Experiences of  the Devotees

Blessings of Adorable Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj

Son! Recite God`s Words Night & Day, Help the Needy in Every Possible Way

Devotee Purushotam Tohana son of Shri Puran Chand resident of Shah Satnam Ji Nagar, Sirsa descries the extreme grace bestowed upon him by Most Adorable Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.

It pertains to the year 1980. I was a ruthless & cruel person who always used to indulge in eating meat & committing sins after sins. I would drink alcohol day  and night & open a bottle of wine for hospitality of any relative or friend who happened to visit me. My body  started moving on its own. My lungs were decayed. The doctors had said that  he would take  six months with great difficulty  & he could die at any time. Despite knowing  all this, I used to drink so much alcohol that wherever I drank, I would  roll over there. At night  my family members would pick me up.

I used to hum a song “ Pandit Ji, after my death, put  a bottle of wine on the bier so that the wine does not run out on the way to Dharmraj( King of Justice). My well wishers used to advise me not to consume alcohol & meat. The account of one`s deeds will have to be given in the court of Dharmraj. At this I used to say that how will Dharmraj  take my account. He will be in a tizzy after listening to me. When I will say, “ Dharmraj Ji, you have given me birth in the house of liquor contractors where only liquor is traded & money is earned through it. When I was born, I was given a digestive mixture of wine. Then how can I get out of this evil?’’ Many times I used to think that  someday someone will come & take me out of this swamp of filth & evils.

When a true prayer is said, it is definitely answered by God Almighty. We had an agent shop in the grain market of Tohana. On April 22, 1980 Bhagirath Lal & Jograj were drinking ice mixed wine. Shyam Singh Rattakhera & his son Gurcharan Singh Sarpanch came to our shop for selling their wheat. I went to Gurcharan Singh Sarpanch & asked him to take wine. At this, he said that we don`t drink wine. We go to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. I replied, you do consume liquor definitely.We are drinking liquor openly but you must be drinking secretly. On his strong refusal, I asked him to let me have the vision of such  a Perfect Spiritual Saint.

He assured me that we will  definitely take you to Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. On the last Sunday of this month, a spiritual congregation is  scheduled to be conducted, and we will take you along. But when on the  last Sunday he didn`t come to take me, my heart was shocked. When I asked him the reason, Shyam Singh told that we had forgotten. Next time, he will definitely take you along for the spiritual congregation to be held on the last Sunday of May. Even on the last Sunday of May, he didn`t take me to the spiritual congregation.

I was badly yearning to  have the vision of the Perfect Spiritual Guide. This yearning was awakened by the Revered Spiritual Guide Himself. A lot of things started coming to my mind. I thought that I was not taken because I am a drunkard. They will be afraid that I might defame their pious mission. Next month  in June , a local spiritual assembly  of the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda was being conducted, I reached there. I publicly said there that all of you are liars. At this they asked, what happened, sir! I said that  I told your  devotee  Shyam Singh Ratta Khera and his son  Gurcharan Singh Sarpanch to take me to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa so that I can also have the vision of the Revered Spiritual Master.

But he didn`t take me there even after making a promise. So, tell me how will we trust you devotees. On hearing me, all the devotees became silent. The devotees called Shyam Singh at the same time and told him in front of everyone that you shouldn`t have done like this to him. When he has so much passion & yearning to have the vision of the Revered Spiritual Master, why didn`t you take him to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa.

Therefore, on June 27, 1980, Shyam Singh came to our shop  in the grain market Tohana to pick me up. It was the last Sunday of the month and a spiritual congregation was scheduled to be conducted at Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. I got ready to go to the spiritual congregation. My family members and my brothers Bhagirath & Jograj asked me, where are you going? I told that I am going to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa to attend the spiritual congregation. My brothers said to me , stay firm, don`t start consuming liquor after coming back & thus, don`t start defaming this holy spiritual mission.

I said that I will go there but I am not willing to  get initiated into the God`s Words. I will come after attending the spiritual congregation. Then I left for Dera Sacha Sauda with Shyam Singh. I started feeling immense happiness in my heart. We reached Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa at 12:00 noon. At that time the  langar (community meal ) was being distributed by the volunteer devotees with great love. The size of the langar was  comparatively large. It was very tasty and I ate three langars one after another. After eating the langar I felt  great happiness inside.

I started thanking God Almighty. These were summer days. Shyam Singh took me in the shade of big trees in front of  Shah Mastana Ji Dham so that I could rest there. While we were lying under a tree, the devotees were discussing the miracles of the Revered Spiritual Guide. A devotee was saying that a devotee sister used to render great service to humanity & she had great spiritual love for the Revered Param Pita Ji ( Param Pita Shah Satnam Singhj Ji Maharaj). Her husband was an alcoholic. He used to beat her. Then he told that one night the Revered Param PitaJi came with a stick & beat him severely.

