Historical City Bikaner

The land of Rajasthan provides fragrance to the cultural world with its diversity, painted in seven colorful colors. This land of honor and glory has been the birth place of brave men & women. The light of seven colorful rays of culture has been illuminating the people here. This land proclaiming ‘Come to My Country’ thrills the visitors. Signs of unique culture can be seen in all the cities and villages of Rajasthan, be it town or countryside.

Introduction: Bikaner city of Rajasthan also has its own reputation. While the delicate carvings on wood and stones here delight the tourists, the melodious music, artistic mansions and magnificent forts do not fail to attract the public. The Usta art here has the ability to impress everyone.


This city situated in the north-west of Rajasthan was established in the year 1488. A person named Nera had earlier occupied the deserted area here. He gave up the ownership of this place on the condition that whatever name the city gets, his name will also be attached to it. Rao Bika, son of Jodhpur king Rao Jodha, had taken the initiative to establish the city here as a result the word Nera had to be added after his name. Over time this word changed from Bikanera to Bikaner.

Transport Facility

It is directly connected to the country by both rail and road means of transport. There is no dearth of dharamshalas, hotels and good eateries here. The residents here, who believe in the city’s deity Lord Lakshminath, stay away from garlic and onion but their percentage is less.

Places to Visit in Bikaner


About 24 km from Bikaner city, in the far western direction, there is a village named Kodamdesar where there is a big reservoir. There is a temple of Bhairuji on the banks of the reservoir. The specialty of this temple made of marble is that there is no roof over the temple idol.

There is a huge idol of Lord Bhairuji situated in the open courtyard. The first ruler of Bikaner, Rao Bika, had brought this idol from Mandore. Rao Bika had established this ‘Vigraha’ in Kodamdesar. The residents of the city come here in large numbers to perform Jaat-Jhadula (Child’s head shaving ceremony).

Gajner Palace/Sanctuary:

This is a beautiful place for picnic. This place is located south-west of Bikaner city, 32 km from Bikaner. Apart from the grand palace, there is also a beautiful lake which is of huge size. There is a sanctuary near this place where birds come from far and wide. Nilgai, chinkara, black deer, wild boar, herds of royal partridges etc. are worth seeing in the sanctuary.


This is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus which is on the Jaisalmer road. It is 55 km from the city. It is situated far away. There is a long & wide lake at the pilgrimage site. Also, the idol of Lord Kapil, the founder of Sankhya philosophy, is situated. On the occasion of Kartik Purnima, a big fair is held here which continues for five days. On that day, the festival of lamp donation is celebrated which is worth seeing. People of Bikaner city and surrounding areas put the ashes of deceased Sanatan followers here.


It is 30 km away from Bikaner city. It is a distant village where the temple of Karni Mata is situated. The unique feature of this temple is that innumerable rats are seen roaming here. Devotees eagerly give food items to these rats.

The second feature of the temple is that its lion gate is very grand. The minute carvings carved on marble stone are worth seeing. Both domestic and foreign tourists will be seen shooting here.

National Camel Research Centre:

8 km from Bikaner city, the only Camel Research Center of the country is situated in the remote Jodbir village. It is spread over two thousand acres of land. The research work related to camels is being done here. Various types of products are made here from camel milk. Guidance regarding the usefulness of camel milk in various diseases is imparted.

Camel ride is also available for tourists here. Camel Festival is celebrated every year in the month of January in Bikaner in which camel stunts, camel race, camel dressing, camel milking and many other games are organized which are watched with great interest by both foreign and domestic tourists.

Junagarh Fort:

 This is the main tourist spot of Bikaner. It was constructed by Raja Raisingh in 1593. It is a unique example of architecture, sculpture, and carving art. Many palaces made of red stones of Dhulmera and marble stones of Makrana are worth seeing here.

There is also a long and deep moat around the fort. Golden pens have been used extensively inside the fort. Matheran and Usta artists, expert in their craft, doubled the beauty of this fort. The stone carvings and glass work here are worth seeing. This fort has always been invincible. There are strong walls around this fort and many towers.

Lakshminarayan Temple:

 This is a famous temple of Bikaner. This temple was built by Rao Lunkaran. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The roof of this temple made of marble is also worth seeing.

When we enter the assembly hall of the temple, the mind feels a pleasant peace when we look towards the sanctum sanctorum. We feel like we should stay here for a long time. There are other small and big temples in the temple complex. Apart from this, there are also gardens, swings etc. in the entire Lakshminath area. There is a huge crowd of people here on important dates and festivals.

Some Other Places of Interest:

Apart from the above places, Bikaji ki Tekri, Lalgarh Palace, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Public Park, Ratan Bihari Temple, Bhandasar Jain Temple, Nagnechi Ji’s Temple, Devikund Sagar, Shivbari etc. are other tourist places which can be visited during a two-three day trip. –


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