Observe Religions, Do Not Show Off

Observe Religions, Do Not Show Off Spiritual Discourse (Saturday: March 7, 2015) Pujaniya Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Dham Dera Sacha Sauda, Sarsa

Shah Satnam Ji Girl’s School, Sarsa was selected among 10 best schools in the country in a nation-wide survey of schools and given the Best School in Education Excellence Award. Pujya Guru Ji dedicating the award to people.

Long live the congregation that is much liked by the Master. Discourse is the place where man remembers his Allah, Wahe Guru, God, Ram. Wherever else you may go, you will think of business, children, family, good and bad conduct. However, discourse is the place where you will remember your master, Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram.

Pujya Guru Ji has said that when you attend discourse, one comes to know whether you tread the path shown to you by the religion that you accept, the religion that you show in your attire. According to religion, one may do many things in the day but he must start his day with the worship of Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram, and God. According to Hindu religion, period from 2 am to 5 pm is called ‘Brahma Muhurta’.

The same period is called ‘Amrit Vela in Sikh religion. In Islam, the same period is called ‘Bange Vakt’ or ‘Farz’ and English saints call the said period ‘The God’s Prayer Time’. According to the NASA science centre, this period is the time when the air contains more Oxygen and hence is purer. One who meditates during this period gets more will power and becomes successful.

We have read scriptures of all religions. We used to read them since morning. There were auspicious volumes like the Gita, Janmasakhi of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, Sundar Gutka and Ramayana at our house in Rajasthan.

We used to read them since childhood because people of all religion used to live there. When Guru Ji summoned, we read scriptures of all religions. People ask us why we believe in all religions. When we go out, everyone asks what is our religion? We tell them we believe in all religions.

They say how can this happen? You must be belonging to one religion. We were by the feet of Guru Ji since childhood and he said all religions are one. Then how can we say we belong to one religion? We believe in all religions, respect all religions.

He knows, ever since we were born, we did not utter a single foul word against any Guru, Prophet, and God nor do we like to hear such words. We have always said whosoever were the Gurus, Sages, Prophets, Incarnations, Great Men, they wrote the truth. That was the truth in the past, it is the truth that prevails now and that truth will prevail in future too.

Nobody can falsify these sayings. It is different that people show off and still do not abide by their words. Whichever religion you may belong to, you should be happy with it. But let us guarantee if you abide by your religion, refrain yourself from show off, if you only accept it, that very moment the world would be full of love and affection. Every religion teaches selfless love, affection.

There is nothing bad in religion. Religions prohibit fighting. Give up squabbling. Religions make it a sin even to utter foul words for anyone. If you utter foul words about your parents and grandparents, even if their deeds are bad and even if they are treading on wrong path, if you criticise them publically, people will say you are from the same bloodline and if they are not good people how you can be good.

Have you ever considered this? Therefore the religions say, “Ninda bhali kisai ki nahi manmukh mugdh karani. Muh kale tun nindaka narake ghor padani. (Do not criticise anyone. One who criticises, his face is blackened and he rots in the hell.)” These are auspicious words of Gurus, great people.

The auspicious Ramayana says, “Parninda Sau Gau Ghat Saman. (Criticizing others is sin as great as slaying 100 cows.)” What Gurus, the great men say, is the same that is written in Ramayana. If someone criticizes others, he is “Manmukh” (one who listens to his mind). One who does not abide by any Guru or religion, is called “Manmukh”.

Mughdh” means a fool. ‘Muh Kale Tin Nindaka Narake Ghori Pavani’. Then why do you criticize? If you abide by your religion, who gives you right to utter foul words about others? Religions say you should not criticize.

Even Islam says you should not indulge in pointless argument, utter foul words for anyone. Christianity too says that do not badmouth anyone. Then what is the religion of the man who does not abide by this? No religion says this.

If any religion says so, which is that religion? You may read any religious scripture; you would find what we are saying in it. In fact, many Gurus have written pages over such criticism. If you respect them, you have no business use foul words for anyone, not for your parents and not for your siblings. Criticism means saying bad things for others.

Do things approved by religion

No religion asks you to drink liquor. Islam says Shar+Aab. ‘Shar’ means devil and ‘Aab’ means water. “All those worshiping Allah, liquor is water of devil. If you drink it, your worship is of no use and you would burn in hell.” Great Hindi men too wrote in clear words that all addictions including liquor were drunk by Rakshaks (devils) when there was Samudra Manthan (churning of sea).

