The way, in which modernity is getting deep into our lives, it is proving to be dangerous for our health. Take the case of water, water is very important for our life.

We can live without food, but it is impossible to imagine our life without water. But along with environmental pollution, air pollution & earth pollution, water pollution is becoming a severe problem.

65 to 70% of our body is water. So, clean and pure water is always needed. If a person does not get pure and clean water, it becomes the cause of many diseases. Due to this, we keep fridge and install R.O. System in the homes to get pure and clean water.

Besides this, use of filtered water available in the market has also increased. But you will be surprised to know that the water of earthen pot is most clean and pure. “Fridge of the poor” i.e. the earthen pot water is considered to be ELIXIR and it is called ELIXIR for a reason. Actually the earthen pot water is very beneficial for health.

From generations, earthenware or earthen pots are used to store water. Even today, there are many people who drink the water of earthen pots. These People are of the view that due to lovely smell of soil, drinking the water of earthen pot gives a different pleasure and there are many benefits also. Soil has the capacity to fight various types of diseases. You get the benefit of this also.

Scientific View

According to the specialists, if the water is kept in earthen pots, the qualities of soil are transferred in the water. So the water kept in the earthen pot plays an important role in maintaining our health. Soil naturally cools the water. Earthen pot not only gives healthy medication to elements of earth, but also cools the water. This quality is found in earthen pot only and not in any other pot.

How the Water Remains Cool

Cooling of water in earthen pot is dependent on the evaporation process. The more the evaporation, the more the water will be cold. There are small pores in earthen pot through which the water oozes out. Due to heat the water evaporates and heat used for evaporation is generated by the earthen pot and in this process the temperature of the pot comes down and as a result the water remains cool. The most important thing is that before storing the water, it should be boiled and filtered. After that, let it cool naturally. When it reaches the room temperature level, then store it in earthen pot (Matka) , SURAHI.

Benefits of Drinking Earthen Pot Water

Boosts metabolism: Drinking earthen pot water regularly helps in promoting immune system. If the water is stored in plastic bottles, the impurities of plastic are mixed in the water and thus the water becomes impure. It has also been noticed that by drinking the water stored in mud pot the testosterone level is increased.

Balance of PH Level in Water

Other benefit of drinking earthen pot water is that it contained the alkaline properties of soil. Alkaline water affected by acidity, maintains the PH level. Drinking of this water controls the acidity and you get relief in stomach pain.

Keep the Throat Intact

Generally, in summer everyone wishes to have cold water. We take water from the fridge. Although we drink cold water but being too cold this water makes our throat and other parts of the body very cool. The temperature level of throat nerves get too cool. Many problems arise. The throat nerves get infected and swelling occurs and then starts the disturbance in body activities. Whereas the earthen pot water haves good effect of the throat.

Beneficial for the Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant ladies are not advised to take fridge water. They should drink either earthen pot water or SURAHI water. This is not only good for their health, but they feel good after drinking the water due to fragrance of soil in the water.

Controls the Gas Problem

In summer people like to drink cold water. So they take ice water or water from fridge, but its effect is hot. This increases gas problem. Icy water causes constipation and the throat gets badly affected. As the earthen pot water is not very cold, it does not cause any gas problem. This water gives you a sense of contentment. Ocher (Geru) is used to colour this pot, which gives coolness in heat. With earthen pot water, you never have problem of constipation and throat infection etc.

Power to Absorb Poisonous Elements

Mud has the quality to purify. So it absorbs all poisons and mixes all micronutrients in water. The water remains at the same temperature means not so cool and not hot.


  • If you use earthen pot water, cover it to save water from insects, dust and other infectious creatures.
  • Keep your mud pot insect free. Dust is easily deposited in the mud pot. It is advisable to wash the pot with scrubber every time, let it dry and after that, fill it with water. Means keep the pot always clean.
  • Many people store the water in earthen pitcher (surahi). It is also a type of earthen pot. It has a very narrow neck. Most of the people prefer earthen pitcher to earthen pot.
  • Always keep earthen pot on a heavy table near the window. With the passing wind it will remain cool.

If you tie a wet cloth around the pot, water will cool down soon.


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