MSG-2 registers a Grand Opening

Sirsa 2 copyMSG-2 registers a Grand Opening Bollywood giants were shocked to see the grand opening of MSG-2 The Messenger, after the Paid Preview show in Gurgaon that grossed an incredible 3.60 crore.

It is notable that MSG-2 was released in India on 18th September, over 2000+ screens in Hindi, while its Telugu,Tamil and English version was released overseas on 1st October.

On the very first day MSG-2 stormed the box-office with a collection of 14.2 crore, which is quite good.

As soon as MSG-2 hit the screen, fans started to celebrate the arrival of ‘The Messenger’ and rushed to their nearby cinemas. As the day progressed, the film showed huge growth in the noon and evening shows.

The film was houseful at most of the cinemas. MSG 2 collection in multiplexes was very good, as well has single-screen cinemas. Be it Guruji’s fan following or curiosity of the masses, the crowds rushing to theaters and PVRs has made this movie blockbuster. It is notable that proceeds from the movie will be spent on making a skinbank for acid-attack victims.

The film has attracted pan-indian , who are flocking to the theaters to watch the much-talked action-sequences and the superb musical numbers of MSG-2. Many producers like Abbas Mastan had postponed their release dates, after seeing the craze for MSG-2. MSG-2 had to compete with Kangana-Imran starrer Katti Batti and Meeruthiya Gangster.

It is obvious that while Katti Batti appealed the multiplex audience of metro cities, Meeruthiya Gangster to the hinterland audience, thirsting for another Wasseypur, the MSG-2 captivated all kinds of audience with its hard-hitting storyline.

On opening day Katti Batti could make a collection of 5.2 crore, whereas MSG-2 made a laudable entry with a whopping 14.2 crore figure. “MSG-2 has occupied all the screens.

According to Ajay Dhamija (spokesman, Hakikat Enterprises), the film had excellent occupancy, but the problem was that it got a limited number of shows. MSG 2 Box Office collection could be higher if it had better screen count.

MSG-2 given less number of shows in view of another release ‘Katti Batti’, but seeing the response from the public the number of shows are likely to increase in coming days. “Since the release of MSG-2, there has been tremendous buzz and this will convert to a huge collection in the coming days,” says Pankaj Khemka, distributor of OHM International, East Punjab.

Every Character has a unique Appeal:

MSG-2 is a great mix of gripping storyline, heart-throbbing action, superb background elements, and amazing musical compositions. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan lights up certain scenes with His unabashed panache.

While the story progresses, he evokes the humanitarian values in uncivilized tribal folks, saves them from binge-drinking, superstitions and violent patterns of the jungles. When unfavorable and evil-forces try to stop his mission to reform the tribal folks, he fights them like a one-man army.

Apart from Guruji, His daughters, Honeypreet Insan , Amarpreet Insan and son-in-law, Dr Shaan-e-Meet & Rooh-e-Meet Ji Insan, have also shared the big screen. While Guruji initiates the humanitarian endeavors, they march behind Him like soldiers. They lead the volunteers as commander-in-chief of Dera’s welfare wing. Despite being their debut-film, they have given an amazingly flawless performance that fascinates the viewers.

Arpit Ranka and his co-actor Kaynat Toor has impressed everyone in negative role of Azgar and Chabuki. They have justified their gray-character with a rough-n-tough dialogue-delivery and body-language. Babru and Babri, who are also debutante, have given a fair performance. They have beautified the story with their priceless expressions.

While we look at the actors in this film, most of them are fresh faces, but the way they have delivered their dialogues effortlessly, one cannot guess that they are acting for the first time in their lives. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is truly a living inspiration for the youth of today.

With His rockstar avatar and catchy dialogues that inspire the humanity, He is winning over hearts day after day.

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