Take Care of your Dream Kitchen

Take Care of your Dream Kitchen

In modern days if the kitchen is not equipped with all the gadgets and equipments, one does not feel happy in working.

Even though the woman today is in nuclear family, she needs modern equipments only.

Even if all the modern amenities are available in the kitchen, but if those are not placed properly, and if the equipments are not maintained properly , how can it be called dream kitchen? The kitchen can be called dream kitchen in true sense when all the equipments are give proper care and cleanliness and maintenance is given concern.

  • If the spoons become dirty from the back side, put the spoons in the detergent water, and brush it with waste tooth brush once in a month.
  • Clean the knife twice or thrice a day with a soft cloth dipped in detergent water and make the knife dry.
  • Do not touch the hot oven glass with wet hands, because it can break. When it become normal, clean gently with soft brush.
  • For cleaning the oven, first you clean it with soft wet cloth dipped in detergent water, and then clean it with dry cloth.
  • Wash the mixer properly with detergent water and keep it dry. Keep the hand blenders dry after washing. If there are sticky remains (khurchan) in the utensils, then mix soda and clean it with steel brush, the sticky remains shall come out easily.
  • Clean the tiles whenever the food material comes out from the cooker or the drops of oil come on the tiles, at the place of the platform, where the gas stove is put.
  • Sometimes we grind some items and the material is there on the blades, put a little hot water in the mixer and operate the mixer for 30 seconds, the blades will be cleaned easily.
  • If you have to keep aside the bread toaster for some time, put a piece of newspaper in between. At the time of use, take of the newspaper and clean it with wet cloth and use it. Clean properly the toaster after use, otherwise it will give bad smell and it will look dirty also.
  • Clean the kitchen windows once in two months. Clean the glasses with little hot detergent water. Clean the net with brush and the windows will shine.
  • To clean the food material in bottom of the cooker or kadai,, put two three drops of liquid soap in the water and keep it for boiling, all the food material of the bottom will come out.
  • While preparing in the OTG, if some material falls down on the net, immediately switch it off and clean it with iron scrubber, else it will become hard and will not get cleaned easily.
  • To clean the coffee jar, put two small spoons of baking soda and boiled water. Jar will become neat and clean.
  • If something fells down in the microwave, sprinkle some salt, it will not smell and no smoke will be there.
  • If you have to put the glass crockery safe, rub them after washing. Put one paper plate in between every crockery item. It will be saved from the scratches and also the stains.
    Clean the kitchen clothes.
  • While preparing the meals, the kitchen clothes get oily very often and start giving foul smell. Put the clothes in hot water and mix besan for some time and then wash it with soap.
  • If some food item or anything falls from the plate, do not use duster, use paper napkins.

Ways to keep the food items safe:

  • Before storing the fresh vegetables in the fridge, put water in the bucket and wash it properly. Then keep it open in the air and when they become dry, put them in separate packets. Do not put huge quantity of vegetables in the fridge. Do not put bananas in the fridge.
  • Do not put garlic, honey and melons in the fridge.
  • Wash the vegetables before cooking.
  • Keep the kitchen safe from the cockroaches.
  • Though there is no permanent remedy for the cockroaches and the insects. But we can get rid from it with little care.
  • Sprinkle pesticides twice a year necessarily.
  • To get the best affect, keep your kitchen totally empty before sprinkling the pesticides.
  • Keep a small light on in the kitchen, at night. Take all the wastes of food from the utensils and put it in dustbin so that the cockroaches and insects do not attack.
  • Clean the shelves and almirahs in between.
  • Prepare small balls of atta mixing boric powder, some sugar and milk. Paste it on the front of the corners of fridge and inside and outside the almirahs.

By doing this, cockroaches will disappear for some time. Give special care on the cleanliness of kitchen.


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