Expensive Marriage - Vanity Or A Matter Of Pride

Expensive Marriage – Vanity Or A Matter Of Pride

A neighbour girl is getting married.

She tells her father that everybody must remember her marriage and when people who attended her marriage go for other marriages, they must find it a bland affair.

They must keep on saying what a marriage Meenu got, what an attractive decoration was made for it, what delicious delicacies were served in the feast and such was the dowry that the groom’s entire house glittered. Her father too said, “Why not.

People must remember the marriage. After all I hold a high office and I have only one child. I shall spend my life’s earning in the wedding.”

Consider this for a moment – on one hand the entire society is up in arms against dowry and here the girl herself wants her parents to give dowry just so that she feels proud. Under such circumstances, how can we even dream of the day when marriages in this society will take place without giving dowry.

Many girls harbour the same thoughts Meenu has. Everybody wants his or her marriage to be a memorable affair and want to spend lots of money for the purpose. The parents too encourage this.

Nowadays, expenditure on marriages is increasing. Right from common man to millionaires, everybody is spending beyond his capacity. Unnecessary expenditure is made on items like plastic glasses, plates, and bowls. Moreover, it also affects the environment. Would it really harm our repute if we use normal utensils instead of the ones made of plastic? On the contrary, it would also help conserve environment.

Satyaprakash, an employee of a private company, says, “There should not be excessive expenditure on marriages. Instead minimum amount should be spent on marriages and the remaining money should be invested in the name of the bride and the groom so that they can make its appropriate use in future. People would come to attend marriage, enjoy feast, some of them would criticise and some would praise the arrangements and a few days later everybody will forget everything. Why pay a heed towards them?”

I too believe expenditure on marriage can be curtailed to a large extent if both parties behave responsibly. Being spendthrift never hurts. One may have a single child or many children but expenditure must be made reasonably.

Rajeev says, “I think money spent on wedding is unnecessary expenditure. I have two daughters. I have decided that I would spend as little as possible on their marriages and invest the remaining money in their name so that they do not need to seek anybody’s favours in bad times.”

In fact one must spend some money on marriage because it is a custom. But excessive money should not be spent just for vanity. We must be aware whether we are hitting the dirt by spending too much of money to show our vanity.
Lalita Varma

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