Let the lights of Happiness lit on Deepawali

Deepawali a festival of light.

A festival of marching from darkness to light. It is being celebrated for centuries, as a symbol of Financial and Mental prosperity.

No doubt Deepawali is a festival to worship Goddess Laxmi, but we have to take into consideration some basic things in mind to celebrate the happiness, so that joy and happiness is celebrated in every home. Veena Kumari is telling. Deepawali is the festival of lamps. A small lamp is the symbol of clearing off the darkness and getting energized.

A little lamp of symbolization to face and struggle the storms and getting victory over it, a symbol of great festival. As if the pure feelings of heart becomes the GHEE (fuel) to lit the golden light. Deepotsav, a group effort being tried for the centuries in the name of Deepawali. Perhaps the mankind has the advance inner feeling that to vanish the negativity of darkness, one lamp will not be enough, but crores of lamps will be needed.

Deepawali is the live example of that collective effort. How lovely looks the colorful atmosphere. In the glittering of lamps, the hide and seek of darkness looks very beautiful. And more to that the sacred joining of belief and prosperity. untitled-1
Dhanteras is meant for happiness and prosperity, colours of rangoli, and exchange of continuous wishes by meeting others. From the main market to nook and corner of every street seems to be changed altogether and lit with lights.

In the name of Deepawali the glaring light is not enough, rather in addition to this we also need the Ghee lamps, which in addition to purify the atmosphere gives us spiritual purity. People must wear new clothes at the time of Deepawali, but never forget them who do not have clothes. Morever Light festival is rather a deed to awaken the humanity.

So we need to take these lacking people from darkness to light. Then only our Deepawali will be purposeful. This Deepawali is an opportunity to take oath to overcome this problem. Much needed is internal and external enlightenment, so that we march towards the development of mankind. Only then the mental darkness in addition to the darkness of the home will vanish away. Night of no moon of Kartik will look more enlightened than the full moon.

Deepawali is the festival of joining us with these deeds. We should not forget this lesson. The purpose behind lighting the queues of the lamps is to enlighten the nearby and the whole world. The darkness from everyone’s life should go away.
To enlighten only one’s own self was never the motive behind this festival. It is because of this the trust and confidence, which are shown behind this festival, always we talk of winning the truth. ‘Lit the lamps, and see to it that the darkness does not remain anywhere on the earth’ .

The real motive of the festival of lights is clear from the lines written by a poet. Means celebrate the deepawali in such a way that whole of humanity gets enlivened. This is the honest effort of taking the mankind from darkness to light.

Also most of the beliefs related to this festival, more or less encourage us to come out from the darkness. The lesson of coming to light from darkness. “Asto Maa Sadgamay, Tamso ma Jyotirgamay”. O God, take me from the darkness of Falsehood, to the light of Truth. Towards such a light where there is no sign of Darkness. Where the mankind gets the motivation to struggle with ignorance, poverty and bad deeds.

The festival of light has the same soul, and only to grasp it, the effort of keeping this culture alive, this festival is being celebrated for the centuries. About the festival of Light, it is said that it was started to be celebrated to felicitate the arrival of the King Lord Rama of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The public of Ayodhya lit the Ghee lamps in the whole city, to respect their beloved king. One more ancient story also holds behind this.

Lord Vishnu took the avtar of God Narsingh and lynched the Hirnyakashyap, and on this day only after the shake of sea, Goddess and Dhanvantri appeared. According to Jain Mythodology, this day is the Nirwan Divas of their 24th Teeranthakar Mahaveer Swami.

On this day in 1619, the 6th Sikh Guru Hargovind Singh Ji was released from jail. The no moon of that Kartik night was enlightened in the light of lamps.

Later this day is continuously celebrated as a function in Sikh community, because Lord Rama is a symbol of TRUTH and Ravana is the devotee of falsehood. It was considered to be the victory of truth on falsehood. And Deepawali is the festival of victory.


In traditional relations, there appears confusions. Deepawali is the festival to finish the bitterness of relations and sweeten them. So this festival hug each other by forgetting all the complaints and fill sweetness in the relations. Younger ones should touch the feet of the elders and the elders in return should gift them and thus multiply their happiness. The best way to increase the happiness of the festival is that you lit a lamp of happiness in the house of a poor. Means the poor who cannot buy sweets, clothes, toys and crackers, you take all these things to their home and celebrate the festival with them.

In these days there is a common practice of give and take of gifts. But see to it that during these days shopkeepers keep low quality gifts also, which however look beautiful, but are not qualitative.

So be careful while purchasing.

  • At the time of lifting the crackers, elders should be with kids to avoid any untoward incident.
  • It is the time of adulteration. So prefer to eat homemade sweets and dishes only. If at all you have to purchase them from the market, always try to purchase them from the reliable shops only.
  • Deepawali is a religious function, so do not do any work which is against the religion. For example some people gamble on this occasion.

It is not right. It should not be done. If you take all these things in consideration while celebrating Deepawali, surely happiness will knock your door and you will celebrate the festival happily.

TRADITION OF RANGOLI AT THE TIME OF DEEPAWALI The tradition of decorating rangoli on the festivals is prevalent in our country. Rangoli is being decorated for the centuries to greet Goddess Laxmi. The undestroyable impression of the Indian Culture is there on the Rangoli. This is the reason that the pattern of every region can be seen in their designs.

Description of 64 Arts is found in the ancient books. Rangoli is one of them. In ancient period, we see the Indian Culture by making rangoli to greet them. The artists used to get government security in addition to special honors in ancient periods and thus during whole of year they used to prepare new designs and thus worshiping this art.


In the absence of sweets and dishes, the festivals have no taste. The sweets are purchased on the festivals in every family and home. Now gifting the sweets is also increasing. Offering sweets on any incidence of happiness is an old tradition.

On big festivals, the halwaees start preparations beforehand. Most of the sweets are prepared with milk. Cheese and Mawa is prepared by extreme boiling of milk and then the sweets are made. Milk sweets, if get stale, the taste becomes bad.

Use of this makes the MAJA KIRKIRA. Sometimes instead of relishing, one feels acidity, giddiness, discomfort in stomach, loose motions and alike complications.

So while purchasing keep these things in mind.

  • The milk made sweets are spoiled in 3-4 days. Think over it that if these sweets are being purchased for your home then try finishing them in one or two days. After purchasing the sweets from the Halwaee, open it and check whether the sweets are intact. Then put them in the fridge.
  • If you are purchasing them for others, try to avoid purchasing sweets of Mawa, Chaina and cheese. Before purchasing the sweets taste small piece of each and every sweet. Take special care while purchasing milkmaid sweets.
  • The milkmaid sweets like Rasgulla, Chamcham, Rajbhog etc. loose its colour. These sweets become slight yellow or brown. Never purchase these sweets.
  • If the Mawa sweet is not fresh and prepared 4-5 days before, it will easily get smashed. Do not purchase such sweets.
  • Do not purchase sour or bitter taste sweet. Use of these may be dangerous.

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