Saved from Fierce Fire Safely

Saved from Fierce Fire Safely

The Extreme Grace of Revered Param Pita Ji Experiences of the Devotees

The devotee Dara Khan Insan, new Guru Arjun Dev Ji colony, Bhogal road, Rajpura town, District Patiala(Punjab),tells us in writing that this is an incident of the year 1983 about the limitless benevolence of Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.

At that time, I used to work as a laborer on daily wages with PWD’s Sub-division in Rajpura. There were sixteen laborers in all. With the grace of the Spiritual Master, I got initiated into God’s Words on 27th of March 1983 at Dera Sacha Sauda from the Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.

I got a promotion with-in four days of getting initiated into God’s Words. Out of our other colleagues, only I was employed at the hot Mixal machine (Mixing concrete and Tar coal) and was promoted as a helper (Cleaner). Neither there was any recommendation nor was there any bribe paid to any body and neither did I supplicate.

Whereas I got promoted and simultaneously, my job became permanent with the daily wages provider. All this happened with-in a few days of getting initiated into God’s Words with the grace of Revered Param Pita Ji.

It is an incident of those days.One day our Mixal machine went out of order. I took the machine to our department’s workshop at Rajpura.

The hoppers of the machine were to be opened by entering it but its pipe like passage was so congested that even a very thin and lean person would also not be able to enter it easily. My body had a lot of flesh. I remembered my Spiritual Master and raised the holy Slogan “Dhan-Dhan Satguru, Tera Hi Asra’,(within myself) and entered that passage, since the repair of the same machine was necessary.

The nuts and bolts of the hopper were covered with very thick coal-tar. The stuck coal-tar could be removed, with the help of oil, etc. only, therefore I took, about a liter of diesel in a box, along with me, inside the machine. I removed the coal-tar with the help of diesel oil. The whole of one liter diesel oil got utilized in removing all the coal-tar and a lot of diesel got sprinkled inside the machine, too.

This way, after a lot of efforts, the nuts were not opening. In the mean time, the mechanic of the workshop started saying that ‘Dara Khan if the nuts are not opening then there is no need to put in more efforts, I shall cut the nuts from outside with the help of welding.

Till now, I was inside the machine as the exit could not be effected that quickly, and after saying that much, he started cutting the nuts with welding. The moment he started the work of welding, the diesel spread inside the machine caught fire.

I shouted with full force but my voice could not reach him. The place, inside the machine where I was sitting, had caught fire from three sides. The place was not so open as to effect my ejection from there.

My hands were soaked in diesel and the drops of diesel had fallen on my clothes, too. With the intense heat of fire, the smoke started coming from my clothes. I took off the turban from my head and covered my face, mouth, and wrapped it around my head so that the fierce fire could not singe my eyes and face etc.

as there was no passage for me to run out of the machine. There were flames of fire on the three sides. There was no way out for me except the Spiritual Master. I remembered the Revered Spiritual master Param Pita Ji and prayed to Him that if You want, You can save me.

Immediately, there could be a delay in talking, my true benefactor Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji did not take even a single second. He gave me an opportunity to have a glimpse of Him, then and there, inside the machine. The Revered father was on a bicycle. The bicycle was loaded with the drums, full of milk.

The Revered benefactor opined that’ O son, there is water in these drums, take this water and sprinkle on the fire. I, immediately sprinkled the water available in the drums on fierce fire. With the mercy and grace of the Revered Father, after pouring more water on the fire, it got doused fully.

After listening to the hullabaloo, other people inside the workshop started pouring water on the fire, from outside. Buckets after buckets were poured on the machine because of which, the heat of the machine cooled down to some extent. While remembering the Spiritual Master, I came out of the machine slowly from that congested passage.

In the mean time, a lot of people assembled at that place and they were discussing that it was not possible for Dara Khan to come out unscathed. Either he would have singed inside or heat and smoke of fire would have strangulated him and he would have become unconscious inside, but after seeing me unscathed and unhurt, they thanked God, Spiritual Master, had given a new life to Dara Khan.

In reality, my lovely Param Pita Ji Shah Satnam Ji the benefactor and God Himself with His great grace, had put such a cool shadow on my head inside the machine that at a time where there were thick sheets of iron all around , there was a very congested cave like place of iron, the lovely benefactor had not let even a single place fill with boils, on my body. I thank and bow before my Spiritual Master a billion times and this is my wish to spend my each and every breath in the service of humanity and recitation of God’s Words.

The Revered father only had granted me life, once again. The benevolence of the Spiritual Master cannot be paid by me even after taking hundreds of re-births. This is my last wish to spend my life in the service of mankind while reciting God’s Words.

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