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Skin Care & Beauty

Introduction:- Both skin care and beauty are connected but not identical. It seems perplexing, yes? A characteristic of objects that makes them enjoyable to view is generally referred to as their beauty. These things include people, animals, plants, and works of art etc. We are all pursuing beauty.

Maybe you might put it another way. Beauty leads or goes before us. Here is the evidence. The beauty industry was the only one unscathed by the economic crisis of 1929–1934, according to American author Aldous Huxley in his article “The Beauty Industry.” Thus, we can see that beauty is mastering us as well as leading us.

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American Obsession with Beauty:

We must also take note of the fact that beauty consciousness exists throughout history, especially among women. Yet, it is no longer relevant because boys now give that just as much attention. It’s a subject that applies to everyone, regardless of gender, location, or time. In every corner of the globe, at all times, there is a specific place for beauty. Also, according to Aldous Huxley, American women spend more than 156 million dollars annually on their bodies and faces.

As time went on, American women thrived and began adorning their bodies and faces with cosmetics. Those who are too obsessed with beauty often use arbitrary goods. According to him, aged women are now quite uncommon in America because they use so many products to enhance their beauty. The author further explains it using an example. These women resemble China porcelain, which appears stunning on the outside but is filled inside with muck, dead leaves, spiders, and flies.

Overall Skin Health:-

Beauty and skin care are tied to one another. The body’s largest organ is the skin. Because of this, taking care of your skin can have a significant impact on your general health. The most exposed part of your body to the elements is your skin, which serves as a protection. However,

the following points can play a role in your overall skin health:

  1. Exposure to UV radiation in tanning beds.
  2. Exposure to chemical toxins in tobacco.
  3. Unprotected sun exposure for long periods of time.
  4. Not getting enough rest, fluids, or nutrition.

Taking good care of your skin will show on your face and enhance its beauty. Skin nourishment gives the skin vital minerals and aids in maintaining its health. By keeping it in good condition, it also helps to prevent unpleasant skin problems.

Skin Care & Beauty:-

However there are big differences between beauty and skin care. The imperfections are covered up with beauty. That is a passing one. Nevertheless, skin care is not a short-term solution. It has a lasting healing effect. It works to address the underlying issue. The former, in brief, has to deal with health. The following is the reverse of the first and concerns appearance and look.

Home Made Remedies For Skin Care:-

Let us see some ideas on skin care as it is also essential to be healthy. To maintain yourself healthy, from inside out, you have to follow organic ways. Here are some home remedies you can follow to take care of your skin without any chemical products.

Ice Cube Massage Everyday:-

It helps and prevents acne. It is a key to glowing skin. It reduces eye puffiness, eliminates dark circles. It opens pores to increase the absorption of other products, and reduces inflammation.

Scrubbing Your Body and Face Regularly:-

Using green gram flour, rice flour helps in excellent exfoliation of dirt, dead cells. It helps in removing tan, facial hairs, black and white heads, suitable for both oily and dry skin. 

Oiling Your Scalp and Skin:-

It will moisture your skin and prevent it from flaky skins. It provides glow and shine. Massaging with oil increases blood circulation which promotes hair growth.

Using Home Made Face Masks:-

Face masks can be made by mixing two or more products together. There are some magic ingredients which will awestruck us by its work.

Turmeric – Boosts collagen production, anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey – Home remedy for eczema, psoriasis, improves wound healing and scar fading.

Orange/Lemon Juice (Diluted)- It helps in brightening dark spots, improving elasticity and firmness, improves moisturization.

Milk and Dairy Products – It may reduce dark spots, and improve facial tone.

Cucumber –  It helps to balance skin pH, decreases puffy skin, curbs irritation.

Papaya – It reduces wrinkles, decreases the risk of acne, exfoliates and leaves the skin glowing.

Aloe Vera- It improves elasticity, helps in damage healing, moisturies skin,and minor wound healing.

Olive Oil – Damage healing, UV protection, improves skin glow.

Rose Water (Home Made)– It cleanses and brightens skin, soothes irritated skin, balances natural oils, tightens skin, and slows down aging.

How to Take Care of Skin Internally:-

  1. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is the foremost of all to do.
  2. Take fruits and veggies regularly. “ACE” your vitamins. Vitamin A, C, E helps in skin nourishment
  3. Sweat out 45 minutes everyday so that the impurities come out of your body.
  4. Curtail sugary foods but dark chocolate. Cocoa has hydrating effect on skin and improves elasticity.

Three Steps of Skin-care Routine:


Washing your face. It can be done with above mentioned flours.


Balancing the skin. Rose water helps in this.


Hydrating and softening the skin. Aloe vera gel is the best component.

Conclusion:- There is nothing wrong in being healthy. Everyone has to take care of himself/herself. But it’s vital to realise that beauty is not merely concerned with appearance. Real beauty is not found in appearance.The genuine beauty is found within. As the expression goes, “The face is the index of the mind,” keeping our insides clean will reflect on our outside appearance. Be kind, serene, upbeat, and helpful to others. Everyone will see how beautiful you are.


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