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Dera Sacha Sauda Dedicated to Humanitarian Service, Selfless Love, & Equal Respect to Every Religion

The volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda are adroit in bringing smile on the helpless faces. They are ever ready to extend the helping hand on the single call of the needy. Whether it is the need of blood for a patient suffering from a serious illness, a hungry person in need of food, an empty-handed father unable to marry his daughter due to poverty, or a retarded helpless person wandering on the road.

It doesn’t matter to them which religion and caste they belong to or whether they are known or unknown. The holy teaching of Revered Present Spiritual Guide Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan ‘’Helping the people who are in trouble is true humanity.’’ Yes, yes we are talking about millions of followers of Dera Sacha Sauda.

Why Dera Sacha Sauda is differentDera Sacha Sauda is not a new religion, sect, tenet or any new wave. It is a spiritual center. Here the worship of the Supreme Master, Ram, Allah, Waheguru, God is extended while living under the command of the Spiritual Guide. Perfect Spiritual Guide of spirituality Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj did a great favor to humanity by establishing the Dera Sacha Sauda  for the welfare of the soul and to save it from the complications, evils practices and  rituals of religion.

Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Ji has initiated &

promoted 156 Human Welfare Works  being rendered across the globe:

  1. Shubh Devi- Blessed Goddess:- The Revered Guru Ji adopts the girls entrapped in prostitution as His own daughters, gets them medically treated and rehabilitate them with the social mainstream by arranging their marriage.
  2. Sukhdua (A Community That Seeks & Prays For the Well being of All) Eunuchs (Hijra/ Kinnars) are the most discriminated and the least respected segment in the society.The  Revered Guru Ji renamed them as “Sukh Dua Samaj”,  adopted them thereby integrating them with social mainstream.
  3. Crown Of Lineage:- Promoting matrilineal inheritance (parallel to the usual patrilineal one) by encouraging the boy (if he has another male sibling) to relocate to his wife’s parental place with everyone’s consent and look after her parents as his own responsibility.
  4. The Brave Heart Devout Warrior:- Motivating independent women to marry handicapped persons of a marriageable age.
  5. 5. Flight Of Spirit:- Arranging free medical treatment from the girls who suffer from the hostile acid thrown by the miscreants.
  6. Beyond Imagination:- To reach out to the victims of rape and gang rape and their families so as to end their isolation and social ostracism. Young unmarried men who follow ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’ (Devout Warriors) shall volunteer to accept them as life partners, with their mutual consent.
  7. True Inspiration:- Encouraging people to pledge to never accept or give bribes to make India a Corruption Free Nation.
  8. Serving Unceasingly:- To pray for the welfare of people and whole society by devoting at least 10-15 minutes towards meditation & donating a minimum of 1 rupee per day for the welfare of society.
  9. A Unique Initiative:- Inspiring people to utilize money for human welfare works  instead of spending money on superstitions like performing rituals and unnecessary expenditures on occasions such as birth, marriage, and death.
  10. Health Delight:- Educating the young generation to be health conscious so as to keep them from evils by organizing different sports events and promoting mutual cooperation for a better society.
  11. An Initiative:- Spreading awareness regarding the menace of AIDS & Homosexuality by organizing seminars and distributing related literature  in schools and colleges  thereby inculcating moral values among the younger generation.
  12. Dignified Humanism:- Counseling the youths to avoid eve/Adam teasing i.e. prevent unethical behavior.
  13. Career Guide:- To provide career counseling to school/college going students who are rather in dilemma to choose the appropriate career line according to their capabilities for a bright future.
  14. Self-reliance:- Helping unemployed citizens by making them independent through self-employment or finding a job.
  15. Royal Daughters:- With an aim to counter the menace of female foeticide and gender-based discrimination of girls, the Revered Guru Ji has adopted the girls who were to be killed in the fetus or are abandoned by parents, as His own foster daughters. He has inspired millions of people to take a pledge not to kill their unborn daughters.
