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New Year Resolution

Have you taken your New Year Resolution yet? – This is a cliché question that keeps lingering usually around this time of the year. Not because everyone takes it, but because not everyone holds a meaning or interest to it. The Successful New Year Resolutions are numerable. While most of the resolutions focus on self-improvement, the difficulty in breaking the old habits makes it unfeasible.

There are a few other reasons that make you to grasp at straws, when it comes to accomplishingour New Year Resolutions. Primarily, setting a New Year Resolution should be related with ‘bringing out some real change’, rather than ‘using it as a fashion word’.  Also, setting too many tedious resolutions at a time might mess things up. It’s always advisable to go with one goal at a time. The goal that is being set should also be meaningful, unambiguous and attainable.

Does it seem to be a herculean task?

New Year Resolution (sachi shiksha)Not really, if we perceive it the right way! The New Year Resolutions need not appear to be a larger mission. It could be smaller steps towards a greater change.  It could be something funny or exciting that might carry a value with it. The value could  even be non-materialistic. Let’s consider a New Year Resolution – ‘Take a book reading challenge to complete at least 12 books this year’. This sounds to be a laborious task that might pressure you over a period to quit.

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Instead, taking a resolution as ‘Read at least few books from any new genre and new authors that you haven’t triedbefore’ – might kindle your interest and keep you excited as you try something new, while driving you towards achieving your goal. Certain New Year Resolutions associate not only with self-improvement, but also could contribute to a greater cause as well. For instance, taking a resolution that you are not going to waste food in the coming year, or you would obey the traffic rules strictly hereafter, or you are going to plant a tree inevery month of the new yearis a smaller step towards a greater change.

 ‘Rome was not built in a day

is not just a mere proverb. It really takes time to bring some change, for it takes 21 straight days to make or break any habit. So, consistency is the key for success. For being consistent, you could motivate yourself  by being accountable. You can write it down somewhere you often come across or share with your friends’ circle or post it even in social media. This would act as a reminder when you fall off the track.  Remember, it is okay to fall off the track at times. But make sure when you fall off the track, get back  quickly. The New Year is all yours!


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