Dera Sacha Sauda Coloured in Patriotic Hue

Dera Sacha Sauda Coloured in Patriotic Hue

 Just as Holi and Diwali are celebrated in the country with great fervor, similarly Dera Sacha Sauda celebrated the national festival Republic Day. On this occasion the entire Shah Satnam Ji Dham seemed so beautiful in the colour of patriotism.

A two-day international cultural programme was also held on the occasion in which artists from the foreign countries participated enthusiastically. At the beginning of the programme Revered Guru Ji sang the patriotic song ‘Jiyenge-Marenge Mar Mitenge Desh Ke Liye…’. It filled the listeners with a feeling of patriotism and love for the country. Artists from Kerala showed glimpses of Indian martial art.

Artists from the India Group presented a dangerous show of ‘malkhamb’. People were astounded to see such valour from the artists. Artists from Rajasthan presented a grand spectacle of Rajasthani stunt, archery, lathi stunt and nacha. Later the artists from South Africa presented a dangerous but amazing show of gymnastic. Girl students of the Shah Satnam Ji Girls Educational Institute and international yoga player Swapnil Insan also presented their show.

Canada’s Ring Dancer and Australian artist also presented a lovely show. Students of the Shah Satnam Ji Boys School, who had also participated in the ‘India Got Talent’ show and students of Shah Satnam Ji Boys School, Shri Gurusar Modia won everyone’s heart. Stunts by the Punjab artists too were absolutely amazing. The entry in the ‘Sher-E-Hind’s dress filled the people with feelings of patriotism. During the Holy Bhandara on January 26, when the Guru Ji entered the stage, crores of eyes were enthralled. As the curtain on the stage lifted, everyone looked up expecting to see the entry of Dr. MSG.

A lotus flower opened slowly, crores of eyes were keen to see Dr. MSG. But everyone was surprised to see when the Revered Guru Ji, dressed in the getup of ‘Sher-E-Hind’ in the role of ‘Hind ka Napak ko Jawab’ entered the stage like a commando in a fire oozing jeep. Everyone appreciated this new look of the Revered guru Ji and they kept gazing at him. The devotees present on the occasion shouted slogans of ‘Jai Hind’ and started dancing in the main hall, welcoming Dr. MSG.

Dera Sacha Sauda will Take Care of the Families of Martyrs:

Dera Sacha Sauda has taken a historical initiative to help the families of the Indian martyrs. Volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda will not just take care of the education of the children of martyrs, but also provide employment to them. They will also donate houses to them. Not just this, but if any soldier gets injured in the war, they will also be provided artificial limbs. When the Revered Guru Ji made this announcement of new work during the Republic Day celebrations in front of crores of devotees in the jam-packed hall, crores of hands were raised. Everyone pledged to participate in this humanitarian work.

‘Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Army’s slogan given:

On the second day of the Holy Bhandara on January 26 during the International Cultural Festival, Dr. MSG said, ‘There is a lamp of patriotism burning in everyone’s heart. Where there is patriotism. No one can exploit the land and people where there is patriotism. At such a place no terrorism can retain active. It is because of the soldiers that we sleep peacefully. The army is guarding the border at minus 40 degree temperature. They are doing this service so that no enemy enters our land and captures it and disturbs our peace. They stand rock-like to protect us from all troubles. We respect our army and will continue to do so forever. As far as possible We will support and help the army. We pray to God, there never will be a war.’ On this occasion Dr. MSG shouted slogan of ‘Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Army’ and saluted the army to pay homage to the martyrs. Behind Dr. MSG, crores of people shouted the same slogan to pay respect to the martyrs.

Crores of Devotees Coloured in Patriotism:

During the Holy Bhandara when Dr. MSG in His sweet and melodious voice sang the song ‘Jiyenge Marenge Mar Mitenge Desh Ke Liye…’ a feeling of patriotism passed through the devotees present on the occasion. Later on Dr. MSG released the songs of the film ‘Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab’ including ‘System Hil Gaya…’, ‘Jang Hai Hamari Atankvad Se…’, ‘Ye Jana Tujhe Paa Ke…’, ‘Thank You for That…’. The film’s trailer was also shown to the devotees on the occasion.

‘Bone Bank’ will be made from the Income of the Film:

Rev. Saint Dr. MSG said, ‘The income generated from the film, ‘Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab’ (MSG Lion Heart-2’ a bone bank will be made. People affected by the bone diseases will be able to get natural bone instead of the artificial ones.’

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