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A Home Should Have Space for Study As bedrooms and drawing rooms are the integral parts of our home so are the spaces for studies. It, however, is a matter of concern that in the middle-class families, practice of creation of study room is very less.

No matter there is ample space in the house, but no need is felt to make provision for the studies, but priority to use guest room or drawing room as study room is there. Actually the meaning of study room is only restricted to children’s study. For the school bags etc only one or two almirahs are considered to be necessary. As if the elder people do not need study. The newspaper comes to the home.

That is enough.

All the news and information can be gathered from the newspaper. Then how the thought of making a separate study room could arises? A study room should be there in the houses. This should be given a serious thought. This should be an important part of the house. If you have no separate space for study room, you can make a study unit in any corner of the house.

If you are going to make a separate study unit in the house, try to choose the space where enough sun shine comes. The space should be such that it is not free entry. In addition to sun shine, fresh air should also pass through it. See to it also that no noise should reach there. The atmosphere of the room should be peaceful.

No disturbance should be there in the room. After the room is ready, the question of furnishing and decoration of the room arises. See to it, shelves for keeping the books and table chairs are the most important things. The table should be kept in such a position that the light comes from the left side. If that is not possible, keep a table lamp.

Most of the people write with right hand so it is good that light comes from the right side. The chair to be put with the table should be such that you can sit straight. This is a study chair and not the easy chair, take special care for this. If there is ample space, separate arrangement of easy chairs can also be done in addition to this.

There you can read the books of your choice.

You will get rest on them but these chairs are not for use for every time. These chairs are designed to sit for a few minutes. Take care of some more things. The most important is that there should be ample racks so that books can be kept and taken of easily.

For keeping the stationery, make arrangement for separate drawer. In the room there should be globe, atlas, maps of India and world maps and the whole things should be kept properly.


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