The Revered Param Pita Ji stated thus: How much service does the daughter render & you  grieve her. When he was beaten a lot, he apologized to the Revered Param Pita Ji & said that I will never do such a wrong deed in future. In the morning, he told  her all that had happened at night. She was very happy & thanked the Revered Param Pita Ji. After that her husband became a god like devotee. The devotees who were laying there were discussing among themselves as to how many years have passed  since when they were blessed with the God`s Words. I thought I can`t take any advantages here by tricks since I consumed 4-5 bottles of liquor last night.

It came to my mind that I will attend the spiritual congregation, have the vision of the Revered Spiritual Guide & leave for home. There was a spiritual assembly at 5:00 in the evening. We attended the spiritual assembly but I did not understand anything. When the spiritual congregation started at night, the Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj  came & occupied His seat on the royal stage. I had vision of  the Revered Param Pita Ji  & now I was having spiritual glimpses. Very bright rays of light were emanating from the  body of the Revered Param Pita Ji. I was dazzled to see that these are the same rays that one  sees in the photographs of  the perfect spiritual saints. I desired to stare at the Revered Param Pita Ji intently. I felt extremely happy after having the vision of the Revered Param Pita Ji.

The Revered Param Pita Ji stated, “ These breaths can`t be relied upon. They might come again or not. You can pick up the next step or not. The Negative Power can strike you any moment. Can`t believe a single step.’’ The Revered Param Pita Ji stated further, Whatever works you have done, you have done for your name & fame and to earn your livelihood. You have not done anything for your soul. All the time has been devoted to the business itself. Such words left  an indelible impression on my mind & I strongly desired to be blessed with the God`s Words and attain salvation of the soul.

My heart agreed to the fact that  the Revered Param Pita Ji is the ultimate power on whose support the whole universe is standing. The Revered Param Pita Ji is the only dispenser of the  salvation of the whole world. I asked my fellow Shyam Singh where the God`s Words will be granted. At this Shyam Singh said what has happened to you. I replied that the Revered Spiritual Guide who is seating on the royal seat has shown me everything & my soul agreed to be initiated into the God`s Words. At this Shyam Singh told me that  the God`s Words  will not be granted on the first instance. First of all, do attend 2-4 spiritual congregations, listen to the holy teachings carefully, and follow accordingly thereafter you will be blessed with the God`s Words.

It came to my mind that devotee Shyam Singh has scared that he is a drunkard &  will start consuming liquor after being bestowed with the God`s Words and thus defame this spiritual mission. I said no problem. Shyam Singh said that not even a single episode of the spiritual congregation has been completed yet. What would I tell him that the one who is sitting inside me is repeatedly saying that it is the appropriate time to be initiated into the God`s Words.I slid a little further and turned to another devotee & asked where will the seekers be initiated into the God`s Words. I inquired him secretly so that Shyam Singh could not listen.

The devotee told me that the God`s Words will be granted in the Tera Vas. I entreated him if he would help me in this regard. The devotee said, why not? I will definitely help you in getting the God`s Words. Towards the end of the spiritual congregation, when the sisters` hymn begins, I will proceed you to the Tera Vas. I was eagerly waiting for the closing of the spiritual congregation & beginning of the process of the initiation into the God`s Words.My heart beat was getting faster with the thought that  I will enter a new life & thus my life will get insured. I will get a direct ticket to the Eternal Abode & attain salvation.

I was afraid that Shyam singh might get to know. After a while the devotee  took me the Tera Vas where the Revered Param Pita Ji had to bless us with the God`s Words. The devotee volunteers were already standing there & sending the seekers of the God`s Words one by one inside the Tera Vas. I also went to the Tera Vas. After some time, Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam singh Ji Maharaj came and sat on the decorated chair. First of all the Revered  Param Pita Ji explained in detail about the God`s Words & the three abstinences such as

  1. Don`t use alcohol.
  2. Don`t consume non-vegetarian food.
  3. Treat other man & woman depending on their ages. If they are older, treat them as your father or mother. If they are of your own age, treat them as your brother or sister. And if they are younger than you, treat them as your son or daughter.

Then, the Revered Param Pita Ji, wearing a white sheet over Himself  followed by sitting in profound inward meditation for sometime time, stated, today We have sent the photo of your soul to the court of God Almighty in the Eternal Abode. Today you have got a new birth. Now We initiate you into the God`s Words. All of you have to speak the God`s Words behind Us. The Revered Param Pita Ji started uttering the God`s Words & we all started speaking the same words. After bestowing the God`s Words, the Revered Param Pita Ji said if all of you have remembered the God`s Words, raise your hands. All of us raised the hands saying that we have remembered the God`s Words.

