Discover Your Baby’s Personality

Discover Your Baby’s Personality

If you have ever witnessed the first day at a pre-school, you must have noticed the contrasting behaviours of kids in the same situation. Some smile and mingle with the other kids within seconds while some cling on to their parents crying and hesitate to go inside the classroom, some might be shy while some might be laid-back. Wondering how can kids have so distant reactions in the same situation? It is because we are all born different and possess unique personalities and have an inborn temperament which leads to our reaction in any given situation.

As all children are different from each other, similarly parenting rules for each child differ, the new age parents aim to master the art of parenting by understanding about their child’s personality. Understanding your child’s personality at an early age can be beneficial for nurturing and managing them to raise better human beings.

Parenting is a beautiful journey& has become all the more challenging for parents with changing family trends, work life stress and other constantly evolving aspects of this fast pace world. There are times when parents start questioning themselves about the upbringing of their child and find it hard to understand what went wrong. In such situations, understanding your child’s personality traits play a crucial role and can help you to guide your children better. Before you try to understand your child’s personality traits, it is important for parents to stick to the basic rule that each child is different and they will have to deal with them differently.

How to Start?Discover Your Baby’s Personality

  1. Observing Your Child:
    To understand and know about your child’s personality traits, parents should keenly observe their child’s behaviour while they are indulged in activities like playing, sleeping or eating. Try to look for activities they like and dislike and keep a check on the regular traits. Notice if the child can easily adjust with new people or situations or takes time to adapt to the changes. You can term these as their normal characteristics.
  2. Communication:
    Spend time talking to your kids and try to understand their thoughts and feelings. This will help you know about the level of happiness in your child and strengthen your bond with your child. As you spend time with them regularly, the child will trust you and will not hesitate to share his feelings with
  3. Understand their Environment :
    Many a time parents fail to understand certain behaviour of their child and panic about how their child is developing such behavioural traits. In order to understand this, parents must be well aware of the environment of the child. Sometimes children grasp behavioural traits, language and expressions from friends, relatives, parents, caretakers etc. Thus, it is a must to keep children in a child friendly environment where elders act as role models for them.
  4. Decision Making:
    Observe the decision making power of your child when your child steps into a situation. As we all have a unique way of dealing with a situation, some might take a lot of time to think and make up their mind while some might decide instantly.

Be Ready for Surprises

Even when a child’s personality pattern has been consistent for long, always remember and be prepared for surprises. Children can be unpredictable at times and show you traits that can be surprising or may be shocking for their parents. Just wait and watch for your child to surprise you. It can be the most adorable perks of parenting.

Final Thoughts

With uncertainty looming over the ever evolving world, knowing about your child’s personality will assist you in your child’s development. Parents can give them favourable circumstances, even toys that can encourage their development and make them ready for the upcoming stages of growth. Not only will this be helpful for children but also for parents to set realistic expectations from their children.

In an era where parents find it hard to manage some hours for their kids in a day owing to their hectic work commitments, being a responsible parent is all the more difficult. Developing a strong bond with your kids and understanding them is one of the most practical and effective way towards mastering the art of parenting.


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