  16. The Bud Of Knowledge:- Promoting girl’s education through awareness and facilitation.
  17. Empowered Women:- Operating training centers for giving self-defense techniques to females.
  18. Self-esteem:- Setting up vocational centers such as stitching centers, looms for weaving etc. as a source of employment for women in rural areas.
  19. Save Womanhood: Assisting destitute women.
  20. Anticipated Life:- Helping young widows getting married again.
  21. Blessings:- Providing help to financially poor and unprivileged girls to get married.
  22. The New Morn:- To help and counsel young divorcee women to get married again and start a new life by finding good matches.
  23. Sorrow Free Journey:- To arrange marriages of girls who are physically challenged, suffering from vitiligo (skin disorder), speech disorders/stammering etc. with Devout Warriors.
  24. Respect Motherhood:- Providing healthy and nutritious food and medical treatment to extremely poor pregnant women.
  25. Mother Child Guardians: Bringing up the newly born babies and nurturing the poor pregnant women for some time till the baby grows to some extent.
  26. Self Defence Training:- To counter crime against women by teaching them self defence to tackle anti-social elements. Imparting Judo, Taekwondo and Martial Arts  training to girls at grassroots level.
  27. Rejuvination:- Organizing Free Polio Camps and facilitating polio vaccination to the newly born.
  28. True Blood Pump:- Running an International Blood Bank and conducting several mega blood donation drives worldwide to fulfill the requirement of blood in major blood banks across the globe. In addition, blood donations are initiated by volunteers, wherever required, for the police, journalists, patients of thalassemia etc. by the volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda spread all over the world. Dera Sacha Sauda also happens to be the largest blood donor to the Indian Military including Army, Air Force and Navy.
  29. Public Welfare:- Organizing monthly Free Medical Treatment and  Checkup Camps (Jan Kalyan Parmarthi Shivir) providing services of specialist & super specialist doctors, along with free tests.
  30. Divine Light- Transplanting Eyes: Conducting Free Eye Operations, providing medicines and accommodation, care and assistance to thousands of patients in a free eye camp on 13th, 14th & 15th December every year, apart from regular monthly camps.
  31. Campaign to Relieve Stress:- Organizing Free Counseling Camps by doctors for the people suffering from depression and mental stress in order to alleviate their stress and refrain them from committing a crime like suicide.
  32. Nanha Farishta-A Mini Mobile Hospital:- Organizing free medical checkup camps in remote villages by the modern medical facility equipped Mobile Hospital, “Nanha Farishta“ of Dera Sacha Sauda.
  33. True Happy:- Running True Happy (Heart Attack Prevention Programmme for You), a  project for free heart checkup and prevention of heart diseases through a holistic and preventive approach.
  34. AIDS Awareness:- Prevention of AIDS by spreading awareness and helping those who are fighting with it.
  35. Nurturing Mother & Child:- Organizing free medical camps to provide free medical care including medicines, advice, tests and follow up to ensure good health of the expectant mothers and their unborn babies.
  36. Back to Nature:- Homosexuality is a huge problem for the present as well as coming generations. The Revered Guru Ji has initiated a drive to eliminate homosexuality by providing counseling to them, cautioning them about possible health hazards and guiding them to have legitimate relation only.
  37. Healthy Progeny Programme: Premarital medical checkup for prospective life partners to screen for any genetic disorder & ensure compatibility of their blood groups for a healthy progeny.
  38. Health For the Marginalised:- Operating a Leper’s Home for leprosy patients, where patients are provided with all the medical, physical, mental and emotional help along with boarding & lodging arrangements.
  39. Ayurveda-A Panacea:- Providing treatment of incurable diseases through Yoga & Ayurveda  with positive living.
  40. Help On Call:- Providing 24×7 Ambulance Facility.
  41. Health Awareness Campaign:– To abstain from the usage of non-stick and aluminum utensils and to educate people about it so that people can save themselves  from the diseases caused by it.
