Some Points to Ponder While Living in a Housing Society

There was a time when all members of the family used to live happily under one roof. They shared collective joy and sorrows.

Today, it is no more the same. The problems started increasing after the breaking of joint families and shift to nuclear ones.

Now it has become difficult for the members of different families to remain under one roof. One of the reasons for this is the shortage of space. The living space is becoming less in the cosmopolitan cities which is gift of the modern age.

To overcome from this problem of shortage of living spaces in cosmopolitan cities, the apartments or flats are being constructed. However, the living style in these flats is totally different from other old houses where there used to be much space.

While living in such less-spacious flats located in the urbanized and cosmopolitan cities, one has to take certain things under consideration. Let us have some tips. Such tips are necessary as you may be considered as backward by others living in the flats located in housing societies unless you follow them.

Tips to Follow While Living in the Flats in Cosmopolitan Towns.

  • Do not interfere in the personal life of the neighbourers.
  • In case of any problem regarding the supply of water and electricity, cooperate with each other.
  • Do not remain stretched with the neighbourers. Instead respect them and their emotional feelings. Take care that their privacy is not breached by you.
  • In addition to your own safety, be alert for their safety also.
  • If you are fond of keeping pets, keep them safely so that the residents of the flats do not have any problem due to their presence.
  • Cooperate in fulfilling the rules of the society or the apartment. Do not break the rules.
  • If some old members or a person living alone in your neighbor’s flats, take care of them. Help them when they need.
  • Take special care that you do not create loud noises to create troubles for those living in flats adjacent to yours or located down below.
  • While listening to music or watching TV, see to it that it is on low pitch.
  • Whenever you meet the residents of the flats, meet with smile on your face.
  • Take full care of the collective and joint property of the society. Take full care of the lawn, steps and the roof maintenance.
  • Do not help the guests to break the society rules. Make them properly aware of the rules of the society so that you do not have to face any awkward situation.
  • Take part in the cultural programmes organized by the society on special occasions. If you are not participating, at least you should be present there.
  • Do not impose traits of your religion or culture on the neighbourers. At the same time, do not neglect their religion or culture.
  • Share the joy and sorrows of the neighbourers and spare time to participate in that.
  • Give your cooperation for the welfare of the society.
  • Do not neglect the security person on the main gate of the society.
  • Whenever you are going out for 2-3 days or coming late in the night, go after informing the security man.



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