Identify Hesitation as an Enemy

Identify Hesitation as an Enemy :

A person who is always hesitant remains slippery in every field of life. Shame is other form of hesitation. Often it is said ‘who has been ashamed is his bitter karma’.

Hesitation is an unseen and an ignorant enemy of a man which can deprive him of the great achievement that he really deserves. Today is the era of publicity and disclosure of itself. Look around and you would see great talkers are doing well in life.

They are the favorites of their boss, popular managers, lively presenters and fast risers. Society places a high premium on the ability to talk.

Not being comfortable talking to others seriously limits all that you can achieve. If you don’t hesitate, you can achieve everything in life. So you have to know what you are. If you are really talented, and if you have strong desire to move forward, then you have to say something and to do it because you are not short.

Take off the cover of hesitation and let the emergence of your strengths. Do not forget that, because hesitation can sometimes create a big trouble too for a man. If we see it from the point of view of psychology, it is virtually a heinous gland that takes root right from the childhood in man’s mind.

In this, his family environment, rituals and education play an important role. This is the reason that there is a lot of difference in children’s ethics, thoughts and behaviors who born in a decent, virtuous family.

Already the tongue, where there will be an abusive language or words, the other’s conversation may start with abusive. Here, the child who is born in a virtuous family is his jewel, it is his beauty, which is really praiseworthy, but there is a curse where there is a hesitation which is making a bid for the rights which people deserve.

In school, hesitant kids do not usually participate in school activities and cultural programs. They would have few friends and in many cases, the teacher would not know even if he is a good student. Hesitant people are generally unsure of themselves and hesitant and shyness permeates their entire self.

Even you can see people with hesitation issues applying for fewer jobs, and even refusing more promotions than more outgoing ones. Hesitation is not an acceptable characteristic of your personality. It is an impediment which limits your career growth, relationships, prestige and every aspect of your life.

There is a lot of hesitation in the house, not only in the office and school, which forces to live many people in their boundaries. Whatever the views about the women’s freedom in this world, but most of the women of a section of their country are still forced to drink the bitter sour of exploitation and forcing them to be hesitant because they are women, and they have to cover their face even in front of men and elder man of the house.

More over them cannot speak in loud voice in front of their husband and elder man. Hesitation is like a curse and disease, without which the person cannot progress in life without freeing.

Decency is the religion of man, but hesitation is a fence, which keeps him bound in a restricted periphery. Come out of this bondage and go with the world if you want to get success in your life.

If you have a dream, an idea, a passion, or a goal the time to act on it is now. If you sit in fear afraid to let the world see your dreams then there is absolutely no chance of it ever being accomplished. Do not settle for a life of merely surviving due to hesitation.

Embrace the attitude of your youth because a life of success will not begin without taking that first shot. So remove your hesitation. – Deepak Prajapati

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