Benevolence of Revered Param Pita ji Blessed with Token of Love

pp-recoveredBenevolence of Revered Param Pita ji Blessed with Token of Love

Experiences of the Devotees
Devotee Kheta Ram, son of Shri Sheokaran, village Neethrana, tehsil Bhadra, district Hanumangarh, Rajasthan has described the benevolence of the Revered Param Pita ji on himself.

He has written his experiences in a letter.

According to Premi ji, the year was 1965. Revered Param Pita ji had organized His first religious discourse in his village Neethtrana. Many people from his village also were initiated into God’s Words’ during the religious discourse.

I also did the same. I was 14-years-old then. All the villagers showed tremendous interest in the religious discourse. Revered Param Pita ji was very happy with the love and affection, brotherhood and co-operation of the villagers. Then onwards whenever the spiritual followers got together to pray for the religious discosurse, Revered Shahanshah ji agreed for it in Neethrana village.

In the year 1966 Revered Param Pita ji arrived at our village for the second time for holding the religious discourse.
In those days Revered Pita ji used to hold three religious discourses in a village. On the first day He would hold a single religious discourse in the evening and the next day in the morning and evening. The next day after the morning religious discourse Reverde Pita ji went to a nearby field for a walk. At that place Revered Param Pita Ji ji sat in a chair.

Several people from the village also came to the spot and sat at His lotus feet. Under the order of the Revered Shahanshah ji, hymns were being sung .

I was grazing my animals in the nearby field. I left the animal grazing in the field and came to the spot to listen to what was being said. At this time the Rev.
Satguru Pita ji pointed towards me and asked me to sing a hymn. According to His order I recited a poem`Mere man lagan lagi Shabd sarup Ram Ki mein mangu bhiksha Naam ki.’ Listening to my simple poem in the ‘Bagdi’ dialect Revered Pita ji was very impressed and happy. He gifted me a comb, a mirror and a pencil.

I brought those gifts to my house and kept it safely there considering it a gift from the spiritual Guide.
Sometimes I used to think I keep my head shaven, so of what use to me is the mirror and the comb? Secondly I was absolutely illiterate and could not even give my thumb marks properly so the pencil was also not of any use to me.

These thoughts used to churn my mind time and again. Time passed by. Plan for setting up a veterinary hospital in our village was cleared by the government. By the blessings of God, I started helping the doctor. The doctor praised me and recommended me to the officials of the department. I was appointed on the job of an official volunteer at the hospital.

Now I could understand the importance of the gift given to me by the Spiritual Guide. It was a loveable gift. I was now an official worker. I started getting timely haircut.
The comb and the mirror gifted to me by the Revered Pita ji came very handy now. I used to look into the mirror to comb my hair and set the dress proeperly before going for duty in the hospital. I also started signing my name for the daily attendance.

My entire family was illiterate and we used to earn our living by grazing the animals in the fields. The Revered Guru ji gave such a priceless gift that I have become rich and prosperous from being poor.
Because of the benevolence of the Spiritual Master I have today a proper house and all the enential things of life. Thanks to the Revered Satguru Pita ji.

Great is the Revered Pita ji. One never knows from which method he may shower his love and affection on the devotees.
Even after taking crores of birth I cannot properly describe the great benevolence of the beloved Spiritual Guide.

Dear God, please give me strength so that I never go away from the shadow of Your blessings.

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