Christmas, Joy is in the Air

Christmas, Joy is in the Air

The actual meaning of the festival Christmas is a unique church mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The events around the birth of Jesus Christ are crucial in the religious celebrations of the festival. These activities include candle lightning, decorations of Christmas tree that symbolizes everlasting life and light.

Christmas is celebrated by people in many different ways. Celebration is usually combined with pre-Christian winter celebrations. People decorate their houses with lights, candles and Christmas tree. They visit their near and dear ones and exchange gifts. It is a tradition to organize a special family dinner that consists of festive foods such as turkey and cakes. Children get many gifts from their elders and parents as well a mythical figure known as Santa Claus.

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The celebration has made this festival a commercialized holiday which allow families to spend time together. Various events are organized by communities, Sunday schools as well as churches. These involve decoration of malls, planning nativity display and organizing performances and concert. Many songs and plays have Christmas as the theme. Many groups organize charitable projects, arrange shelter and meals for the needy people to spread positivity, happiness and bring smile on their faces.

But now, India is about to experience another wave of Covid-19, so the celebrations must be done with all the safety measures and cautions.

This article will suggest you some ways to celebrate Christmas 2021 with all the possible safety measures:

Practice Social Distancing. Prevent overcrowding in clubs, malls, cinema and churches. Follow the Covid behavior in an appropriate manner while going out with friends and family. If you are hosting any event, make sure you invite limited number of people and arrange a small get together only. Also, make sure that all your guests are fully vaccinated with both the doses. Children and senior citizens should be homebound.

Do not invite people to the parties who have just arrived from another countries, let them finish their quarantine first and get tested negative. Only invite them, after following particular protocol.

Wearing masks in social gatherings can reduce the risks. As the cases of Omricon variant are rising, it is advisable to wear double masks in social gatherings.

Always keep sanitizers in stock and carry them in pocket or handbags wherever you go. Keep small sanitizer bottles even in small get-togethers so that guest can regularly wash their hands properly.

Decrease the social contact because gatherings around varied stalls can increase the chances of spreading of virus. Disposable glasses and plates should be used. Individual set of things must be arranged for every guest to decrease the sharing of glassware and cutlery.

Personal hygiene should be maintained and it is also necessary to sanitize the tables, plates and couches at the regular intervals to avoid spreading of virus. Premises must be sanitized regularly to maintain hygiene in the party hall.

Avoid going to malls and stores for shopping and instead prefer online shopping. Since, all the things and brands are available online and we can purchase the desired things with just one click. After receiving the goods, they must be kept in the sun for killing of virus and then they can be used after sanitizing.

One way of avoiding any mess is to connect with family and friends via video conferencing instead of visiting their places. This season can be enjoyed by playing some fun games with all the kith and kin on zoom call or Google meet.

Apart from all these measures, it is very necessary to keep a check on the diet and avoid over consumption of junk food and alcohol. Following these measures can keep you safe while celebrating Christmas during this pandemic. Merry Christmas!


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