How the invitation card should be

No matters if the party is small or big, the importance of the invitation card is more. Invitation card is the mirror the party. The subject of the card is more important than the beauty of the card.

Inviting is an Art and invitation is a good work, where we invite our dear ones, others, known people, relatives our kith & kins and colleagues, our seniors and honoured people of the society with respect, honour and humble attitude to our home.

The coming guests with their presence oblige you with their gracious presence, deep relations and are also fascinated with your good interests, love, fame and cordial behavior.

The questions is that how an invitation will bear such a huge responsibilities.
Man always prefer self respect by nature and tendency. Not getting the required respect, however the invitation is from a big person, the ego of the recipient of the invitation card is hurt. The relationships get broken.

If you plan and think properly that how should be the invitation card, to whom given, how it should be given, when and where it should be given, it multiplies the joy and happiness of the inviting and invitee both. Hence while giving the invitation, despite of having very formal relations do not forget to say “come in time, do not be delayed according to your habit, and you must come, we will enjoy together” How should be the invitation card? While inviting for the party, you should see, how should be the pattern of the invitation card.

For this your decision will be final. But see to it the invitation card is a document which is a transparent mirror of your whole personality. Everything will be observed and felt through it. These days in rich families, only in one big invitation card, putting several small card is in fashion, which includes all the traditions of these families.

In some cases these functions start even 17 days before the marriage. Invitation card can be on a simple but good art paper, with hand made requests, in white or any matching colour ink which will be an introduction of your artistic knowledge, according to the function and your deep relations with the invitee.

In the markets ready made and printed invitation cards are also available which can be used for the birthday parties of the kids, engagement ceremonies and other formal functions. Prepare the list of invitees according to the diary well in advance, in which the names of all family members, the relatives, known persons, closed friends, colleagues and neighborhood are included. While preparing this the occasion, event and objective, venue, management and budget should be kept in mind.

While inviting the distant invitees, their comfort and yours should also be kept in mind and send them the invitation card well in time or inform him so that they can make reservation of train or bus, or can apply for leave well in advance to attend your function.

And yes, if in addition to write the name on the card, you write a letter or note, the invitee will realize his status and the importance of his/her presence in your function.
If the invitee is from the other town, it is better to remind him one day before and ensure about his travel etc, when he is reaching and also ensure if some other arrangements are to be made for him. If you have to invite some selected people from the same town, you may personally go and give the invitation card. While going, take sweet box with you which will save another round and also minimize your responsibility on the marriage day.

In case of shortage of time the services of a messenger can also be taken.
In addition to this you can talk to them on telephone. It all depends on your relationships with the invitee. In Metro cities, some companies are hiring the services of smart girls. You can also avail their services. But if you are personally going to invite take your wife with you. While preparing the list, do not forget your kids and their friends.

This will strengthen their self respect and they will take active part in the celebration.
If the kids are not allowed to participate, invite them accordingly well in advance otherwise you will be confused if they come. This also follows in the case of elders and senior citizens. If dress code has to be followed for the invitees, also describe it in the invitation card. If some competitions and prize distribution is to be done, do not forget to mention it in the invitation card.. Remember that the party is for fun and not for confusions and tensions. Do not invite unwanted and destructive people.

But any how they appear in one or the other way with taunting smile. So it is better to get distributed the cards through some reliable person. Who should be invited and whom not to invited, the right to take decision lies with you and it is respected by all.


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