How to  Choose Stream After Class 10

Introduction: Many students desire to become doctors after class 12 while others tend to become engineers but some students have no idea what to pursue in life after class 12. This is because of the wrong choice of subjects made by them, after class 10. Hence, the stream we choose after class 10 plays a critical role in shaping our careers and deciding our future. This article will focus on all the options a student has after class 10 to select.

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Three Streams After 12:

Students who want to enter the field of science can opt for physics, and chemistry along with either Mathematics or with Biology with English as a compulsory subject. They will have the choice of an optional subject like Fine Arts or Computer Science; Students with Mathematics can look forward to engineering as an option whereas students with biology can enter the field of medical science.

The next stream is commerce in which Accountancy, Economics, English as well as Business Studies are compulsory subjects and students can choose Mathematics as an additional subject if they desire to. Another stream is humanities which provides a vast variety of subject options for students o choose such as Hindi, English, Physical Education, Geography, History, Political science, Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, Computer Science, Music, Dance, Fine Arts, etc.

Different Carrier Opportunities After 12:

Before selecting the subjects students must consider future career opportunities associated with those subjects. Students with medical subjects can make their careers as a dentist, nutritionist, nurse, physiotherapist, scientist, teacher, etc. Students with non-medical sciences can look forward to merchant navy, aviation, engineering, architecture, software development, robotics, etc. While students from the humanities field can look forward to civil services, content writing, digital marketing, clinical psychology, law, advertising, public relations, journalism, fashion designing, hospitality management, event management, etc.

Crucial Factors Before Selecting the Stream:

Awareness of Interests

The student should should be aware of his goals and aims in life and what he wants to become. After 10 is the appropriate span of time to realize personal goals in life. Till this period, the student has become mature enough to understand what subjects interest him and some are smart enough to have a clear career plan in front of their eyes. One must understand that if he is scoring great marks in a particular subject that does not mean he loves it or will enjoy making a career in it. The perfect subject can be which one can study for hours without the sense of tiredness and boredom. Such a subject can assist the student to make a career in it without any stress or pressure.

Factors to Ignore

The student should never choose a stream because of the pressure of society or parents because decisions made out of pressure can ruin the academic career of a student.  One must also not select a career with greed for fame or money because interests matter more than money. If one is performing excellently in his or her field of interest, then wealth and fame will eventually follow him. The student should not have dreamy imagination of a career because everything shown in films and web series is not exact.


It is a Japanese concept for reasonable as well as happy life. So students must critically analyze that what he loves, what he performs well in, what can he be paid for, and whether this is what something the world requires. In short, the student should lay stress on the things which he can do out of passion as well as professionalism simultaneously. The career should lead to comfort, excitement as well as satisfaction.


Along with fields of interest, the student should also be aware of his strengths because a student might score very well in Mathematics but actually enjoy to study regarding politics. So scores also play a crucial role in getting admission to a good college for making a bright career.


The monetary budget also plays a critical role while selecting a career because some private colleges have extremely high fee structures which not every student can afford. Some careers like medicine from private college or aviation require huge investment which does not come into the budget of every student.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Stream:

Peer Pressure

Students should be smart and confident enough to take advice from everyone but follow their own hearts because sometimes unsolicited advice leads to wrong decisions taken by students which can ruin their academic journey as well as career. The student should simply choose what they feel is right irrespective of what their friends are choosing because career is more important than friendships.

Lack of Research

The student should do detailed research regarding streams and subjects he is opting for via the internet to have complete in-depth knowledge regarding what he is going to study because lack of depth research can lead to deterioration of academic journey and lifetime regret.

Ignoring Instincts

The student should not ignore his inner voice and must critically analyze his personal interests as well as strengths before coming to the decision because this small decision plays a huge role in shaping their professional life.

Also, the parent must also be conscious regarding the career of their children and pay attention to their strengths as well as weaknesses so that they choose optimal subjects otherwise they should take their kids to career counselors for expert advice and guidance so that the correct choice is made because research is better than future regrets.


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