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How the Great Personalities Focused On Their Works?

Drawing Inspiration

Great men are not born, but they are self made. The life of the great men tells that how we can also make our life disciplined and managed. These are the people who do not do anything different but they do the same things in a different manner.  These habits of them can be known to you also.

We should see to it that what and how they do?

Don’t Work Late for a Long Time:

These days to be present for a long time is called presenters. But in the history there are a few people who work more than 8 hours.  Noted philosopher Miachel Faukalt used to work from 9 to 3 pm only. Musician Bethovan used to work from the sunrise to mid day. The writer Robins also did not write more than three hours. Work till you enjoy was the philosophy of these great men. Leave the work when you start getting board.  It is better to change the work means if you are writing then switch over to listening music.

Take A Break in Between:

During the busy work schedule of the day, these great men always used to take brake. Sokrate used to stand straight for seven minutes in between the work. Bethovan used to run or do walking. He used to say it walking while working means walking with the work.

Rest in the Afternoon:

To relax the brain and the mind and maintaining the creativity, these great men used to be away from the work. Bethovan used to start the work in the morning and by noon either he used to finish the work or go for a nap in between. Victor Hugo used to write in the morning and the whole day he used to relax. The whole noon he used to travel in the double Decker bus and roamed about alone. The study reveals that a nap of about one hour doubles your energy level for the evening and you can continue working till late night also.

Taking Food Peacefully:

Winston Churchill used to take his meals peacefully. This was not as taking sandwich sitting on your desk. These great men used to take their meals with full peace of mind. It may be in the house or a distant park or garden, so that they could enjoy the food. In our Hindu methodology, our saints advise that while eating the food you must be calm and quiet and do not utter a word. Then your food will become worship and this food will energize all your organs.

Don’t Make Account of the Seconds:

The day schedule of the great men itself show their capability.  For this keeping record of the minutes and seconds is not necessary. When we keep account of the minutes and seconds it really put us in problem.

Relax Means Self-Inspection:

Sometimes the relaxation activity is linked with some boring activity. Means you are getting bored so you are sitting for relaxation.  But great men used to relax so that they can do self inspection and review their work. Whether it is going on right direction or not? Reading Book or washing a dish plate can also be a relaxation. Gandhi ji used to stand in an open place and tried to watch the nature. It was his way of getting relaxed and preparing himself for the next challenge. Churchill used to smoke sitting alone to get recharged.  Bethovan always used to do self inspection.  A great saint who was a social worker used to go to the mountains without revealing the destination and recharge himself sitting with the nature.

Getting Up Early is Necessary:

This has always been the topic of discussion.  Gandhiji, Franklin and Mandela used to get up early. On the other hand Samuel Jhonson, Churchill and Dialen used to get up very late. They may get up early or late, they had ample time to spend with their own self. This was the secret of their success.

Exercise is Must:

Emerson, Victor and Gandhiji used to walk. Gandhiji’s walking speed was so much that other people had to run after him. German philosopher revealed that at 5 when he goes for exercise, his mind becomes more creative and the creative thoughts come to his mind. Nelson Mandela used to go for walking early at 5 am. Once, Mandela gave the time to the correspondence for interview at 5 am. Nelson started walking with speed. That correspondent tried to reach Mandela but he could not do this. At last he got tired and could not ask any question.

Faith in God:

Though all these great men worked hard and to the best of their capacity and capability, but at the end of the day they always prayed God that we have done our duty, the result lies in your hands.  Gandhi ji once said that he is alive with the power of prayer.  They used to pray in the morning and start the day and at night while going in the bed, the prayer was their food.


All the great men were of the opinion that we have got two ears but one tongue. So it is better to listen more and speak less. This was the secret of their success. All the great men were good listeners.

Respecting the Ideas of Others:

You should know that every great man always  used to give the credit of the work to others. This made them popular amongst the crowd.  It is also true that the success does not lie in the effort of one person. All the workers work as a team.  If the leader gives the credit to his team, it makes him hero amongst the workers.  The workers thus get the enthusiasm to work with more zeal.  We do not need managers we want and need leaders who could motivate us to march ahead. This quality of these great men worked wonder.

We should also follow these tips and it will be our respect towards these great men.

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