Born Tough – Woman Cementing Various Facets of Life

She is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a healer, a creator and accepts all the roles that life offers her with a smile. She is a woman. She has been taught to become tough since the day she is born, she has been taught to play it cool, not to rebel and always stay humble.

Society has already defined the image of an ideal woman and knowingly or unknowingly all the women across the world are trying to fit themselves in that image every day. They manage to play their roles every day, live for all those people who are dependent on her, make them happy and sacrifice happily just to see a smile on the faces of their loved ones. Women are tougher than anyone can imagine. She holds the force within herself that can even bend the laws of nature.

The world is habitual of seeing women as an ordinary part of society, she fights harder to prove and establish her identity in every facet of life. They are the pioneers of every nation; they provide the key to the quality of life and sustainable development for every family. Women are born leader whether it is their office or home, they have instincts of a manager and administrator which makes them great a multi-tasker.

She is an equal helpmate and comrade to her partner, the first teacher to her child, the perfect accountant for her home and an amazing leader for a disciplined household. Apart from all these roles, she is the main key to a society’s socio-economic development. Thanks to modern education and modern economic life that encourages women to see the world beyond the narrow spheres of their household and family circle. She is encouraged to fulfil her dreams and contribute equally to men for the enrichment of society.

Educated women are creating more of their kind by running various programs to uplift other women and help them recognize their potential in the male dominant society. The main motive of these programs is to empower the women so that they can respond to the opportunities, challenge their traditionally set character and change their quality of life. Education plays the most crucial role in uplifting the image of women in society. Women have started to take the lead in reforming society, raise their voices against exploitation and supporting other women to fight against several social atrocities.

It is time that we start seeing them beyond society’s ideal image. It is women who have had patience all this while, handled their household responsibilities and leapt to reform the rotten society. In these changing times and complex social scenarios, women have successfully played a vital role in different sectors; they have changed their image from just being an ordinary harbinger of peace but set the standards as an emerging force of change.

From the Purse of Grandmother

She plays a variety of significant roles as woman from the day she is born till the end and still considered weak even when she proves her metal by perfectly handling her jobs and roles efficiently. After all this, they still manage to play an active role in society. They have gained a lot of ground in the field of the corporate world, politics and social welfare, with this they even have more power in their households.

They have a say in decision making. Women all over the world have gone through drastic changes, they have seen the time where their opinions did not matter, they have made their way through the obstacles and achieved the impossible. The modern workforce and society are seeing the workplaces filled with powerful women playing the role of outstanding leaders worldwide along with their household roles, husband and kids at home.

Working outside does not spare the women from the household chores, they do two full-time jobs at the same time. Modern-day women are the bill payers, tax fillers, party managers, errand runners, home keepers and what not. They do it all without showing the signs of stress and tantrums.

Women are the epitome of love, strength, courage and sacrifice, their role in this society is changing every day for good. Women are independent, self-sufficient, educated and financially liberated; with the help of modern education they are marching hands in hands with men in every aspect of life. They are tough and when they do multi-tasks in every facet of life, it re-designs society and the world on the bigger note.


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