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Be Friendly with Wonder Fruit Lemon, Bid Good Bye to Diseases Lemon, a small-juicy fruit, is extremely helpful for human being. It has inherent medicinal values to treat a large number of bodily ailments. The only problem is that we do not know about this wonder fruit because now the man does not care for the natural medicines.

Today is the time that people consider it better to waste the money but do not want to do a little labour which, otherwise, is more beneficial than medicine.

Do not underestimate the lemon.

It is of great use. In India varieties of lemons are grown. Every variety of lemon definitely contains citric acid, salt and phosphorus. This cures us from blood deficiency and also purifies the blood. Truly speaking because of these qualities, this small fruit is considered to be a medicine.

You will surely find something nutritive in all the fruits but lemon is more important because it has citric acid, salt and phosphorus in abundance. Lemon is more important as a fruit because it is available throughout the year. Lemon gives relief in skin diseases, gum swelling, itching throat and tonsils. More to that it is beneficial for the eye and cures the throat problems. In nose bleeding it works magically and stops the bleeding at once. It saves the food from being wasted.

The most effective quality of the lemon is that it works in all the seasons according to the particular weather. It changes the taste of the food stuffs altogether. For example while taking the food, if you mix some drops of lemon juice, you will get a new taste and it will add colour to the food because it is citric in nature. When activates with the stomach juices, the citric juices are created and these juices purify the blood. Lemon has 89% of water.

People going to cold places and mountains take lemon with them considering it as their friend. Lemon is the remedy for beauty related problems also.

It is a beauty product from head to feet and is the only medicine for the hair and it is anti-dandruff too, because if you massage lemon juice on the head and after some time wash, the dandruff will goes away altogether. If you mix the lemon juice in the water and wash the hair, these will shine.

In a nutshell, lemon is virtually a Ram Baan or panacea for all problems related to hair. If you take the lemon juice with water early morning in empty stomach, you will get many benefits. It is very beneficial for constipation.

You would have seen dark circles around the eyes and pimples which is the result of the constipation. So these also vanish with the removal of constipation. Lemon heals almost every problem of the stomach. It is the best medicine for scurvy disease.

In chronic cold, lemon juice is very beneficial.

So there are so many qualities hidden in this small fruit. By having the knowledge of this you can take advantage of this in every season.


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