Our Abode is Our Friend, Decorate it Nicely to Reside Peacefully

Your Dream Home

In human life, the periphery or surrounding of your living place is very important as it makes a lot of difference. The surroundings also make us sick. At home, we always seek to spend the moments in tranquility.

It is an old saying “GHAR GURU JO DAR”.  The secret of the reality is hidden in these four words. As student one finds tranquility in the hands of the Guru. The abode of the Guru may be a simple small hut not even cemented but the space will give you all the worldly items. Home is a place where we spend our moments with peace.

Sometimes our surroundings make us sick. If we select our home and friend circle carefully, it can even become our doctor. Here, we have some tips on how to make out abode a nest of peace.

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Entrance of the Home

First of all, in addition to keeping of the entrance neat and clean, a focus point should be made. You should feel happy on seeing that. That focus point can be an art piece of your choice, a flower point or any religious sign. Secondly, there should not be any dustbin, or cleaning floor cloth or any other waste items, on the outer part of the home.  If the outer part of the house is dirty and so many wasteful things are lying here and there, it is considered that when the outer part is so dirty, the inner part of the house will be dirtier than that. Even you yourself will complain of headache and vomiting sensation on seeing this. If there is waste newspaper and other unwanted items, either sell them or throw out of the house.  Unwanted things disturb the energy flow.

Drawing Room

First, try to make space in the drawing room. More items in addition to your home even make you unmanaged. By minimizing the items, you can make extra space in your drawing room. For example do not put big paintings on the walls and the paintings placed should be light in colour. Keep small items and books in the almirah. The drawing room will give a spacious look. Secondly, use spot lighting according to the need in the drawing room. As if near the sofa you want dark light, put dark light; and then on the other corner of the room, there should be light colour light. More dark light becomes obstacle for peace of mind.

Thirdly, Take care of placing of the furniture in the room. Do not keep the furniture in such a position that you or other family members find it difficult to roam in the drawing room. Fourthly, choose the colour scheme of the drawing room very carefully. As far as possible, choose light colour combinations.  Your eyes will be delighted to see light colour combinations.  If you are keeping decoration pieces, there should only be one or two dark colours show pieces.  Rest should be of light colours.  The light colours will give spacious look. Fifthly, try to put indoor plants. Thus you will remain close to nature. More to that this will feel your fresh.

Your Bed Room

First, for the bedroom blue, green or neutral earth colors should be chosen.  These colours will give you the sense of peace and inner balance. You can put different types of pillows and dim light in your bed room. Secondly, there should be no space for any electronic gadget like computers, laptop and TV. By keeping all these away, you can have peaceful sleep. If at all you cannot keep them away from the room, then you should keep them in the cabinet and get it locked. Thirdly, the thing you like the most should be kept in your bed room. Like Sea Shore, mountains, garden, cloud, flowers or any island photographs. Thus when you go for sleep you will feel very happy.

Change Decoration, Offer a Better Look

Keep Colourful Cushions in an Ordinary Room

If you have white or grey paint in the room, instead of getting the room painted again, to fill the colours, you can put four bright colour shades cushions in the room. The whole room will look lively. In addition to the living room, if your kitchen also need nice-neat look, you can put colourful appliances like colourful kettle, cups and saucers, curtains and mats in the kitchen. To make the space lively, it is the easiest way.

Keep Cushion Bench at the Entry of the Room

Just opposite to the main door, keep a spongy bench. Keep books on that. Keep a dark colour plant on it and dark colour cushioning. On the side you can keep a cactus plant and thus highlight that area.  Just on the top keep some hanging lights. This type of bench is very useful.  More to utility, it also becomes decorative. You can also put a quotation above the bench. This also can be included in the whole area decor.

Keep Wooden Plank on the White Painted Table

If the paint has gone out and the table looks dull, you can either put a shining table cloth on it or if you don’t want that even, you can put small wooden paint plants.  This will change the whole look of the room. For decoration, you can put Jute Basket and put books and one flower pot also. For modern decoration, a small different table top gives fusion to the interior.

Put Plants in the Dressing Area

If the dressing room looks dull with mirror and table, to make it lively you can put a beautiful plant of green colour, on the table. You can keep a very beautiful fresh flower plant. Side plant if put in Bamboo Basket will give eco-friendly look.  The furniture fusion with the nature will give a fresh look to the home.

Metal Ladders

If house is small and you are not able to make almirah separately, you can make store on the upper shelf above the almirahs. Here you can make almirahs with rip wood so that there is no moisture, and no smell will be there because air will pass through them. The metal or wood ladder will be used as decoration item and moreover it can be moved from one place to other. This way you can make these types of stores in the kitchen, wash area, bed room and dining room.  In the dining room you can make glass doors and keep the crockery there. This will serve dual purpose. Crockery can be stored safely and more to that their beautiful designs will attract the dining room.

So if you go on doing little changes, your house will become a lovely home.  You can invite your friends to introduce a new friend ‘YOUR DREAM HOUSE”

Writing Credits: Anjali Mehta.


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