Be Unique – Be Yourself!

Be Unique – Be Yourself!

“First Impression is the last impression” – William Hazlitt.

We feel comfortable being ourselves. It is not wrong. But, one should relate to the importance of dressing well.  Self-grooming is an integral part of personality development which not only motivates oneself but helps to stay up to the mark in your social circle.

Whatever attire you wear, no matter whether you accessorize yourself or stay simple. Whatever your style statement is, it is essential to dress well.

Looking good & being presentable helps in many ways in personal & professional life. These habits. developed in the early years help all through. Dressing well doesn’t mean wearing branded or fashionable clothes but it counts equally well even if you wear a simple and neat dress. Simple could be your fashion statement that compliments your style & image.

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Top 7 reasons as to why you should dress appropriately.

  1. It boosts your self-confidence.
  2. You get noticed. You never know who you will be meeting the next minute. You tend to please people naturally around you.
  3. You enjoy the course of being just perfect. Being well dressed makes you feel contented & give a sense of fulfillment.
  4. Helps you express yourself better. A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover but it still gives an insight into the content. Similarly, dressing well presents your natural self to others around.
  5. You deserve to feel complete.
  6. If you are habitual in dressing up well, then you always have something to look upon. You have a task that you enjoy doing every day. Since it’s a habit for you, it will come naturally to you.
  7. Smiling keeps you healthy.

Similarly, dressing well keeps you motivated & confident. When you are confident & motivated, you tend to sort things out effectively. Dressing up well also helps in communication. You realize that when you are confident  you speak & interact strongly.

Dressing well is one’s choice. And no set parameters are functioning around as to what is the explanation of being well dressed but it says it is all in one’s appearance. Unless you are a student, working in such a line of career where things are pre-defined with respect to a certain uniform or attire, you are free to create your style statement as to how you wish to dress up. Enjoy the process of being YOU.


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