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Increasing Fat, No Problem

Introduction: In modern times, with all physical comforts available, increased weight is a common problem. By the time the person notices his increased weight, the circumference of waist increases. Then he gets tense to reduce it. The weight reduces, but tricky is to maintain it.

The weight at other parts of the body reduces early but difficulty is to remove the fat over the back and stomach. Some people are not obese but the fat deposits around their stomach is the main problem.

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Let us review some tips to reduce the fat around stomach and back:

Take Honey Regularly

Honey helps in reducing the fat. Take one spoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water everyday. This helps in reducing the fat at stomach and back. Diabetic patients must consult their doctor before taking honey.

Do Walking Everyday

Regular walk keeps us brisk. Walking puts effects on our legs, stomach and back. If you take long walk regularly (20-25 minutes), then certainly it shall reduce the fat. Should you wish to reduce the fat early then you can increase the time and speed of walk on pro rata basis. People suffering from knee pain must take walk at ease and should consult the doctor in this regard.

Keep  Fast Once a Week

Observe fast once  a week. Fast doesn’t mean not to eat throughout the day, nor does it mean to starve. It actually means to take liquid diet, like water, lemon water, soup, milk and butter milk etc. Should you hear crave for more, then take salad and fruits.

Take Green Tea

If you cannot survive without tea then replace the milk tea with green tea, lemon tea and black tea. Green tea carries anti oxidants, which somehow help reducing the fat.

Take balanced Diet

Take simple and easily digestible food. Take it at proper time. Take night food by 6:00-7:00 pm. (Ayurveda recommends eating night food, before sunset). Take chapatti of proper flour. Apart from this chana flour ( gram flour), bajra (pearl millet ) jowar(sorghum) and oats can also be added to wheat and chapatti of that flour can be taken.

To make the chapatti soft, mix the remaining dal and vegetables in that flour. Take 5-7 almonds per day. Use oil to the least when making vegetable, and take sandwiches including tomato, chatni, cucumber etc. made in brown bread. Take sprouts. You can also take milk and related products. But take care that the milk should be toned.

Take limited calories in food. In snacks take only chana, murmure, sprouts and fruits. Bakery products, frenzy drinks and fried eatables, packed juices must be avoided. Should you be forced to do, then balance the calories taking light food in next two days.

Full Sleep is Necessary

Don’t give leverage to sleep. This ignorance brings stress and releases such hormones that add to the fat in the body. Taking peaceful sleep of 6-7 hours per day never allows increasing of the sizes around stomach and back.

Do Exercise Regularly

Do special exercises for stomach and back so that the fat in those parts can be reduced. Stretching helps a lot. Some asanas(postures) are such that they reduce fat in such areas. Learn the exercises and postures from trained teacher. Take out one hour regularly for you, amongst 24 hours of the day. If you are healthy then you will get energy to do other works and you will be able to do all the works in a speedy way.


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