Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from infancy to adolescence to adulthood.

In the course of your life, if you encounter mental health problems, your thinking, mood and behaviour could be affected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems. Most people believe that mental disorders are rare and “happen to someone else”. In fact, mental disorders are common and widespread today.

However, with proper care and treatment, many people learn to cope or recover from a mental illness or emotional disorder. There are more than 200 classified forms of mental illness.

According to the University of Oxford, “A study carried out in 2017 estimated that 792 million people lived with a mental health disorder.

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This is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%)”. Similarly, the National Alliance of Mental Health study showed that:

  • 1 in 5adults experience mental illness each year
  • 1 in 20adults experience serious mental illness each year
  • 1 in 6youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year
  • Suicide is the secondleading cause of death among people aged 10-34

Let us understand what can be done to keep mental health intact:

Mental Health & Relationships:

The link between mental health and relationships is one of the most compelling reasons for its importance. Mental illness might have an impact on how we interact with our friends and family. It frequently results in passive-aggressiveness, hostility, and the incapacity to participate in social activities. Self-care for mental health and, if necessary, medication can help us live a mentally stable existence while also maintaining our relationships.

Mental Health &Physical Health

There’s a link between our mental and physical health. Mental illness can induce stress and have an effect on our immune systems. As a result, our body’s ability to cope with illness may be jeopardized. A sick mind can lead to anxiety and sadness, both of which can make it difficult to move about and stay active. The mind-body connection is well-established, which is why mental health awareness is so crucial.

Mental Health&Emotional Well-being

Every day, how you feel on the inside is just as important as how physically healthy you are. Mental health advice demonstrates how a negative mind can make you feel down, irritated, or disturbed. Taking care of our emotional well-being can help us be more productive and effective in our daily activities. To maintain track of our emotional and overall well-being, we can seek mental health advice from friends, family, and a psychologist.

Mental Health &Suicide Rates

According to a study by the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), 46 percent of those who commit suicide have a recognized mental health condition. Another study conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States found that approximately 60% of those who committed suicide had such as major depression, bipolar disorder. This demonstrates the link between mental health and suicide, and how early medical intervention and self-care can help minimize the number of suicide deaths.

Mental Health &Crime and Victimization

As per some studies, poor mental health puts one at an increased risk of committing violent crimes. This risk is further substantiated if the individual consumes drugs and alcohol and is averse to taking medication. Crimes by mentally unfit persons are committed against family members or those within their close circles. Seeking tips for mental health from a medical professional and understanding why mental health is important can help in avoiding such scenarios.

Mental Health &Productivity and Financial Stability

One of the many reasons why it’s crucial to look after your mental health is that it boosts your overall productivity and financial security. According to research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, those with serious mental diseases earn 40% less than those in good mental health. According to the World Health Organization, almost 200 million workdays are lost each year owing to depression alone. It is widely known that poor mental health causes a drop in productivity, which has an impact on financial stability.

Mental Health &Societal Factors

As previously stated, poor mental health can lead to an increase in crime and violence. Children of adults with mental problems, on the other hand, are more likely to experience abuse, neglect, and behavioural issues. They are likely to grow up to be complex human beings who struggle to find societal acceptance and support. It has also been noted that people who are having mental difficulties become socially isolated and find it difficult to maintain a healthy social life.

  1. Mental Health & the Quality of Life

From the above discussion, it is clear why it is important to take care of your mental health. An unhealthy mind can lead to ups and downs and overwhelm us to a point where we cannot carry on with even the most basic tasks. Untreated mental health is often identified with a sense of hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness, feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear, and a perceived loss of control. It is important to recognize these symptoms and seek tips for mental health from a certified professional before it is too late.

Mental Health & Awareness

While many people suffer from mental illness but only a small percentage seek treatment because of the stigma associated with it. This is why it is critical to raise mental health awareness. The stigma associated with mental health has an impact not only on the number of persons seeking therapy but also on the resources available for effective treatment. Individuals can be encouraged to identify their symptoms, practice self-care, and seek therapy or medical support if necessary by spreading the word about mental health tips.

Mental Health Awareness & Community Building

We can establish better support facilities for those suffering from mental illnesses if we actively campaign for why mental health awareness is crucial. It would have the potential to generate a more tolerant and kind global society, and hence increase the chances of recovery in situations of mental illness. Learning about mental health and teaching others about it will help us bring about a much-needed change and heal the planet – one person at a time.


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