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Examination Stress on Students

Stress During Exam Time: Exam time definitely calls for a lot of stress. Despite of being in primary level or higher secondary ones, kids and children often go through a great amount of stress. Since the performance in exam is the resultant way of promoting to higher standards, children often come into stress. So, now the question is How to Overcome Exam Stress?

It becomes very essential for parents to ensure that their children remain far away from stress. Children stop consuming food and taking adequate sleep due to exam stress. This eventually shows up when their health starts deteriorating. But it is essential for parents to adopt certain ways which can help their kids in managing exam stress.

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Ways of Managing Exam Stress

Interaction in particular intervals

It is very essential for children to take mild breaks while studying for exams. Due to continuous studying, they ought to come under stress. In such a situation, it is very essential for parents to communicate and chat with their kids on topics other than studies. This would relieve children from continuous exam pressure and stress.

Watch TV

Though television is considered to be an idiot box, it can actually act as an entertaining agent for children while they are continuously studying. They can watch light channels showcasing cartoons, adventure, music, etc. which could indeed help in de-stressing them. It would also act as a mood enhancer.


Since mind of children is continuously involved in exam pressure, it is essential for them to meditate as well. With regular meditation, children can actually calm down their minds to a great extent. This would also channelize their absorption power of studying on different topics.


Proper sleep is necessary for reliving children from exam stress. With adequate sleep, the mind is ready to rejuvenate and refresh up.


Exercise is a great stress reliever. By stretching and performing various postures in yoga, children would indeed get themselves relived from exam stress.

Drink lots of water

Water is a solution to several problems. By drinking lots of water, children would feel themselves in a fresh situation. The stress toxins get relieved as well.


Parents must chart out the complete routine of their children before their exam commences. This would help them in preparing for their exams in the coolest state. By following their routine, children would know the time at which a particular activity is a must.

Adequate food

Parents should ensure that their children do not miss upon their meals. While the mind is in stress, children often say no to food and water. As a result of this they either start vomiting or become unconscious at times. It is very essential for parents to take proper care of their children. Children should consume their food items on regular timings. This would help them in proper digestion and sound sleep.


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