Therefore, you people of Hindu religion, if you consume liquor and do addictions, you will have devilish tendencies, there would be fights at home, and there would be ailments, tension, anxieties.

Therefore do not drink liquor, do not abuse addictives. Auspicious Gurusahiban’s words of Sikh religion are that, ‘Post Bhang Afim, Mad Nasha Utar Jaye Prabhat. Nam Khumari Nanaka Chadhi Rahe Din Rat (If you consume bhang or opium, the intoxication will be over in the night but the intoxication of Nam does not get over.)

’ All intoxications like liquor, opium, bhang will be over in a few hours. If you want to get intoxicated, get intoxicated with the Nam of Allah, Wahe Guru, and Ram which will never be over. Christianity says do not abuse drugs or liquor which will take you away from God. Get intoxicated with God’s prayer which will bring you closer to God.

Then which religion asks you to open liquor shops? When we speak truth, it hurts. What should we do? Hasn’t all this been written? If it is written, people of which religion live in your village or city? Aren’t they Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian? If they belong to these religion, then why liquor shops are open there? Religions prohibit intoxication. Then who queues up there? Just see, they are the people who belong to these religions.

Let us tell you an incident from real life which took place near Shri Ganganagar area of Rajasthan where we lived in Suratgarh. We were driving down. There was a liquor shop on the road. A vehicle was parked outside it. The words ‘Nam Khumari Nanaka Chadhi Rahe Din Raat. (The intoxication of Nam stays round the clock.)’ were written on it.

We were amused that a vehicle on which the auspicious words of Guru Sahiban are written is standing in front of a liquor shop. We went inside the shop and inquired whose vehicle was it on which the auspicious words had been written.

A man who was sipping liquor replied saying it was his vehicle. I said has anything been written on your vehicle? To this, he replied saying, “Yes. The lines that ‘Post Bhang Afim Mad Nasha Utar Jaye Prabhat, Nam Khumari Nanaka Chadhi Rahe Din Rat’ (If you consume bhang or opium, the intoxication will be over in the night but the intoxication of Nam does not get over.) has been written on it.” We asked him whether he knew meaning of these words to which he said he knows it.

We asked as to why he was drinking liquor when he knew meaning of those lines. On this, he said, “Uh To Pata Ni Kadon Chadhungi. Aah Hattha Cha Peg Hain, Chadha Lange, Lato Fulla Te Khudugi.” (Don’t know when I would get intoxicated with that. Right now I have my peg in my hand so I am having it. When I get intoxicated, I shall give up.)

We said, “Wah O Maa De Putta! Agar Aise Hi Karana Tha to Likhawaya Hi Kyon Tha?” (Great! If it was to be so, why did you get it written?) This left him embarrassed. However, such people do not agree. You can see. Auspicious words of saints, great men are written on vehicles. From distance, you feel someone knowledgeable is travelling. But go closer and you feel the stink.

They consume liquor. What is this? Is this abiding by religion of making joke of religion?
We do not ask anybody else. We ask people of our country following these religions whether the religion is right. If you feel religion is correct, whether shops of liquor, addictions, opium that are opened, notwithstanding whether they are licensed ones, should they be opened in your village or town? If you feel they should not be opened, aren’t they open? Don’t your village or town have such shops? Yes there are many such shops.

The point to ponder is that if you believe in your religion, if you wear attire of your religion, has your religion gone asleep? Why don’t you get these shops closed down? You need not fight, you need not quarrel or you need not do anything that is bad.

But you must adopt the rightful way to close them down. It is your duty to point out what your religion has to say, that your religion does not allow this and insist that you will not allow such shops of intoxications to be opened. Secondly, when such a shop is opened, you think why fight back. But you can at least start taking turns picketing at your village or town.

You can gather all people together and resolve that you would not allow anyone patronise them. Then we shall see for how long they will remain open. You must do something. When you want to show off your religion, you indulge in a big pretence to ensure that the moment people see you they would realise who you are. However, brother, the real fun is in doing deeds approved by your religion. Truth is a bitter pill! We cannot help it. One has to speak truth during discourse.