  42. Birds` Nurturing:- Feeding birds and encouraging people to keep feed & water for birds on rooftops.
  43. Stop the Massacre:- Ensuring closure of Slaughterhouses to save animals.
  44. Securing Life:- Believing in and teaching the way to non-violence.
  45. Save Life:- Helping stray animals by providing them with shelter, food and medical aid.
  46. Protection:- Encouraging farmers to use the leftover stalks as fodder for animals instead of burning it. It will be useful  for animals and save the environment too.
  47. Supreme Obligation:- Encouraging children to avoid parental disdain. Rather treat them with honor, due obedience, and courtesy.
  48. Provide Orphanages Constructing Old Age Orphanages for the parents who have been neglected by their children.
  49. Content With One:- Promoting the message of ‘We (Husband-Wife as one family unit) are one, We have one child’ to check population explosion.
  50. Liberation From Curse:- Endorsing dowry-free marriages.
  51. Righteous Custom:- Teaching & helping people to give-up superstitions,  black magic, and misguiding predictions.
  52. The True Path:- Discard corruption, loot, thefts etc; promote  good human qualities like honesty, integrity, discipline etc. for the wholesome growth of the country.
  53. Spirit Of Brotherhood:- The well-off, affluent families will give up subsidy, provided on different items by the government, in the favor & benefit of the needy & hapless to make the nation economically stronger & more stable.
  54. Livelihood Through Labour:- Eradicating gambling and betting from the society.
  55. The Gamble Bettor, Home Does Shatter:- Under the campaign “The Gamble Bettor, Home Does Shatter” motivating people to stay away  from betting of any sort.
  56. Healthy Life:- Motivating people to quit  drugs without any medicine.
  57. Drug-free Society:- Conducting awareness campaigns in different blocks/villages to make them liquor-free.
  58. Dint of Hard Work Alone:- Shun the practice of begging by educating beggars about the fruits of hard work and enabling them to get into mainstream of society.
  59. Free Entitlement:- Providing free legal aid.
  60. Get Light in the Dark:- Improving the life of prisoners by uniting them with God’s name and true meditation.
  61. Trusted Resort:- Helping those boys & girls who get eloped from their houses, by making them & their families understand about the consequences & further unite them so that they can be saved from the so-called hatred of society.
  62. Mediation: Resolving family disputes through mediation & counseling instead of approaching police & courts.
  63. Save Society:- Getting the brothels closed through legal means.
  64. Tribal Marriages:- Arranging their marriages in a civilized manner while ignoring wrong orthodox customs and traditions.
  65. Civilized Beings:- Reintegrating tribals with mainstream of society.
  66. Genuine Guidance:- Guiding people about the ills of child marriage.
  67. Ru-B-Ru:- Dera Sacha Sauda`s free Matrimonial Service under Ru-B-Ru Programme through the website (https://marriagerubru.com/) as well as through a Help Desk.
  68. New Light Of Hope:- Promoting widows marriage by the in-laws family like their own daughter, if the girl is willing to.
  69. Footsteps Together: Supporting physically disabled virtuous people to help them get married and generate employment for them.
  70. Devotee`s Mettle:- Encouraging Devout Warriors (Bhakt Yodha)to tie nuptial knots with the physically challenged girls.
  71. Cleanse Campaign:- Promoting cleanliness and hygiene by encouraging people to keep the environment clean; Dera Sacha Sauda regularly organizes Mega Cleanliness Campaigns in different cities which are led by Revered Guru Ji Himself.
  72. Nature Campaign:- Making people aware and encouraging them to save trees and to plant & nurture more saplings for the coming generations to live in a healthy environment. People are also provided with saplings for plantation.
  73. Scientific Farming:- Educating and guiding farmers to get better yields from their land under agriculture by promoting scientific techniques of cultivation.
  74. Save the Food Producer Campaign:- To appoint a team of Agriculture Scientists having the apt knowledge pertaining to farmers’ interest who can guide and support farmers evading their frustration and distress which often lead them to suicide.
  75. Bye-Bye Ethene:- Totally giving up the use of polythene and switching to cloth bags.
  76. Clean Society:- Construction of toilets by Dera Followers for the people living Below Poverty Line to discourage defecation in the open & ensure safety from bacteria and viruses.
