Importance Of Nutrittous Diet

Most of us understand what healthy eating involves – less fried food, less sugar, and more fruits and vegetables. However, when it comes to excellent nutrition,most of us are unaware of the entire scope of benefits and how to achieve them. Nutrition is an essential aspect of a healthylifestyle and the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated.

Good Nutrition is important for your body. To avoid deficiencies or hormonal imbalances in the body, it is critical to consume a well-balanced diet rich in all nutrients. Nutrition is also vital for boosting your immunity and giving your body the right support system,it needs to fight infections.

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Majority of us hardly care about nutrition, enticed to gluttony,day dreaming aboutcakes, pastries, pizzas, pastas, ice-creams, sugary drinks, biscuits,etc. The list isendless when it comes to mouth-watering delicacies. The excitement, joy and love to indulge in these delicacies cannot be expressed in words. In fact, I am tempted to throw caution to the benefits of nutritious diet and reach out for these delectable delights. I can hear my mind say, what will some extra weight do?

So, the important question is, why should we care about nutrition. The answer is obvious. These indulgences of mouth-watering delights are momentary. They are rightfully called mouth-watering as their experience is limited to our mouths. The popular adage which goes like this, “a moment on lips, a lifetime on hips”, though amusing is mostly true. Further, to follow a healthy, balance diet is a vital part of maintaining good health and helping you feel your best.

While some groups of people, such as athletes may require additional support by way of special protein powders and best protein bars to fuel muscle growth, the majority of us can get everything we need by ensuring we are eating a healthy and varied range of foods. A nutritious and balanced diet supplies the fuel your body needs to work effectively. Without balanced nutrition, your body is prone to illnesses and unfavourable conditions like heart disorders, diabetes and cancer. There are many other risks that arise from nutritional deficiencies like digestion problems, anemia and skin problems.

Food is important for life. To be healthy &active, we should certainly have enough food. We should choose from a wide variety of foods and we should eat them regularly throughout the day every day of the year. Do not forget that we should enjoy the food that we eat, it should look, smell, and taste good. Without good nutrition children, adults and elderly people may find it challenging to live full potential and do their best. Food supports our bodies to

  • Stay alive and be active.
  • Keep us warm and energetic.
  • Build new cells and tissues for growth
  • Develop strong muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Repairs and heals injuries.
  • Builds and supports brain activity.
  • Prevent and fight infections.
  • Keeping organs healthy.
  • Overall growth, maintaining and development of our bodies.

A balanced diet ideally includes five food groups.

Each provides key vitamins, minerals, fiber, and calories. The five food groups are Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein Foods and Dairy.

The main elements that make up a healthy dietary pattern include

  • Vegetables of all type.
  • Fruits especially whole fruits rather than fruit juices.
  • Grains, should be mostly whole grains.
  • Dairy including fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and or lactose free alternatives.
  • Proteins foods like beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, soy products.
  • Oils including vegetable oils, oils in food such as

Now that we have provide details on importance of food and the groups of food it is time to know some of the most important reasons that might inspire you to plan or at least start thinking of following a nutritious diet.

Strong Immune System

Our immune system requires strong support to guard us against illnesses and immunodeficiency problems. Consuming healthy, wholesome, varied nutritious diet ensures that our immune system is able to perform at its optimal capacity.

Increased Energy Levels

It is food that provides energy to our bodies. The main nutrients our bodies rely for energy are carbohydrates, essential fats and proteins. Care should be taken to choose the right food that will help to sustain energy. For e.g. Wholegrain breads are a better source of carbohydrates compared to sugar.

Weight Management

A lot of us followa diets that may help to lose that excess weight. Such diets may make you look good in that attire or any other reasons that are superficial. But following a nutritious diet is best way to go about sustaining a healthy weight at the same time accomplishing necessary nutrients for healthy body function. Substituting unhealthy food and snacks with nutritious food is the first step to keeping your weight within a range that is proportionate to your body composition.

Mental Health

Eating a balanced nutritious diet can make you happy. Nutrients such as iron, omega-3 fatty acids  can boost your mood. Further studies have indicated that two thirds of people who eat fruit and vegetables every single day report no mental issues.

Good Mood and Improved Memory

By having a diet that is rich in protein, reasonable carbohydrates, low in fat will ensure adequate supply of iron, calcium, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and many such nutrients required for a sustained good mood, benefits improved memory and helps you to remain active.

Delay in Ageing

Certain types of food such as tomatoes, berries, avocados, nuts,  all contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Tomatoes, berries contain Vitamin C which helps to build collagen, in turn making your skin look firmer, thereby slows ageing.

Increased Life Span

We need food to survive and be healthy but the efforts it takes our body to metabolize causes stress. With excess eating and wrong food habits this can take a toll on the body which may result to a short life span. By following a diet rich in nutrients and also one that contains no or less processed foods will result into a longer life span.

It may be argued that eating a well-balanced diet that includes both healthy and less-healthy items is more important than striving for perfection in our food choices. Taking this approach not only allows people to fuel their bodies with good foods, but it also creates a great environment for our mental health. This approach eliminates any guilt that may arise from eating unhealthy foods on occasions.

Finally, following a nutritious diet should not seem like balancing on a tight rope, nor should it feel like throwing caution to the wind and care less about nutrition. It is preferable to arm yourself with adequate knowledge, to evaluate your own unique requirements and work out a disciplined regime to maintain healthy eating habits.


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