My heart filled  with joy on being blessed with the God`s Words. It felt as if I have got the most beautiful thing of the world. I too have remembered the God`s Words. The Revered Param Pita Ji blessed one & all & went to His room above in the Tera Vas. At that the devotee volunteers were counting the total no of the persons initiated into the God`s Words. I was in no hurry as the Revered Param Pita Ji has got my real work done by granting salvation to the soul by blessing me with the God`s Words. In this way, I have got the happiness of the whole world.

When I was coming out of the Tera Vas, devotee Shyam Singh & that devotee ( who helped me in taking the God`s Words) were standing in front of me. Devotee Shyam Singh was very surprised & said, Have you been blessed with the God`s Words?  I said, dear devotee, you had put the date ahead but the Revered Param Pita Ji signaled me & called me inside the Tera Vas& bestowed me with the God`s Words. Then devotee Shyam Singh hugged me  & said that you are such a lovely soul of  the Revered Param Pita Ji.

What a great blessing the Revered Param Pita Ji has showered upon you! Devotee Shyam Singh & that devotee said that now they will eat food, take tea & then sleep. At that time, it was half past two  of night. I said that I wouldn`t sleep, because if I fell asleep, I would forget the God`s Words. The fellow devotees were surprised as to what had happened to me.  For the rest of the night, I remembered the God`s Words. When my fellow devotees woke up in the morning, I felt myself intoxicated as if I had consumed 5-6 bottles of liquor.I felt overjoyed with the intoxication of the God`s Words. Then we had tea & breakfast. Devotee Shyam singh said that the Revered Param Pita ji meets all the devotees before they leave for their respective homes. The Revered Param Pita Ji came out of the Tera Vas at 10 o`clock. The devotee volunteers made all the devotees stand in a circular circle.

In this realm, any devotee can talk about any kind  of thing, whether it pertains to the God`s Words, welfare works or various issues of life. Just then, the Revered Param Pita Ji came in the circle & started listening to the talks of the devotees. Devotee Shyam Singh told me that dear merchant, you should also talk to the Revered Param Pita Ji. You are a such a big contractor of wine! With folded hands I said , dear devotee! When I have got the ultimate path to salvation, what else should I wish for. I said, I don`t want to talk anymore.

I stood there with folded hands having the vision of the Revered Param Pita Ji. The Revered Param Pita Ji, after bestowing all the devotees with His pious look, looked at me & stated, ‘Son! Recite the God`s Words night & day; Help the needy  in every way.’ I wondered at what the Revered Spiritual Guide had stated. The doctors have told that I will live for six months only but the Revered Spiritual Guide has asked me to serve the poor & the needy day & night. However the Revered Spiritual Master  ensured me from inside that the statements of the Perfect Spiritual Saints are irrevocable & prove to be true.

Thereafter, by the blessings of the Revered Param Pita Ji, I recited the God`s words day & night for three months. But my face turned completely black; the skin started coming off the body.I used to take bath twice a day so that the skin remains clean & nobody should know about my problem. I started  cherishing the ecstasy of the God`s Words. My friends & relatives started talking that now Purushotam will hardly live for  a month or two. The doctors had already warned about the decaying condition of my lungs due to excessive consumption of liquor. All my relatives & well wishers assembled to take me to the hospital. When we told the whole thing to the doctors, they started doing check-ups. The doctors took a lot of time.

So I asked the senior doctor to disclose the report, whatever it is, in front of every one. The doctors said,  Purushotam Lal, a miracle has taken place. Your lungs have started recovering. Almighty Lord has granted you a new life. That is awesome. I said that  this miracle belongs to the my Revered Spiritual Guide of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. The doctors had said that that I will live for six months with great difficulty. This new life has been blessed to me by Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Even the future generations will not  be able to forget this benevolence.

Today it has been 42 years since this incident. The Revered Spiritual Guide is still taking humanitarian service from me by making me a young man of 15-20 years. The Revered Param Pita Ji is getting humanitarian services done by me day & night. This is the blessing of the Revered Param Pita Ji & by the virtue of the same I will continue rendering service to humanity till my last breath. I am about 70 years old. By the grace of the Revered Param Pita Ji, I still run & go for a walk. There is no disease of any sort nor is there ever any tiredness. All this is the grace of the Revered Param Pita Ji.

I say it with certainty that the  kind of blessings & benevolences that are bestowed here at Dera Sacha Sauda cannot be obtained anywhere in this world. Whosoever comes to Dera Sacha Sauda with determination, maintains firm faith in the  Revered Spiritual Guide, gets all his wishes fulfilled. By the grace of the Revered Saint Dr MSG, nobody has returned disappointed  so far from this spiritual abode. One who firmly believes in the holy discourses of the Spiritual Guide, gets all the happiness of the world.

Thus, it is clear from this miraculous experience that what I am, where I have come from & what is the purpose of my life, all these things are got known in the spiritual congregation of  the Perfect Spiritual Saint.


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