How Safe is Nail Polish? Sachi Shiksha

How Safe is Nail Polish? Who will not be attracted to see the colourful nail polish on the nails? But you may not be knowing that these attractive colours have serious dangers behind their usage. Safe is Nail Polish

It is not completely safe for our nails.

Chemicals are used in each and every beauty cosmetics. Like that dangerous chemical acetone is used in manufacturing of nail polish. When acetone comes in contact with the skin of the fingers, it creates small red pimples. Moreover, the chemicals used in the nail polish destroy the softness of the nails.

The nails’ natural colour is destroyed and the colour of the nails becomes white and yellow.
And due to this they are broken with the slightest hit. According to the scientists, the vapours of the nail polish reaches to lungs with the breathing.

This vapour creates the problems of headache, irritation in the lungs and eyes, cough, restlessness and lack of sleep. The family members are also victimized due to this because while preparing the food and preparing the flour, some quantity of nail polishes is mixed in that. In some nail polishes Phenol and Talon is used. Phenol increases the possibility of cancer in the body.

Skin problem increases in the body with the increase of this. Due to this the problems of increase of irritation over the skin, swelling and pimples arise.

Talon chemical is more poisonous.

It becomes active when comes in contact with the skin. With continuous usage of this the problems burning sensation, giddiness, irritation and less food intake arise. In addition to this, other chemicals used are pharmeldihyde, nitrocellulose, isopropyl, alcohol, titanium dioxide also increase irritation over the skin and leave bad effect on heart and liver.

Because the food is prepared with hands and the nails are fully involved in functioning of the fingers, it is very important to look that the artificial chemicals are not affecting our body. If you take proper care of your nails, cut them properly and timely and use some home made options, your nails will glitter more than the nail polish and the people will say “Wow, how beautiful the nails are?”

– Umesh KumarSahoo.


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