The master knows, ever since we were born, we never even thought of badmouthing any religion. Leave apart us badmouthing any religion in reality. The master knows we respect every religion and all great men, sages and prophets. We are nobody special. We are just a watchman, a servant.

Lakhs of devotees showing the memorabilia of affection they got from Pujya Guru Ji at Teravas.

We are the watchman who keeps vigil during nights. We are the watchman who keeps on crying out ‘Wake up! Abide by religion and you would get happiness, peace.’ We pray with folded hands. Only a watchman, a servant can do like this. So we do this. We are not boasting but still you get hurt. What can we do? It is the job of a sage to sing praise of Ram. It is the job of a spiritual saint to define principles in accordance with the time and explain them to people. ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. One who spread light of knowledge in the darkness of ignorance is the real sage, true teacher.

It is our job to call you out. Whether to wake up or not depends on you. We remember an example. Long time ago there was a man. Then men relied on horses, camels, bullocks. That man had taken a horse to his field to bring grams. The owner of adjacent farm saw two gunny bags on the back of the horse and the man putting a pot full of grams in one bag and a pot full of sand in other. The owner of adjacent farm approached him and asked as to why he was filling the bag with sand. The man said he was adjusting the balance of weight by filling two mounds of grain in one bag and same amount of sand in other.

The neighbour said why don’t you put one mound of grams in each of the bags instead of making it carry four mounds. Then he asked whose horse it was. The neighbour said it was his. Then he asked whose grams they were to which neighbour said they too were his. Then he said, ‘then let me do as I wish’. Such are the people today. You may teach them anything and they will insist on doing as they wish. So brother, let it be your wish but it is the job of a sage to ask you to tread on the right path.

Charity begins at home…

Begin your charities at your home, with your parents. It is duty of parents to advise children but not to cause hurdles in their progress, to assure them that they would be by their side when they need advise even when they tread on wrong path but after all it is their wish whether to choose the right path or not. If they do not listen to advice, they would learn from their own experiences. On the other hand, children should respect elderly people.

After all, they have given birth to you. So what if you need to clean urine and faeces of elderly people in the family? Have you forgotten the time when they would clean your urine and faeces when you were a child? This is our culture and these religions of ours are number one in the whole world. Since our religion is the only one which teaches you all this, it is the best in the world.

Once people from many countries arrive and asked what was special in the religions here such as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity? They said their culture was great and ours was of no use. We replied that you would be silenced even if we recite A, B, C, D.. of our religion. They asked how it would happen?

We said let us explain “A” of our religions . Parents are caretakers of a child from the moment the child is born till it becomes self-reliant. They take utmost care of the child and when the parents grow old, they need support. As per our religions, children take utmost care of parents. They become caretakers.

Do you have such tradition in your country? They said, “No. This is amazing.” We said this is just the beginning. That was when they agreed that there is no other culture like ours.
And now our own people are trying to import their culture. They would remain naked, they would do this and they would do that.

They need this and they need that. Why? Our culture is so great. It is a gift to us by our Gurus, sages, prophets, great men. Why should we copy someone else? Instead we should mould others so that they adopt our culture and our country, India, becomes the priest for the entire world. This is fact. First we should practice our religion, abide by it. Only then others would follow us.

Never criticise your parents, siblings or children. Many elderly people complain that their children are of no use. It is all right that you are venting your frustration but you can do it in toilet, while bathing. Anyway, many youths read magazines there. At least then, some stranger would not listen it.

If a stranger listens to you criticising your children, what would he think? He would say what can he do? After all it is your flesh and blood. What would be your answer to it? Agreed the children are ruined, they are treading on wrong path but your criticism would not improve them. Instead, if you treat them with love, they would definitely change.

Never badmouth anyone, be it people close to you or others. When you point a finger towards someone, the remaining three fingers of yours,point at you. Our religion preaches that no one has right to pinpoint faults in others because those who do so, also are not pure and perfect in their deeds.

Adopt virtues of others. If you praise virtues of others, you would find them in yourself and if you sing your own praise, his own virtues will vanish. This means what you praise in others, you find it in yourself and what you find and sing in yourself vanishes from within you.

Therefore find virtues in others and praise them and find faults in you so that they will vanish. Thus, you would become virtuous and find happiness bestowed by Allah, Wahe Guru at his shrine. Then, you would find heaven on this earth. You would become rightful claimant for benevolence of the master.

Many Many blessings to all!

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