Scientists Go for Research on DNA

SACHI SHIKSHA Spiritual Congregation (March 26, 2017) Revered Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa

Scientists Go for Research on DNA

It is a horrible time of ‘Kalyug’ and at this juncture, the evil mind and its allied senses are out of control. Today every person today has started thinking so highly of himself that he does not even care about God any more.

He thinks himself as the greatest being infront of which everything is a big zero. He thinks so highly of himself that it seems to him there is no one born in this world who can equal him leave aside surpassing him. But all this is a big fallacy. God treats everyone equal.

God has given the same mind to everyone. It is another matter that while some people use their mind more, others use less. Of course there are exceptions in this world, like the people with retarded mind. They were born like this and can’t do anything about it. But if you leave aside these abnormal people, the mind of a normal person is very strong and powerful.

Till date science has been able to study only 10-15 per cent of the human mind. And yet super computers and destructive missiles have been manufactured. Weapons of mass destruction like the hydrogen bombs have been created.

All these have been possible by just using 5-10 per cent of the human mind. If there was more application of the mind, who knows what more destructive weapons and instruments could have been manufactured in this world. The world is hurtling along the path of destruction very fast. But how one wishes all the scientists work with the sole mission of providing more and more luxury to the human being.

One wishes how the same scientists work for providing maximum joy and happiness to the world. Scientists should work for providing absolute peace of mind to the maximum human beings. They should work people can achieve maximum happiness by remaining absolutely peaceful. The name of God can show many paths to the scientists.

But it has happened from the beginning of this world. All the scientific researches in the world work in unison for the creation of weapons of mass destruction. No one is bothered about doing research on how to remove poverty, hatred, hunger. If such research is done I am sure no one in this world will be sad, unhappy and hungry.

Along with this if one also recites God’s word, he or she will be happy internally also. There is a mad rush to humiliate others. Every country is involved in the cut throat competition of introducing panic creating technology. But there is very less scope for finding new and better technology to remove poverty and hunger and improve humanity.

If the scientistsproduce constructive things, there will be no need for petrol and diesel for the vehicles. Then there will be no need for the gas cylinders and similar things. It is true that with good equipments a lot of energy can be produced for the benefit of mankind.

The sun is an element of extreme power from which one can get so much energy that there will be no need for anybattery at all. Similarly there will be no need for the diesel and petrol then. The gas stoves in houses will be run for free as there will be no need for LPG or CNG cylinders or pipelines. So kitchen cost will reduce a great deal.

Motorcycles, cars, cycles will all run free. There will be engines fitted on the cycles also. All the battery run engines will run for free. The sun will give entire energy for the world. But no one applies mind towards these things. The mind is applied only to a little extent and then people’s attention is diverted to other things.

If a simple or ordinary man does so, others will only discourage him and say you will not be able to do so. Or else they will say this work is out of the purview of law. There are so many things in this world which can be produced free of cost or at very little cost, but people do not pay attention to these. At a very cheap cost so many useful goods can be manufactured for the welfare of the human beings.

If the doctors and scientists pay attention to the DNA disease test, it will do so good to the human beings. During the age of the Ramayana if the DNA of any person was repaired, he could live disease free for hundreds of years. He would never face any trouble, any ailment or disease. But here the entire pharmaceutical companies will shut down.

Why would these medical sharks allow the DNA test to take place? People all over the world earn maximum profits from such diseases. They charge Rs 33 for the medicines worth just Rs 3. There is a vested interest involved. Do not feel bad. Other fields also have the same problems and issues. I have spoken out what I felt like.

I have just expressed My View. It may be quite possible that people may be charging Rs 300 for the medicine worth Rs.3. We don’t know. One thing is sure though. There is something seriously wrong in the pricing of the medicines. We have seen how one medicine costs Rs 3 at one place and Rs 30 at some other place.

Can this be possible if there was no hanky-panky involved? The salt is the same in the medicine, medicine is the same, it is for the treatment of the same disease also and yet how can be there so much difference in the price? The chemist says he earns just a few rupees out of the total cost of the medicine. This means the medicine costs just Rs 2.90, but some shopkeeper charge Rs 30 for it.

This is happening in every business and every trade at all the places. I wish our doctors and scientists pay attention to this glaring difference. They should investigate the DNA. I tell this to all the doctors and scientists in India and the USA that they should do research work on the DNA for the welfare of mankind.