  77. Pollution Free Environment:- Checking Pollution by making manure out of agro-waste instead of burning the fodder in the fields.
  78. Water is Life:- Teaching people that water is life; Encouraging all for Harvesting Water.
  79. Energy Conservation:- Making people aware of different ways & means of saving electricity.
  80. Disaster Management:- Rendering disaster management training and first aid training to individuals through the Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing of Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.
  81. Disaster Relief:- Organizing relief operations during droughts, floods, earthquakes, heavy snowfall, and other natural calamities & providing rehabilitation as well.
  82. Fire Defender:- Providing 24×7 Firefighter Team with fully equipped fire tender vehicle.
  83. Humanity:- Extending help to the people who met with an accident, helping them reach the hospital as soon as possible and ensuring the best possible medical care.
  84. Chemical Less Colours:- Chemical less colours and reflectors ought to be affixed by expert and zealous devotees on the stray animals roaming to and fro in darkness at night, in order to avoid road accidents and save human lives.
  85. Safe Roads Safe Lives:- Clearing obstacles like fallen trees and animal carcasses lying on roads to avert road accidents.
  86. Confluence of All Religions:- Believing in & promoting religious unification that all religions lead to one God; promoting de facto unity to stop religious disputes and maintain brotherhood.
  87. Peace and Salvation:- Helping people lead a stress-free life and attain salvation by the path of Gurumantra or the Method of Meditation.
  88. Character Building:- Motivating the younger generation to stay away from obscenity & immoral activities, cheap music and other means that make youngsters lead astray; Inspiring them to attend spiritual congregations and  read spiritual literature & listen to devotional hymns sung in modern music.
  89. Spiritual Character:- Building Spiritual Character (which helps build up a healthy young generation free from fatal diseases like AIDS and other sexually transmitted illnesses without any medication) through Spiritual Congregation, Yoga & Meditation.
  90. Divine Buds:- Habituating children towards meditation by rewarding them with pocket money by their parents. This will further help them attain self confidence and enhance affection & prosperity in the family.  Meditation will also direct them towards moral values and help them shun vices and eradicate wrongdoings.
  91. Divine Character:- Promotion of vegetarianism.
  92. New Foundation of Life:- Counseling the depressed people, motivating them to adopt a positive attitude towards life, encouraging them better their resolve to fight problems besides exhorting them to never consider suicide. The promotion of inner self-confidence is  possible through the True Method of Meditation only.
  93. Pious Womb:- Building character, values and good traits in the coming generations by encouraging pregnant women to listen to True Spiritual Discourses, recite the God`s Words & read stories of the noble and the brave warriors.
  94. Self-defence:- Teaching people that committing suicide is the greatest sin; Motivating people to  gain self-confidence through Method of Meditation ( Recitation of God`s Words) so as to stay away from suicidal thoughts.
  95. Eternal Service:- Encouraging posthumous Body Donation for medical research works.
  96. Eye Donation:- Encouraging posthumous Eye Donation.
  97. Heart Donation-An Honourable Task:- To motivate people for a posthumous Heart Donation.
  98. Kidney Donation – Magnificent Task:- To motivate people to donate a kidney to needy people through a legal progress.
  99. Skin Bank:- To open a skin bank, to extract the skin of dead bodies so that the skin of the dead bodies can be used for the skin coating of acid attack victims or burnt cases/fire victims.
  100. Welfare From Bony Cremation Remnants:- The human remains, especially the bony part, are used to nurture and sustain saplings that grow into trees, thereby removing pollution.
  101. Patriotism:- Helping and indulging in repair & maintenance of government buildings and pigmentation of walls with prior approval from the government and governing bodies.
  102. Boycott Chinese Products:- Boycotting Chinese Products.
  103. Motivating People Campaign:- Motivating people to utilize the black money deposited here & abroad for the welfare of the needy. Note- The spiritual followers hereby request to the Honourable President & the Prime Minister to create such a fund in which Black Money is deposited & utilized for the welfare of the needy & the unprivileged.
