World Will Now Follow Indore Cleanliness Model

World Will Now Follow Indore Cleanliness Model

Consecutively for the fifth time, Indore has been awarded the official tag of being the cleanest city of India in the Swacchta-Survekshan or cleanliness survey.

This has raised the eyeballs around the country and the world. Being Madhya Pradesh’s biggest and most populated city, it was very strenuous to bag this title for the fifth time. Thus, this feather in Indore’s cap is not a miracle butthis is the result of the backbreaking work of the last five years and even before that.

In 2016, when Indore initiated functioning in this direction, it had to face manifold challenges. For instance- open garbage dumps,weak municipal waste management systems, insufficient infrastructural facilities, lack of material recovery facilities and processing units, scarce composting facilities, etc. Despite of such lacuna, the city has been able to achieve the topmost position which is exceptional.

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The foremost important reason for thiscontinuous victory is the conjoint efforts of the Government authorities, public bodies, and the residents themselves.

Along with this, some crucial features which made Indore’s cleanliness drive super successful includes:

  1. Door to Door waste collection.
  2. Establishment of control cum command center to track the whole system from waste collection to processing.
  3. 100% waste processing and conversion into fuel and compost.
  4. Segregation of waste (initially into two types which has now increased to six types).
  5. Increased awareness among locals regarding cleanliness, usage of dustbins, and segregation of waste.
  6. Usage of mobile composting machines that can be used in the market, hotels, and residential apartments.
  7. Strong waste management plan and model with no gaps and sharp focus on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  8. Children are created as brand ambassadors to make the cleanliness drive more persuasive.
  9. Complete elimination of garbage dumps.
  10. Waste management plans were modified according to people’s attitude like timings of waste collection vehicles, roping religious leaders for influencing people,organizing cleanliness competitions andstrong fines for the residents in case of waste mixing. There are strict inherent rules for municipal officials also in case of unsuitable conduct.
  11. Providing certificates to clean streets like the 56-Dukan, a famous food hub of Indore has been rewarded to deliver the cleanest street food in India.
  12. Strong determination of corporation employees even during the Corona period for disposal of medical waste.
  13. Cleaning of the city in double shifts that is in days and nights which makes the cleanliness drive operational 24×7.
  14. Last but not the least, an extensive army of “Safai Mitras” are critical helpers in the city’s outstanding cleanliness spin.
  15. Rejuvenation of 3 km Kans and 12.4 km Saraswati rivers by cleaning their garbage has added thrust to the sanitation battle.
  16. All thesefactors have made it feasible for the city to find the solutions for around 90% of its solid waste challenge.

According to World Bank estimates,

efficient waste disposal is urgent, as India by 2050, is going to produce more than 3 times of the solid waste it produces today.The triumph of Indore’s urban solid waste management demonstrates that urban India can be cleaned if municipal bodies, NGOs, private companies, and citizens work together comprehensively.

The inspirational quest of Indore for cleanliness has made it India’s cleanest city and setan example not just on a national level but on an international level also. Officials from Lucknow Municipal Corporation are planning to get trained in Indore to understand the superiorities of solid waste management applied here. The footsteps of Indore are now being followed by many cities in India and across the globeas well.

A resolution has been passed in a conference held in Tokyo of International Forum for Sustainable Development Asia and Pacificand accordingly 72 African and Asian nations across the world are gearing up to consider and replicate Indore’s cleanliness and waste processing modelsin compliance with the country-specific implementation parameters.

Yet another enthralling fact is that the Biomethanian Model of Indore or which can be more specifically termed as Waste to Energy Modelis foundto be reasonable, cost-effective and flawless in its implementation. To  conclude,  with all sincere efforts and years of hard work, Indore has retained its supremacy for 5 years in this domain and showing the way forward to other cities and countries as well.


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