So many doctors have arrived here today. Can you tell that in the evening the people fought with swords and other weapons including the atom bombs and were injured or lost consciousness, but the next day they are again ready to fight with swords in their hands? How was this possible? Read the Mahabharata.

What kind of amazing science was there? There used to be a special ointment called ‘snehlep’. It could heal any injury. In the night the ‘snehlep’ medicine in the form of an ointment was applied and then the next morning the person was healthy and strong again. What was that healing medicines? But in today’s world you apply some medicine in the form of ointment to the injured portion of the body and even after ten days it does not heal.

Then you give two more injections to the patient in order to cure the disease. Therefore I want all the doctors and scientists to do more research. You have managed to discover the stem cell. It is a great discovery and the first step towards more research on DNA. According to Me, whatever God has shown Me, this is the first step towards DNS.

Stem cell is an amazing discovery. It has great powers of healing. In a small size it can work wonders for the human beings. There is no doubt that it contains great and amazing healing powers. It is like ‘GagarMein Sagar’. But still you are very far away from the proper research on DNA. At some place or the other the research must be going on it.

But these researches will be stopped somehow. It is so because if the doctors understand the DNA completely, there will be no use for the medicines in this world. In such a situation, all the pharmaceutical factories will shut down. Just imagine what a complex situation this is. Why would the pharmaceutical industry allow itself to suffer loss or close down? But this can still happen.

Therefore I request all the doctors and scientists of our country and all these people who want the benefit of mankind that they should do more research on the DNA. From the poor to all others, including the rich person will become happy and contented. Whatever time God has given; we have to spend in this world. Why not spend our time with happiness and remain healthy? This is possible.

By tampering with the DNA, a person’s weight can be changed. The weight can be increased or decreased. By virtue of God’s words, everything is possible. There was a time when the people reciting God’s word had discovered these facts. They had medicines which if smelt could put life back even in dying persons. During Ram’s war with Ravana, LaxmanJi had been hit by a poisonous arrow.

He lost consciousness and went in coma. It seemed as if he was almost dead. But the ‘vaidya’ (Physician) said till a certain time he will not allow life to ebb out of Laxman. And this is what exactly happened. The Vaidya then prescribed a particular herb (SanjivaniButi)and with that particular herb he could treat LaxmanJi in no time at all. HanumanJi then brought the herb and the Vaidya’s medicine was so effective that Laxman Ji came back to life immediately.

Such is the power of these Indian ayurvedic medicines.Is it not possible for us to produce such amazing medicines in this world now? Now you will say that there was no Ramayana or Mahabharata at all. Tomorrow you will say there wasno moon, no sun at all. What can one say to that? These are useless talks.

I can guarantee that the Mahabharata did take place and there was a Ramayana period also. You can learn a lot of things only if you deeply study the past. But this will be possible only if you read the ancient texts deeply. You will have to do deep research for such thing. But if you don’t move in that direction, how will you reach your goal? You have to make an effort to understand something.

In this age of ‘Kaliyug’, it is necessary that one must do something to save humanity. Welfare of the society should be uppermost in everyone’s mind. It is only the human beings who have been blessed with the power of the intellect to think on these lines and strive hard for the welfare of all living beings. Such activities cannot be undertaken by any other creature in this world. Trees cannot do this, Birds and animals will not be able to think or do this. Even trees and plants cannot think for the welfare of humanity.

But it is the human being which can make trees and plants, birds and animals work for the welfare of the humanity. Human beings have the immense power of the mind which can make difficult things easy. Human beings have much less power than the trunk of the huge elephant. But sitting atop the elephant the man can direct the animal to follow its command and go anywhere he wants.

If the lion roars, the brain of the human being can burst. If it roars close by, a person can become deaf with the loud sound. But the same man makes the huge and ferocious lion dance on its tunes and follow the command like a tamed animal.

Just imagine what all things are there which the human beings can do using the mind. All this can be possible by using just 10-15 per cent range of the human mind. If a man uses 50 per cent of his mind, there are so many unimaginable things that he can do. The idea of saying all this is that never consider yourselfa person with a retarded mind. Never think you will fail in the examination because you don’t know anything.

