Take good care of your Inverter, Air Conditioner and Geyser

Take good care of your Inverter, Air Conditioner and Geyser

The usage of electronic gadgets is increasing day by day in big cities as well as in small ones. Though these gadgets have made our life rather easier, the slightest of carelessness might lead to big terrible accidents. Such awful accidents force us to take extra precaution while handling such gadgets, do not neglect even the slightest glitch and to avoid major accidents show the machine to a good mechanic or in the respective company shop.

Taking care of the Inverter

  • The gases oozing out of the Inverter battery are very harmful for health. Place the inverter near a window or in the porch, so that the gases remain outside.
  • In case of power failure and if the inverter is not functioning, the best option is to check it with a torch rather than in a matchstick light
  • Keep checking the inverter water levels on a regular interval of 3 months, once all the water dries up the battery gets heated due to friction and ultimately it might burst.
  • Never put a metallic vessel on the inverter, it might give electric shock in case of short-circuit.
  • Electronic gadgets like TV, fridge, computer and geyser should be kept away from the inverter; these are the equipment which getworst affected in case the inverter faces explosion.
  • Always keep the inverter on a plastic trolley and also wrap the wires with plastic or rubber cover to nullify any outbreak of current.

Take good care of your AC

  • Good quality wiring is a must for AC installation; please do not try to cut cost during wiring for AC.
  • Use the best quality stabilizer.
  • Do not switch off the AC again and again, when we switch on the AC it creates a load of 3500 Watt while it’s only 2000 Watt at the time of running. Switching off the AC repeatedly is detrimental for the AC.
  • Even during the winters, switch on the AC just for 5 minutes, every week.
  • Maintain Anti-freeze Cooling Protection System.
  • Condenser drain pipe should be checked frequently to avoid any blockage. AC gets heated if there is a blockage which is not desirable.
  • While selecting your AC, keep the size of the room in mind.
  • Get the compressor, evaporator, drain-tube, and wires etc. cross checked during servicing of the AC.

Handle Your Geyser Carefully

  • Electric geysers have been in the market since the last 4-5 decades. Gas geysers are also available in market now. People prefer to use the gas geyser to electric one these days as they find it safer to use. No matter what type of geyser one is using but proper handling and care of the geyser is important.
  • There is no risk of electric shocks in gas geysers but there are chances of gas leakage. Electric geyser is safer in that aspect.
  • Defective electric geyser can get overly heated, if the defect is not detected because of unawareness.
  • At times water gets excessively heated by electric geyser which causes skin damage.
  • There are times when the water tank is empty and the electric geyser if switched on, in such cases the geyser gets over heated and it causes harm to the geyser. Check water pressure before switching on the geyser.
    Neetu Gupta

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