maintain beautiful hair as you age - Sachi Shiksha

It is a common myth that as a person ages, the quality of life along with quality of looks deteriorates. Let us challenge this myth that most of us unknowingly harbor.

If you determinedly take charge of your own health, body and personality, age is no bar. We can have beautiful healthy hair of childhood right through middle age and even thereafter if we can take some simple measures and efforts to protect and maintain them.

We may not be aware, but harsh chemical compounds from some of the branded hair products could be doing more damage to hair than benefit. The ame can be said about prolonged exposure to congested or sunny places, which can damage the hair.

The skin of the scalp needs to breathe and like the skin on the body, it has pores that secrete natural oils and even sweat. If the oil and sweat is not taken care of for days, it surely roughens your hair. We can surely take measures to smoothen ends of strands of hair from split ends and unevenness. Regular visit to your parlour for hair-cut can be very beneficial as we age. Also, occasional hair massage with herbal oils will nourish hair follicles, skin of the scalp and also be relaxing.

Food and hormones play vital role. There are some foods that actually impact the health of hair. Hormonal balances is equally important to hair health especially in case of aging females. For aging men, stress is an important role-player in the overall health of hair.
Just as we use sun protection products for body-skin, using a good natural sun protecting agent with a good conditioner is equally vital for the scalp as well. A healthy scalp will grow healthy hair.

A little bit of pampering will yield prolonged benefits to your mane.


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