Never follow negativity. Never become victim of negativity. Why do you think you don’t know anything? This upper stall (mind) has been filled by God. Use your brain in a constructive manner. It is your choice to use it or not. But believe me, the good (Brain) that you have is A class. But how you use it is up to you.

You can use the brain positively or let it go uselessly. You have to decide what you want to do. In today’s age it is necessary that one thinks of the well being of others. There should be positive thoughts in the mind. The Saints and guides never think ill of others. When there is some negative element in the person, he starts doubting others. He starts finding faults with the saints and guides. Ifs and buts creep in his thoughts.

The doubts occur because he is not very sure of himself. It is possible because of his own thoughts and actions. He becomes sad and unhappy because of his actions. He starts using others for his own benefit,but do you know there is somebody who reads your mind even before your thought process start? He knows what is there in your mind.

He knows what you want to ask. And he is making a live video of yours what you are doing, how you will save yourself from him. This means that if you do something wrong you will have to pay for it. You can tell lies in front of the Spiritual Guide, but in the end you will only make a fool of yourself.

It is so because He is there inside you, Ram, Allah, God, Ishwar and keeps the account of every moment, every second. He knows what you do inside a closed room. He knows how you take advantage of others for your own benefit. He knows everything. He has made millions and billions of people like you.

Many times the human being feels that there is no God at all. People with such thoughts should answer one question. Can you make a mind like the human being? Leave aside a human being. Can you even make a mind similar to that of any small creature? Nobody has been able to do so till date. God is a great manufacturer.

Even the finger prints of two brothers are different. The fate of two brothers born to the same mother are also different. The father and mother may be the same, but all the children are different. How is this possible? The same blood flows in the veins of the brothers and sisters, but they act and behave differently.

How is this so? Can any scientist tell how some of their jeans became different? Mother and father are rich. One of their son is rich, then how is it that the other son is poor? There are many questions which the science has no answer at all. But the divine power has the answer to all these questions. The human being has to pay according to his actions.

You will have to reap as you sow in the times to come. Human beings act according to their whims and fancies. The evil mind is such that it takes no time to spell doom for the life. Those people who are full of negativity never trust others. On their part they cannot be trusted by others also. Whatever measures they adopt to change themselves, they will remain the same. They are like bottomless pot.

They have faith neither in Ram, nor in God. They do not trust the Spiritual Guide also. I still pray to God to give them knowledge and wisdom. In reality people want to do according to their wishes. What they want to do can be right or wrong, but they just believe in doing what they really want to do.

If their coin manages to work, then its good and if it does not work then there will be other ways to get it work. In this ‘Kaliyug’ remembering God and taking the name of Ram is absolutely necessary. Without God’s word you will not get any wisdom at all. Leave aside doing well of others, you will not be able to even help yourself.

You will have to worship. Whether you devote just 15 minutes or half an hour or whether you remember God in the morning or in the evening, it is up to you. One thing is necessary though. You must do it every day. You will get the right direction to move ahead in life. You will be able to get blessings of God.

You feel that recitation of God’s word is very difficult. Actually it is very easy to recite it. Shah Mastana Ji, Shah Satnam Ji Data created just three words. Just imagine, what would have happened if They had created scripture. It is strange that you do not want to recite even those three words given to you. Many people give lame excuses for not taking the name of God. They say they do not find time for doing so.

How strange; You take your breakfast at the right time. Your lunch, dinner all are on time. But you do not have time for God’s word. If there are friends to share your talks, you will have no hesitation in talking to them the whole night. But in the company of the Spiritual Guide you start feeling sleepy.

Why is this so? When you listen to the religious discourse, you start yawning continuously. When it comes to speaking ill of others, you leave everyone behind, but when there is time to repeat God’s word something happens to you and you suddenly lose interest. For everything else in this world, for all other activities you have enough time, but only for remembering God, you say you are short of time.

Why can’t you spare 10 minutes of your time for remembering God, Ram, Allah, Waheguru? You will cometo know how fertile a particular piece of land is only when you sow a seed. The seed will also germinate when you till the land properly. First the field is dug up, the grass etc. is removed. Then the field is watered and afterwards manure is put.

Again the field is watered and the seed is sown. When a shopkeeper opens a shop, he first white washes and paints the place, puts almirahs and racks in their respective places and the desks and then brings fresh goods. Only then the shop runs properly and gives good business to the shopkeeper.

