Brain Drain – Not Everyone’s  Cup of Tea .

Brain Drain – Not Everyone’s  Cup of Tea .

Many people are blessed to choose what they wish to do in their lives but a few get carried away by the chores of life or their life doesn’t give them a chance to pick and choose but they are bound to move the way the wind blows them.

Brain drain is not easy for the ones who don’t wish to move out of their comfort zone & it’s just a cakewalk for those who have the clarity to achieve their goals & dreams or don’t have much responsibility to take care of but just themselves and thirdly, there are a few who have to take this big step in order to financially support their family.

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It counts as a stepping stone to success in most cases because it surely provides financial freedom. The entire clan’s destiny gets in better shape. Though it’s a huge loss to one’s Nation as all the resources are spent in upbringing such a bright mind and later when it comes to working for the betterment of own country then brain drain takes place.

A very common example of brain drain has been seen in the IT-related fields. People get quality education in one’s own country and move abroad to support the growth of another nation. Many times, it has been seen that they even plan to stay there for the rest of their lives and opt for permanent settlement – leaving their own citizenship/ voting rights and all other legal rights.

As explained above, it is one’s own choice and no one should be / can be judged on a few parameters.  The immigrant surely enjoys better facilities, leads a better lifestyle, can surely provide the best education to their offspring, support their family strongly, and most importantly their life span increases in some or the other way because of the financial freedom they get.

Brain Drain might stop or slow down if one’s own country provides better career opportunities, better lifestyle, better education, and many other things that are paramount for the overall development & growth of an individual.

It’s always one’s own choice as per the options being given to him/her.


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