that how it can be reused. They used to use the things and the habit of being economical had made their life peaceful and happy.

Think that in spite of huge facilities and money, do you have peace and happiness in your life? Are your modern gadgets and equipments are working as servants and that also with emotions.

The purpose of the gist of all the comparison is to make you remember that the man who cannot operate smart phone and computer, can do such a thing which the players of these equipments cannot even think of doing. More to that purpose of this comparison is to make those middle-age and elders who without any so called reason become hesitant to operate and use this technique. Think that when you have fulfilled all the responsibilities, met all the challenges, then why to hesitate from the user-friendly equipments.

Learn these without fear and make your life better to best. – Saanwari.


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