Be Cautious While Filling Forms for Various Purposes

Be Cautious While Filling Forms for Various Purposes

Form and life has close relations. Service, business, depositing of tax, opening of a bank account, filling of examination form, filling form to register child’s name; there are so many works for which the form has to be filled.

If there is a mistake in filling the form, either the desired work will not be done or delayed. As a result, whole of labour goes in vain. In politics also there is need to fill the form. Special skill and knowledge is required to fill in the form for Parliament and Legislative Assembly elections by a poll-candidate.

In competitive exams, the first exam starts with filling up of the examination form. Actually filling of the form is an art and with practice and given minor attention, you can learn more.

Some information related to filling of forms are given below:

  • Get the photocopy of the form which has to be filled up and read it carefully. Start filling up only after that.
  • The words to be used in the form should be according to the directions given in the form. Generally the names are written in the capital letters. Do not write big or small words on your own.
  • These days for filling the names squares are provided. Write only one alphabet in one square. When one word is finished, leave one square empty and then write the other word. Care has to be taken that all the words are adjusted in the squares.
  • Form should be filled in a sequence. It avoids the possibility of leaving any column.
  • Before filling the form keep all related certificates, copies of the mark-sheets, date of birth certificates ready with you,
  • For filling up the form, use blue or black ink refill (ball pen). With this the ink does not spread. Never use red or green ink.
  • Take care to use the same ink, from beginning to end. It is considered wrong to use black ink in the beginning and ending with blue ink.
  • The house address, date of birth, father’s name, examinations passed should be written clearly. Correspondence with you will be possible only if the address is written in clean and clear words. Address should also be full so that the letter is received.
  • If the form is costly and lengthy, get photo copy done of the same and first fill in rough and then fill in the original one.
  • While filling the form see to it that there is no overwriting and cutting in the form.
  • If something happens, rub it with good eraser or blade and then write again. It is not acceptable in post offices and banks.
  • If you do not understand any details, consult someone and then only fill that part. It is not advisable to fill on guesses.
  • Put you original signatures on the form because writing anything can lead you to face the problems at the time of interview, on other occasions, withdrawal from the banks, on maturity of the insurance and taking money back from the share market.
  • Read two to three times the filled in form and keep one photocopy of the filled in form with you. Never provide wrong information in the form.

At last do not forget to put date. With this procedure you will be able to become expert in filling up the form. – ANAND KUMAR ANANT

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