  104. Humanitarian Comfort:- Adopting and taking care of old aged people or children whose relatives have died in any misfortune or attained martyrdom in a war and do not have anyone to look after.
  105. Humanitarian Favour:- Supporting the families of those who attained martyrdom or injured due to terrorism or while defending & the nation or at any other public places.
  106. Nation`s Adornment:- To assist freedom-fighters in every possible way.
  107. Salute to Sher-E-Hind:- Helping the protectors of Nation, the Army & Army Personnel, as much as possible.
  108. Manage Heritage:- To help Handicapped Soldiers & their families, and to help families of the soldiers who attained martyrdom while serving the nation.
  109. Royal Shelter:- Operating Shah Satnam Ji Asra Ashram for hapless orphan boys, where they are provided with state of art educational, boarding & lodging facilities along with mental and emotional upliftment thereby making them self reliant.
  110. Child Protection:- Stopping child labor.
  111. Save the Tiny Hardship:- Eradicating Child Labour and providing them the education to make them self dependent.
  112. Stop Trafficking of Children:- Resisting child trafficking by creating teams to check it.
  113. Education Endowment:- The educated volunteers will provide free coaching during the exam days, to the poor & financially weaker students, with their consent, to make them score good result &  get success in life.
  114. Real Education:- To facilitate financial help and guidance for students from poorer sections of society. Career counseling is also provided to them.
  115. New Life:- Providing financial help to the patients belonging to the economic weaker section to meet their medical needs.
  116. Pathway to Light:- Opening special schools for blind & dumb children.
  117. Food Bank:- Food is one of the most important needs to survive. Millions of people don’t get enough food, and many have a surplus that they waste, so encouraging people to donate food items to the needy. 24×7 Food Service is available for the needy at the  food banks of Dera Sacha Sauda.
  118. Cloth Bank:- Encouraging people to donate clothes to the needy who can’t afford to buy clothes by themselves.
  119. Smile On Innocent Face:- Developing Book-Banks and Toys-Banks so that the destitute children can also be provided with education and toys.
  120. Humanitarianism:- Helping the people, who met with an accident, helping them reach the hospital as soon as possible and ensuring the best possible medical care.
  121. Companion Indeed:- Donating hWeelchairs and Artificial Aids to the physically challenged and needy people.
  122. True Life:- Providing medical & emotional help along with treatment to the mentally & physically challenged people, who tend to beg on public places; educating them to work hard  and making them capable to integrate into society.
  123. Life`s Backbone:- Requesting government to provide means of employment to the physically challenged people.
  124. Shelters For Destitute:- To shelter the people who are physically challenged & homeless in government aided homes called “Rain Basera – The home for Needy” or to provide such type of help where these homes are not opened.
  125. Water Facility:- Facilitating clean drinking water in public places.
  126. Homely Shelter:- Providing “ready to move in” houses to the needy, the unprivileged, and the widows.
  127. Benefactor of Our Own Beings:- Creating awareness among the people living in slums. Members of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing motivate them to quit narcotics and request to Government to resolve their problems and bring them to Dera Sacha Sauda for the betterment of their life.
  128. The Warrior-Epitome of Devotion ( Devout Gallant Warrioress ):- A campaign to inspire women willing to marry widowers.
  129. The Greatest Gift:- Helping childless couples by assisting them adopt children through legal adoption and thus bringing joys into their life.
  130. Mobile Welfare Work:- Using a mobile platform, distribute books and toys to poor children and arrange for their free education; Free medical checkup and medicine, offer free treatment and rations to the needy; IT experts to train them in net-banking; Cooking experts to train them in cooking.
  131. Cow Milk Party:- Extending respect to the Mother Cow by celebrating parties with cow milk  & cow milk based products instead of wine, other aerated  & sugary drinks.
  132. Shubh Kaamna- Healthy Greetings:- To help the sick by carrying fruits along with some money while going to meet him/her.
  133. A Blessing For Life:- As we celebrate the birthday of our children by throwing a party, celebrate it by helping needy children to get admission in a school.
