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Silence is a voluntary state of quiet, calmness, stillness and taciturnity (reserved in speaking) of a person or place or situation.

It is opposite to the conditions of noise, outcry, uproar and tumult.

Silence holds the key to peace of mind. The process of in-thinking achieves climax during the silent condition of mind so much so that the person becomes capable to listen the voice of divine.

Harsh words of Queen Dropti had been considered as the root cause of great battle of Mahabharata between Kaurav and Pandav community. Queen Dropti uttered the sentence, “Descendents of blind are blinds in thoughts and actions”. Silence on her part could have prevented the unnecessary war.

Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had depicted the portrait of three monkeys to provide great teachings for the masses. One of the monkeys puts its hands on the mouth which exhibits that one should only speak the cordial and selected words of truth.

Saints always speak the soft and righteous words in virtuous manner.

Therefore, their sermons are fruitful.

Voluntary silence is more important because one can self determine its periods and limits. There are certain specified sites and places where silence becomes compulsory.

For example

  1. Attending spiritual discourse so as to devote full concentration on the sermons of spiritual guide.
  2. During the course of meditation to keep the mind calm and peaceful.
  3. Attending conference.
  4. Official meetings.
  5. Class room while attending lecture.
  6. Unnecessary arguments and discussions where utterance of a few words may create problems.

Involuntary silence can be due to lack of knowledge on the particular subject, out of fear, oppressed by the dictator or boss.

Advantages of Silence

  • Provides strength and tranquility to the body as a whole.
  • Get sufficient time for self appraisal or introspection.
  • One can clearly understand the views of others; think over before giving the answer.
  • One can avoid the point of discord and dispute.
  • Provides relief from situations of anger and quarrel.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments and discussions.
  • Calm and cool headed person can encounter difficult situations and solve many problems.
  • Try to stay in composed and be all smiles in every situation.
  • Noisy persons are rash and easily resort to violence.
  • The power of thinking, memory and concentrations get re-enforced.
  • During silence, the energy of mind is restored, because the quantum of peace fills it all around.
  • Its importance has been elaborated by His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa (Haryana) during spiritual discourses.
    Silence brings re-generation of positive thoughts and tries to suppress the wicked behavior of mind.
  • Enlightens and rejuvenates the soul. This state of emancipation can lead to achieve the divine.
  • Meditation is a long journey which can be performed during prolonged will-full silence.
  • Persons who adapt to religious rites of maintaining silence from a few hours per day or even a few day per month always remain cool headed and peaceful.
  • Soft words spoken after silence act as remedy to many problems, whereas, instant harsh words create ill-feelings.
  • The teachings of Saint Kabir Ji suggest that silence at certain special occasions can provide great delight.
  • Ponder over before you speak and thus prolonged thinking requires compulsory silence.
  • Even our radio set and television have a switch of “mute” so as to temporarily stop the sound and concentrate on other task. The television shows the picture but we can continue to watch the events.
  • Our cell-phones have the switch of “silence” or vibrations so that we can avoid the sound where necessary.
  • The importance of a person can we adjudged better through the attitude, aptitude, character and behavior. The silence itself can exhibit the values of that person. The spoken words have meager importance which seems to be effortless.
  • Great research projects have been accomplished through silence.
  • Noise causes pollution. Silence and soft voice provide solution.
  • The five senses of our body touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing get promotion. The sixth sense of internal conscious gets awakened.
  • Deliver the words after thought-full analysis.
  • Certain persons think otherwise that the polite and soft spoken persons are in-effective but their simplicity of silence carries superb strength.

Avoidance of silence becomes necessary at certain situations, when en-trapped at dangerous place; when a person wants to plead the case, when personal view points have to be presented in seminars etc.

Silence is like precious gold worth many millions, costs nothing but even then many persons ignore its importance.

The polite and regulated voice is soothing, comfortable and compromising. Both the speech and quietness are not good for long durations. The situation of silence and soft voice has to be determined according to time and situation.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).

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