In the same way, the children work hard for their studies. Theybegin studies in class I. It takes so many years to pass out from the school and college and then get the degrees and diplomas. Only then he gets the masters degree for himself. It is only after so much of effort that one sees a good result. But in this world there are people who claim they will show you God and you believe him so easily.

It is really strange! God is still so kind and benevolent. From time to time God sends Saints, Fakirs, Peers to this world so that His wayward child may find his way back to Him. But if you go ahead of the saints and do not follow them then what can the saints do? Then you have to suffer your ill fate and no one can save you.

The saints can interfere only to a certain level. Then they stop giving you advice. It is so because the saints too have a particular limit. During the religious discourses, they keep showing right path to the human beings. But if people do not listen to them or neglect their advice what can they do? Those who listen to the advice of the saints and follow them in their life, are benefitted a great deal and be one with God.

But those people who neglect the advice of the saints lead a directionless life and suffer throughout their lives. Time and again the saints show the right path to the human being. They always give something to the devotees. If you attend the religious discourses, it is not possible that the half an hour or the one hour that you spend there, will not change your life forever.

But you will have to follow the advice of the saints and act accordingly. Otherwise you will not be able to lead a meaningful life. People forget the benevolence of the Spiritual Guide in no time at all. I have seen this. Those who were granted life by God Almighty knew that they would die at some particular moment.

He knew that his life could be destroyed at that time. The kept repeating God’s word. Wah Ram! Wah Ram! And when he got well then he started saying, Wah Ram, I am alright now. Now I do not need You, God. To prove himself right, he even takes help of others. But sometime weigh and judge yourself properly.

I can guarantee you. So many devotees are sitting here. Can anyone claim I did something wrong, either by word or deed It is just not possible. I may have spoken in anger with someone. Only God knows, Allah and Waheguru knows that anger did not do anything wrong to you. Instead the anger helped you in one way or the other.

Only Ram knows this. God forgives your mistakes through it. God helps those people in distress who choose to recite His name with full faith? If you want to test this, recite name of God’s word daily in the morning and in the evening for one hour or more. The truth and the lie will lie bare in front of you without much effort. Do recite God’s word. Unfortunately, you keep company of people who neither believes in devotion nor in God.

These people neither help others, nor do any devotion of God. They are selfish people who live for themselves. If you live in such company what kind of good habits will you form? How will you learn devotion? The friends will discourage you. Leave all this talk. What is there in devotion?You will not gain anything.

What benefit will devotion give you? But always remember. The saints bless every person according to his ability and devotion. The saints can never do anything wrong. They are very close to God. Those who giver bad names to the saints suffer themselves. There may be something wrong with them that they abuse or say wrong things about the saints.

We do not want anything wrong to happen to anyone. God should give His blessings to all. All human beings should be blessed Even those who speak ill of others should be forgiven by God Almighty. We can only pray to God to help everyone in need. The rest is left to God. What God does to everyone is His decision.

We only want good of others. There were many cynics during the time of Mastana Ji. Similarly, there weremany cynics during the time of Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. Even today there are many cynics who criticize saints and ‘fakirs’. Just imagine, why would the fakir want anything wrong to happen to anyone? Did he ever do anything wrong to others? Still the people say God did not do anything wrong earlier, but he is doing wrong now. How do you know what the fakir does? The meaning of all this is that never speaks about of others if you do not know anything about him.

Even when you know the person well, never speak ill of him. Suppose you speak ill of him today, and tomorrow he proves to be a good person then what will you do then? Truth tastes bitter. It is true that if one speaks plain truth it sounds bitter to us. But if someone speaks flattering words, it seems very good to listen to.

The saints always think and work towards the welfare of others. But this is ‘Kaliyug’. In this age people easily forget the good done to them. They even forget God who has given them this life. They think if their life belongs to God, what is there which is their own? If one believes words of saints, then it is just not possible that one cannot repay the debt of God Almighty.

He knows that there was this moment in life earlier and there is this moment in life now. Who is responsible for this moment? If one thinks so, there is no reason why, anyone will speak ill of the God. Just think for a second.Is it not your duty to thank God who bless you life? If you pay your love and respect to Him, if you thank Him He will not let it go thankless. Instead God will return your thanks with so much benevolence that you cannot even imagine.

