How to Keep Your Heart Healthy During Winters 

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy During Winters 

 Winters are one of the most awaited seasons due to so many festivals which are connected to this time period. However with all the happiness and positivity, we get mental, emotional and physical stress due to inferiority as well as the plans other people make for their vacation.

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But the thing which affects almost everyone is the cold weather and the freezing atmosphere. This atmosphere can cause normal colds and fever but it also increases the risk of heart attacks and heart strokes thus taking care of our heart is exceptionally important during the winter season.

So here are some ways to keep your heart healthy during this season:

  1. Whenever you leave your house make sure to dress according to the temperature outside , make sure not to layer yourself too much as it can cause suffocation.
  2. When at home, do not keep the heating system on during night or while sleeping as this can lead to suffocation and can eventually cause heart attack.
  3. Do not consume large quantities of any foods which are hot in nature as these can make the body feel extremely warm from the inside and cold from the outside causing an imbalance in the temperature.
  4. Try to say good-bye to alcohol (for all seasons not for the winter alone).
  5. Eat foods which can increase your immunity.
  6. Keep your body active throughout the season for a good health.
  7. If possible get some sunlight to get some natural heat as well as vitamins.
  8. Do breathing exercises to supply enough oxygen to your heart.
  9. Follow a diet routine full of seasonal fruits & vegetables.

10.Check your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen and cholesterol numbers and if you see any high numbers consult a doctor immediately.

11.Try to manage your stress levels by meditation. Make it your routine to give some time for meditation daily.

12.Even though all of these things will keep your heart healthy during the winter you should always listen to the signs your body is giving you and take actions accordingly.

These were some of the tips one can easily follow during winters. So this holiday season be a healthy fellow and enjoy the festivals with a healthy heart!


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