  134. Pure Atmosphere:- Will not resort to spreading pollution and will try our best to stop the same.
  135. Small Family, Happy Family:- We are Two, We will have Two; or We Both are One, We will have One Child.
  136. Stay Alert, Stay Healthy:- Take a pledge to get vaccinated and encourage others for COVID-19 Vaccination and get them inoculated too.
  137. Wear the Protective Shield:- Wear masks, encourage others for the same and provide free masks to the needy. Maintain a distance of seven feet from each other.
  138. Care For the Innocent:- Helping the underprivileged and orphan children for their treatment and providing food items to them.
  139. Service of Orphan Senior Citizens:- Taking  care of hapless orphan senior citizens.
  140. Feed Every Creature With a Roti {Cultural Share}:- Keeping aside one roti (chapati/bread) for animals & birds every time you eat; ensure that none of the creatures starve because of hunger.
  141. Meeting Cleanliness Standards By Installing Mobile Toilets:- Giving a boost to Swachh Bharat Mission, mobile toilets will be installed on the roadsides, highways, and public areas. They will be maintained properly so that the general public get complete benefit from this campaign.
  142. Maintain the Dignity of the Indian Flag:- Hoisting Our National Flag at every home & staying committed to the glory of the tricolor.
  143. Sharing is Caring – Celebrating Festivals With Kindness & Welfare:- Celebrating festivals with welfare activities like dressing up destitute kids, feeding the physically challenged, providing medical treatment for the sick destitute, providing nutritious food to the pregnant women, and planting trees, etc.
  144. Care for Air – Driving Pollution Free Vehicles:- Ensuring legitimate pollution control for self owned vehicles and inspiring others for the same.
  145. FLAME Fixing life and air by Lighting up oil lamps Aimed at Making the Environment clean:- Lighting up  oil/ghee lamps every morning and evening and meditating while lighting them up; Aimed at purifying the air and promoting good mental & physical health.
  146. SEED Social, spiritual, and self-life Enrichment and Enhancement with Digital Fasting:- Refrain from using mobile devices, TV, and the internet from 7:00-9:00 pm every evening and spend these two hours with family or friends.
  147. Arranging Scribe for the Visually Challenged:- Helping the visually challenged  by volunteering to be scribes for them. Registering in universities, schools etc as voluntary scribes for them.
  148. CARE – Care of the people in Age old homes Regularly Every month:- Celebrate one day (possibly the last Saturday of every month) with senior citizens of old age homes and raise their self-esteem by making them feel special.
  149. BLESSBlessing and Love from Elders by touching their feet at Sunrise, before Starting day:- Start your day by touching the feet of the elders early in the morning and get blessings in return. This campaign is devoted to keep the Indian Culture alive & make life prosperous & happy.
  150. TEAMTogether Eating A Meal with family:- Having a meal together at least once a week to preserve family happiness.
  151. DROPDrinking water provided in Rural and poor areas On Public drinkers: To install water filters in slum areas.
  152. Lifetime Ladder:- Providing free education along with free meals & clothing to underprivileged children till they become self dependent.
  153. BIRTHBe proud In taking the Responsibility To control High population rate:-At the time of marriage, taking the pledge to control the population- “One is enough, A strict ‘No’ after two.”
  154. SAFESimple healthy diet After quitting drugs for Faster recovery, based on Electrolytes and proteins:- Giving a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, isabgol, etc. to the person who shunned drugs so that he can live a healthy life ever after.
  155. PAID Campaign:- P philanthropy by donating, A a day’s I income for, D Destitute people and welfore works
    Under this campaign, the spiritual followers will donate their one day`s salary/earning for the help of the needy.
  156. FASTER Campaign- First Aid Service and Treatment for Emergency Response on roads:- The spiritual followers will keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit in every vehicle sothat   immediate assistance can be provided to those affected by road accidents.

Note:-All these Human Welfare Works are rendered as per laws of Government of India, and within the preview of the Constitution of India.


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