Be Open, But Don’t Tell All Your Weaknesses to Everybody

Be Open, But Don’t Tell All Your Weaknesses to Everybody

Secrets of Maintaining Secrecy

When a person comes close to any other person, he discloses the serious secrets of his inner heart. This is right that when you come close to someone, the secrets of the heart are revealed automatically.

The second thing is that when a person comes close to us, God knows hiding anything from you looks like wrong and behaving step-motherly. This is the reason that we reveal the secrets to the person who comes close to us.

It is right, indeed.

That person is your secret sharing partner and a close friend. There is no harm to share the secret with him.  After all a friend is a friend. He cannot hide from him, even if he wants to do so.

Sometimes it happens that you are keeping some problems or some personal weaknesses in your heart. If you reveal it to your friend he not only would tell the solution to it, but helps to the extent possible to solve this.

Up to this level it is right, but sometimes we see that you have come to know of a person very recently and the friendship becomes so close, you trust that person and consider him as your acquaintance and secret sharing partner, and out of emotions disclose the deep secrets which mostly become a problem for us.

Trusting on someone known recently, out of emotions or having little affection towards him, closeness with him and getting reputation, disclosing the inner secrets, how far it is justified?  Other person may come very close to you, do not be opened to him.

Do not disclose you inner secret, so that a bad name comes to your reputation, or you have to feel ashamed off, or a new problem arises before you.

Though the other person may be behaving with you good or true to his words, still never disclose the inner secrets to him.

Remember that a person cannot be identified in a few meetings, and acquaintance of a small duration. His behavior can be friendly but everyone cannot be your true friend. Hence, secret sharing is possible only with those whom you can trust blindly.

Sometime a person is totally different as he looks from his appearance.

Hence don’t start trusting a person after a few meetings itself; and don’t be impressed by his behavior and closeness, and out of emotions do not tell him your secrets and inner things. Yes, if you know a person well, trust him fully, you can tell him the inner things, but remember do not tell all the things to him also.

Remember this that it is better to hide some things as secrets, restricted with you itself.


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