The saint does not ask anyone to worship Him. On the other hand,He says worship God which remains inside you. Worship the one who has created this world and all of you. Worship the one who is Allah, Waheguru, Ram. Remember, you do not need money,note or vote to worship God. If you remember Him truly and even if a single drop of tear flows out of your eyes in His remembrance, God will consider it better than all the precious diamonds and stones of this world and He will fill you with all the happiness.

I have seen that to produce the effect of ‘vairagya’(detachment or renunciation), people start crying by remembering their dead parents. These things are alright as far as acting is concerned. But if you show that you are feeling detached in remembrance of God then it is wrong. Renunciation is a natural factor.

Renunciation is not brought about forcibly. It comes on its own.When renunciation comes it brings God along with it. It is easy to reach God with a pure heart. You may do prayers ‘Namaz’, keep ‘Rozas’ for years all together to reach God. But renunciation is something which can bring God to you very fast. The path of renunciation takes you closer to God in no time at all.

But luckier are the people who shed tears for God, for Allah, Waheguru and Ram. But the system and the usual custom of this world is that tears come out so easily for everything under the sun. If the person is childless there are tears in the eyes. If the animal is not giving milk, there are tears in the eyes. If there is loss in business, then also there are tears in the eyes.

If the children fail to get good marks in the examination, then also there are tears in the eyes. Have you ever given thought to the fact that your tears will not increase the marks of your son? It is not wrong to have tears in the eyes when you feel the pain or excitement. But the tears should be for the right cause.

If the cause of the tears is right, it can even make you one with God. If the renunciation is true and genuine,if you are in the habit of reciting name of the God or if you spend time in the service to humanity then it is possible for you through renunciation,you can reach God without losing much time. …Blessings to the devotees present here! Blessings!

Questions and Answers

Q: Howcan a person come out of perceived fear and indecision?

A: This is possible through self-confidence. If you are double mind, worship God,you will definitely find your way out of the mess.

Q. What does the unbearable increasing pressure of the soul on the 10th door signify?

A. There is no unbearable pressure on the 10th door. It is because of your ‘karmas’. Remember God, worship Him and recite His name all the time while doing your normal activities. Everything will be fine.

Q. Is ‘Onkar’ the name of an age or period?

A. Not, it is not that.‘Onkar’ is the name of the God Almighty.

Q. There are four ‘Loks’-Satlok, Alakhlok, Admalok and Anami. If you bring together all these four ‘Loks’, what is created?

A. No new ‘Lok’ is created if you bring together the four ‘Loks’. All these ‘Loks’ are different stages of reaching God. As you go higher from one ‘Lok’ to the other, they have the glimpses of God accordingly.

Q. Shri Ram JI had said that there is no better heaven than the motherland and the mother. Then those people who go to other countries, which heaven do they see?

A. They see ‘Mayarani’. I have never seen any other heaven. Many times, there is a necessity also. Becausemany time they easily achieve outside what they fail to get here.

Q. What is the specialty of the divinity of a person who dies while remembering and worshipping God?

A. It is a great matter if a person dies while remembering and worshipping God. If a person does while remembering God, he will not have to suffer in the next world.

Q. My mother died on December 30. Now she comes in my dreams and tries to tell me something. Sometimes a sage comes to take me. Please guide me what to do?

A. It is all your misconception. All those people who reute God’s word go straight to the Eternal Abode while sitting in the lap of God. But there are many persons who move around in the garb of saints and sages. They are pseudo sages. In fact,it their ‘psychos’. Do not fall into their trap. Do not listen to them. They will only misguide you. Don’t allow these so called sages to enter you house.

Q. For treatment of stone, you had advised to take ‘paththar chat’ How do you make use of that?

A. You can meet the ‘Vaidya’ he resides here in the Dera campus. Those people who have the problem of stones should always remember not to consumevegetables which have lots of seeds like tomato. Such people should drink a lot of water daily. If you drink a lot of water, the stone will not be formed. There is another method also for the treatment of stone.

Take one litre of water. Mix 50—100 grams of milk in it to prepare ‘kachilassi’. Drink this ‘kachilassi’. The summer season is approaching and it would be very useful. Drink this preparation continuously. This will save you from the summer heat and the stone will also not be formed in your body. Drink at least 5-7 liters of water every day and you will have no problem at all during the season. -Translated by Rajendra Khatry

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